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21,03,2012 Start Date For Raw Broccoli Juice/smoothie Experiment



Started my raw broccoli juice/smoothie experiment.

I will/have been blending down to a juice/pulp a 1/4 head of broccoli twice a day on an empty stomach.

I am blitzing the whole broccoli stalk and flowers down rather than juicing.

Incredibly rank.

Observations so far:

God awful breakout on forehead. - Handful of reasonably sized red spots that have come and gone but a couple of larger ones - one is huge nasty and house bound bloody awful.


From the same period starting last Tuesday night [20,03,12] i have been eating chocolates and ice cream.

Impossible to know who the guilty party is.

Been bad farting but impossible to know if thats from the onions and veg i have been eating or broccoli.

Definite change in Bowel movements. Until today they had totally firmed up and i was borderline constipated.

Today had a looser bowel movement - but was very large smelly, warm and nasty.

Neet to look into the amount of fructans in broccoli

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11 MAY 2012

I am stopping this for a while.



  • Doesn't seem to be making much difference to acne.
  • If anything i have had a couple of bad breakouts so could be making things worse for all i know. As always probably just coincidental and it's isn't making the slightest bit of difference either way.
  • Raw Broccoli could be goitrogenic so long term use of it could be dangerous for my Thyroid
  • I have been feeling sort of run down with some rhinitis going on but i have been feeling like that for a while now so once again probably just coincidental.


    • What's weird is my bowel movements were definitely improved, become firmer and less loose so it must have been doing something.
    • I think my digestion was mildly improved somewhat as well with slightly less acid reflux.

    Maybe i will look into some other forms of trying to kill off the H-pylori i may or may not have.

    Something to look into is also the fact that there is talk of H-pylori actually protecting against immune dis-functions like asthma and allergies, of which i wouldn't also consider acne to be amongst.

    So who knows if you don't actually have stomach problems relating to H-pylori removing it could actually cause more harm than good.

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