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To Pop Pills Or Not To Pop Pills

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HI guys :> I’m freezing here, what about you? I can’t complain too much since it never snows here but still ; - ;! Enough tears! I’d like to tell you guys a change I’ve done for my skincare. Just a quick post, nothing fancy. Anyway not only did I change the products I use [about 90% of it], I also took a major product out.

I stopped taking my birth control.

I CAN EXPLAIN! To start, I’m not going around trying to court anyone so I’m not concerned about getting preggo. Information about the birth control I used can be found in [url="http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/blog/6473/entry-24229-birth-control/"]this[/url] blog post.

I stopped taking it for 2 very glaring reasons

1 – I was breaking out horribly from November to mid-December even when I was on the medication. I was super stressed at the time - going through a really brutal session at school but that’s school nothing new. However, my skin was NOT having it. I was breaking out all over in painful large spots. Many have left marks even though I never tried to go at them with a needle etc. On my good nights, I’d get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. I know sleeping enough is so important for my skin because I can tell the next morning. If I get enough sleep my skin feels bouncy and fresh. If I don’t it feels weighed down and dull. It’s true I kid you not sir!

2 – My anxiety was on a rampage. I just found myself full of worry and doubts all the time. How terrible is that D:? From school to family matters to my relationship with the hubby, it [the anxiety] was screwing with my thought process on a lot of things. The moment I stopped taking birth control… I FELT BETTER. I didn’t feel so glum and blah anymore. Gah, hormones are intense stuff, seriously.

So how’s my skin now without the medication? It’s actually doing well. The severe breakout I had a few weeks ago are just flat scars and I haven’t had a whole new wave of blemishes swing by. Like I mentioned above, I have new facial care products. I’ll be sure to review them when enough time has passed for me to make a well-reviewed post on ‘em. So for now the products are a secret [img]http://www.acne.org/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]

My periods are going to suck. It was nice knowing when they were gonna happen instead of playing Russian roulette with it. Also, the cramps are sure to come back so @#$%^&%$#. I may go back on birth control depending how things play out but for now I’m really better off without it.

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