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Report - [20, 8, 11]

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Got to sleep fine but up lots

- feet burning bad up 3 times.

- struggled to get back to sleep but expected with light exposure to eyes.

Rhinitis a bit wore.

Bowel movement - firm at first then sloppy.



Rice pudding - white rice, milk, sugar, butter, almond essence

3 egg, gluten free flour, sugar, olive oil, almond essence - panCAKE

Felt pretty shitty - flu like type feelings



Cellery - quite a few pieces

Bit of raw cake mix - see below

3 small potatoes

Bit of eggs mayonaise - contained vinegar mustard etc

3 scrambled eggs, lotof cottage cheese, butter, salt.

Cake - Gluten free flour, butter, beef dripping, sugar, eggs, carrots, almond essence.

Custard - Milk, sugar, vanilla extract, corn flour, fromage frais

Some indigestion - burbing/belching etc as usual - maybe some very mild signs of acid reflux

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