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I have to be quick because I'm at work but I'm so sad Over the weekend I got this really gross rash all over my face, its like skin coloured lumps that are super tiny. It's literally the same as I had pre-accutane. I have no idea what it is or what to do but it's so frustrating because my skin was looking really clear and now I feel like I'm back to square one!!! I'm seeing my derm a week tomorrow but if anyone is going through this/has had this then drop me a message!!


I tend to write a weekly blog but think I should start to do them more regularly because my skin literally changes on a daily basis. I was raving last week about how clear my skin was looking but literally over night I've gotten more pimples ugh. It's frustrating because I would have thought that in week 5 my skin would be looking really clear but I've still got active acne and a load of hyper pigmentation.. boooooo.

On a different note, I started my first day of training to be an eyelash technician! It's going really well, I did my first set of eyelashes on one of my girlfriends and just need to do a few more until I'm confident enough to take the exam!


Kind of annoyed because my skins been looking really good, I had a tiny little spot above my top lip which I've left alone thinking it would disappear by itself... which it didn't. So I gave it a helping hand and ended up pulling the top layer of my skin off leaving me with a lovely looking red mark. My boyfriend says It looks like a piercing... great! That was two days ago, today I've had two little red spots come up under my right eye right next to each other so it looks doubly as red which is also fabulous. Apart from that my skin is looking ok.

It's annoying because my skin looks clear, but because I've been on Accutane before, I know if you're on it long enough to see the full effects, your skin gets this really amazing polished look. Does anyone get what I mean? Like, it looks really shiny and smooth, and even up close you can't see any lumps or bumps. I'm waiting for that polished look now.

I'm kind of worried because my sisters wedding is in 3 weeks and I'm a bridesmaid, touch wood I won't have any pimples, but I'm just worried about looking really shiny? To get over the dry skin, I've been using Eucerin night cream, but in the day. It's amazing under my YSL foundation because I don't get any dry skin, even when I use a powder, but it just leaves me SO, SO shiny, even with a ton of powder. So if there's a saviour out there reading this who can help me look less like I've dipped my whole face in chip oil and more... normal (?) then please help! Other than that every things swimmingly hah. There's just one thing thats killing me and thats the eczema, I've literally got it all over my back, down my arms and onto my hands which is NAGL!!!! I literally look like a reptile.


Completely forgot to update this last week but I have been on Roaccutane 4 weeks yesterday! It's gone by so quickly. It's funny, because when I started Roaccutane my dermatologist told me 'you'll be clear by week 4' and by week 3 I was thinking 'as if ill be clear in a week' as I was suffering an IB. Right enough, I have no active spots and its week 4. My skins actually looking really good RN and touch wood I'm over the IB!

I ended up buying organic rosehip seed oil in week 3 because everyone in my Instagram was singing its praises. I was applying it during my IB for scarring but stopped after 3 days because I found it was making my skin worse? Im not sure if that was just my IB but when I discontinued using it I began to clear up. Has anyone else had any problems using it? It's annoying because I so wanted to like it so might give it another go.

Other than that my skin regime is still the same, although I have been using my Clarisonic which is bad and I know my dermatologist would die if he knew! I've really missed using it and while I was browsing accutane videos on youtube I came across someone who had started to use theirs again. Now, I've got sensitive skin anyway without tane so initially I thought this was out the question but I got home, slathered my face in Cetaphil and used the delicate head on my Clarisonic! I didn't do the full 60 seconds because i didn't want to push my luck. My skin felt so nice after, and I've carried in using it every night since with no side effects.

I'm really happy with the way my skin is going RN so I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like in another weeks time!


I finished my second week of Accutane yesterday and the side effects have been rolling in this week haha!

I had a bit of a crazy week this week, I've been trying to plan my sisters hen party which we celebrated on Friday/Saturday, lets just say I'm bloody happy it's over!

As i said before, I've been enjoying a wide range of side effects this week, the worst being the whole of my mouth peeling. Literally, when I wake up I can swipe a towel around the inside of my mouth and it comes out covered with little rolls of white skin, TMI but it's the worst feeling. My scalp has been getting SO itchy too which I'm not too bothered about but I think I should probably buy some sort of anti dandruff shampoo, although I'm reluctant to buy Head N Shoulders because I know it fades dyed hair, or so I've heard.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with Accutane, as it feels too early to be experiencing it, but my back has started to hurt when I bend in certain positions, I remember experiencing joint pain last time I was on Tane but I don't remember it being this early on.

