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Scared to start Accutane

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Skin Redness

I am sooooo sick of having to cover my face with heavy face makeup only to have my face end up looking extremely oily hours later. Anyone know any good products that eliminates/reduces redness and blemish scarring? Thanks!

Hi guys. I'm new to this website as a blogger but I've recently done a bunch of reading about people who have been on Accutane and their journies. First let me describe my skin and my situation. I am 17 years old and have mild acne on my face that gets to be at it's worst when I get my period. I never had cystic acne, but my skin is extremely discolored and red due to blemish scaring. My back is really what my problem is. Since I was in 7th grade I've struggled with back acne so much that it molded me into this shy, unconfident teenager. I always have to hide my back with clothes and summer is the worst where I have to wear bathing suits. I've been to the dermatologist since I was 13 and have been on every medicine possible (topical creams, gels, foams, oral pills, antibiotics) anything you can think of I've probably been on. Nothing has worked for me at all. I switched dermatologists 2 months ago and my new doctor suggested Accutane. When she told me about it, I was extremely excited to start it. I did not realize the short term and long term effects at all. I went through the whole iPledge process and read countless magazines and books and journal entries from people who have been on this drug. Still, I was excited because all I kept thinking was that it was going to clear my skin. Now it is April 2nd and I have the medicine infront of me after a long, long registration process, and I cannot take it. I am FREAKING out. I just realized that summer is coming up soon and I am not going to be able to go in the sun while on this medication. I am very pale to begin with but it's going to make this summer a nightmare for me. "Cold-feet" for this medication is normal, which I've read on here, but I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by not taking it. Should I stay diligent on other medicines that I've given up on? Is Accutane that harmful to my body, besides the common side effects? Is Accutane worth taking if I don't "really" need it? If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to share, especially if you are going on Accutane, are on it now, or finished it. Sincerely, a teenager hoping for some answers

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