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Day 117


So ready to be off this stuff! I have 3 more pills from my 4th month and then I am getting my last script filled for the 5th month, I was hoping my doctor would let me stay on it longer, but he acted like he didn't want to. Ugh. I am still excited that the end is near though. My doctor acted like my scars would get better on their own and he said they weren't that deep. So I am a LITTLE hopeful that once I'm off this medication my skin will thicken back up (since people's skin gets thin while on the meds) and will make those scars look a little better. I am so tired of being pale. I also hate how accutane makes my face appear almost translucent. It's freaky. I can always look back at old pics and it's so obvious from when I was on accutane before because I looked weird. Accutane also makes my lips and gums red which is NOT attractive. SO SO SO ready to get back to normalcy!

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hi fellow accutane user :) would you say you were clear of acne at this stage? Just curious because I'm trying to estimate when I'll be clear!

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I have been clear for a while...but i have kind of a weird case. my acne got super bad last november and so i tried to take care of it myself using a benzoyl peroxide treatment...which worked very well...but my doctor said i needed to do accutane again (i've been on it before) to prevent more acne and scars. so going into this cycle of accutane my skin wasnt bad at all so i became clear early on...however.....MOST people from what I have heard are clear after 3 months...maybe 4 for more severe cases..but by 5th month you should be flawless :)

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