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Day 40 Of Accutane.



I'm getting so tired if this winter weather. I wish I could get away but that's not going to happen anytime soon! So I got a big painful pimple underneath my chin! I was expecting to get one there because before I had a cyst there for months than it went away and now it's back but as a whitehead. Also in four more days I get to up my dose to 40mg! So I'm excited for that!

Also at night I apply two moisturizers. First the Cetaphil Creme and I let it dry or sink into my skin. Then I use the Cetaphil ultra hydration (I think). Those are both for dry, sensitive skin. Then I put a ton of Aquaphor on my lips. I like to layer on a lot of those because when I sleep they tend to get rubbed off or they sink into my skin. And in the morning when I wake up its still on so I know that I actually had moisturizer on my face and lips. But these are the products and routine I found that works the best for me (:

I'm also afraid to shave because I'm afraid ill cut myself easily lol

Side effects: dryness, cuts and bruises easily

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