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Week 8

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Well week 8 was exciting.... NOT. four large round red cysts on my check! well needless to say they upped my dosage because 20mg wont do a thing for cystic acne. I was pretty sad this week because my whole cheek looked deformed and makeup seemed to make it worse. I will say that I was so frustrated that I did some research and found online that a bunch of people have had success with using fresh garlic on cysts (it has to be fresh!) Since I am so desperate I tried it, only kept it on for about 5 minutes because I read a bunch of horror stories about getting blisters if you leave it on too long. But it actually worked! My cyst was about half the size the next morning! I am excited to do it again tonight! I will also say that I put tea tree oil on after, so I am not sure which one it was, or if it was the combo of the two working!

that's about it. hope week 9 brings me no cysts!! :)

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Yeah I actually had some pretty old garlic, like maybe 5 months old so I dont think it was that potent. But trust me it is worth the smell to get rid of a painful cyst!! Plus you wash it off in 5-10 minutes anyway. Definitely recommend it!! But I also might add that I don't have sensitive skin, so be careful if you do

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