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My journey with Acne...

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After about 3 months on Tazorac, along with BP in morning and Doryx (doxycycline) I have seen no improvement... at all. I've literally tried almost everything including BP, Epiduo, clyndamycin, Trentinoin as well as oral antibiotics: Minocycline and currently Doxycycline. I honestly don't know what to do anymore... I'm supposed to be living my best years in highschool but I feel like sh*t sometimes cause of my acne. There's also this beautiful girl that I like but my acne got worse since I started talking to her and I feel insecure and lately she's been keeping more distance than usual from me. It honestly sucks. I'm really considering taking Accutane in 2 weeks if I see no improvement. I've been dealing with acne for several years now. I'm aware of the potential side effects which can be severe. I also like exercising and playing sports so I'm worried about the potential muscle/joint pains. Any advice, comments, etc is appreciated. Thanks :)

I'm 16 btw

Before I begin, I am a Colombian (Hispanic) teenager now 16 years old, living in Miami, Florida. I have a tanned kind of skin (not that dark) and semi oily skin. So, I got my first pimple in early 5th grade (when I was 10) right on my nose. Since then I would continuously get black heads and whiteheads mostly on my nose and the cheek next to my nose (under my eyes). My mom would pop my pimples (it would hurt like a b*tch) and for a while over the counter medicines like benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid were relatively working until around 8th grade. By the end of 8th grade I had realized how I had developed lots of hard clogged acne all over my face (not the red, inflamed type of acne). At the start of 9th grade I went to the doctor and then dermatologist who prescribed me Epiduo (adapalene+benzyl peroxide). I would wash my face with the Neutrogena acne wash and would but epiduo during the day and night. I can't tell you how happy I was with the results of this acne medication.It worked wonders and by December of 9th grade my face was all cleared up. I kept using Epiduo and my nose had cleared up but thats when things took a turn for the worst.... I started developing slowly acne under my sideburns that started crawling to my cheeks. I then got prescribed clyndamycin around (around January 2013) that I would put in the day and for a while it also worked but by a month or so its great anti acne effects were wearing off. I now barely had acne on my nose that I would get alot of when I was younger and now had this red, inflamed acne on my cheeks. My dermatologist then prescribed 100 mg daily of minocycline(0ral antibiotic) in July 2013. I highly question the effectiveness of it as my acne kept getting progressively worse. Then by August 2013 my derm. swapped the epiduo with trentinoin. Now I would use clindamycin in the morning and trentinoin (0.025%) at night with a pill of 100 mg of mincycline. I kept with this until March 2014. My acne had not gotten better at all and was increasing exponentially. I do not know why but trentinoin really did nothing for my acne as well as minocycline. I now had lots of hard bump like clogged acne (idk what else to call it, it wasn't inflamed or red) as well as the the dreadful big, very noticeable, red, inflammed, scarring acne (nodular or cystic, idk which exactly, it also contained puss). This acne left me with lots of bump on my cheeks along with nice dark pigmentated red scars on my cheeks (very ugly). This led me to a new change, my derm switched the trentinoin with tazorac (0.1%) in early March. I kept using Clindamycin along with Tazorac and minocycline at night. This leads me to my current acne state. I have dark red spots all over my cheeks from scarring (post-inflammatory pigmentation) both from picked and not picked acne as well as more developing cheek acne. Just a week ago I stopped taking minocycline (which I used from July 2013-April 2014, 10 months!) which never actually worked and switched to Doxycycline, hopefully it has some effect. I feel like the Tazorac is very slowly getting rid of some of my acne but I still have this red acne as well well as the post-inflammatory inflamation (red/brown dark marks left behind from past acne) thats very unattractive (trust me). There's also this girl I like that has this beautiful skin and I feel like she could like me but I lack confidence cause of all this acne that looks nasty. If I didn't have this acne I would have probably gone out with her by now but I'm kind of insecure about this problem. I was really considering accutane but after investigating its side affects about inhibiting bone growth (I'm not really developed and am pretty skinny) and its other effects, I decided to give tazorac 2 more months to see if I improve. If you have any comments, advice, questions, etc, don't be shy to comment.

P.S. Sorry if my story is kind of long, this is my first blog tbh hopefully you don't get lost. Thank you for your patience

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