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Update: Day 27

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I've finally gotten the full Regimen Kit from Dan himself. *woohoo*
I have noticed that my skin is getting WAY better eve since I really start to seriously used this product a couple of weeks ago
My forehead and nose area is completely clean, however there are still some bumps and a bit of scarring in my cheeks area.
I'm so in love with the regimen and what it has done to my skin that I decided to let my sister and a friend of mine try to use it as well :D
I've finally found a routine and product that work with my skin! Now I don't even have to use foundation, I just apply a face primer (gonna try out the MUFE HD Face Primer #0), a bit of concealer and some loose powder will give a enough coverage :)

Anyways, gonna start using Dan's Kit when all my drugstore products are finish. Can't wait to use the AHA+, any of you know how to use it? Is it like a normal moisturizer? So you skip the moisturizer at night and replace it with AHA+ instead?

Also, regarding the oral medication that I've been taking to help prevent new acne is INTERDOXIN a type of doxycycline - which is antibiotics used to treat skin problems.

Overall, I thank for letting me know about this Regimen :) Def a YES to cure acne

Cheers xx

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Glad to hear you take doxycyline. Hope it goes well. Mine did.

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