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Day 19/day 2


decided i should stop using misleading labels for these entries...i'm definitely not almost 300 days into tazorac, although i guess i am almost 300 days into spiro, which i still like. i'm at 19 days of tazorac on my forehead, 2 days of tazorac on the rest of my face. i used tazorac on and off every 3 nights, then 2 nights, leading up to this. i had some dryness problems when i first started, but since then i've been okay. when i wash my face there is still skin coming off on my fingers, which i take as a good sign because the tazorac is working through layers of skin. still a few more clogged pores on my forehead, although every so often i think my skin looks smoother. i have a couple of whiteheads on my chin, probably related to my period but who knows!

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There is nothing like a good retinoid, by that I mean Retin-A, Differin or Tazorac. Good wishes to you and clear skin too!

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