In conjunction with this, I'm starting to get the weirdest chest pains, not so much pains, but like a tightness whenever my heart rate goes up, like when I laugh or something? It's not unbearable and I know that chest tightness has been recognised as a side effect but I will definitely let my derm know when I next see him.

As far as my skin is going, it's still quite similar to last week. I have continued to get the odd people which always seems to be on my left cheek? My right cheek is virtually clear but my left cheek is really bumpy? My derm said I should be clear by week 4 so I'm clinging onto that. I was really struggling with dry skin last week and was in a mad search for a moisturiser that would even remotely help and I came across Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream 5% urea in Boots. I picked up the night cream to just try out but have actually been using it in the daytime too. This stuff is the dogs bollocks!!! It's not majorly greasy and does get absorbed fairly well but if you use it with a heavy hand you do end up with a tres shiny face! Before, I would wake up with patches of dry flakey skin and would really struggle when putting on make up, my foundation would cling to my dry skin and just look generally rank. I basically dont have dry skin with Eucerin, I havent seen any flakes since I've been using it and its a total life saver if you want to wear make up. I'm definitely going to purchase the day cream and see how that is but the night cream has a permanent place in my beauty cupboard!

This has been a bit of a boring rambley blog, but to summarise, my skin isn't bad but it's not good. Lets hope week 3 brings me clearer skin!


It's been a week since I've started using Accutane again. So far, so good! My skin doesn't look too different RN, I've had a couple of new spots but the ones from pre Accutane are still there but slowly drying out! My skin just looks really red and blotchy though which I feel is just as bad as having spots. I have noticed my skin to be a lot less greasy though.

As far as side effects go, the first 3/4 days were fine, I didn't really notice a change in my skin, but in the past couple days my face has been getting really quite dry, especially along my cheek bone and around my nose. I haven't had a chance to buy a different moisturiser so have stuck with aqueous cream which I feel like just sits on my skin and doesn't absorb very well?

I'm going into town town so will try to find something there! My lips are SO dry too! I've been using vaseline but I literally have to reapply every 2 minutes so I'll try find some other lip balms to use. I haven't noticed any other side effects, apart from my loving boyfriend pointing out that I had dandruff this morning haha!

My derm letter to my GP came through the other day, being in the UK we have to pay for all private appointments so any treatment I have privately goes through my GP too, and I always love seeing what they write in the diagnosis section: 'comedonal acne with erythematous papules on left cheek'. I'm pretty sure my GP wouldn't have a clue in diagnosing this stuff!


So I went to my dermatologist yesterday after using the Differin cream once! I ended up coming out in a weird burn which Im sure is very normal but I wasn't sure so booked an appointment anyway. Between applying the Differin cream and booking and appointment with my derm I started to get loads of red spots across my left cheek which was another reason I called my derm.

Anyway, when I got to the appointment, he looked at my face and straight away said my skin was looking worse and asked if I wanted to go back on Accutane. THANK GOD! I was really stressing that he would tell me to carry on with Differin!

I'm on 20mg of Accutane each day, and have another appointment in 8 weeks time so fingers crossed this will do the trick. If it is anything like last time then I will be seeing clear skin in a couple of weeks! I have done so much more research this time around, and have found that eating a high fat meal when taking Accutane helps it to get absorbed? Let me know if there is anything you did while on Accutane that you found helped!

One thing I'm still really unsure about is cleaning my face. I've always been really hot on it and pre accutane was using the Clinique anti blemish bar soap and toner and then moisturising with the Clinique dramatically different moisturiser then every couple of days I would use the delicate Clarisonic head. Now I'm on Accutane I cleanse my face with Cetaphil but completely clueless as to what moisturiser to use. My derm wasn't keen on me continuing with the Clinique moisturiser as he found it broke people out, and when I mentioned about using Aqueous cream last time I was on Accutane he said he didn't find it to be very good. So I'm open to any suggestions on moisturisers/any other cleaning methods!


Well I used Differin the other night! I followed the instructions to a T and made sure i used the 'pea sized' amount that everyone recommends. I was expecting my face to burn up but it actually felt ok, maybe because I put it on straight after moisturising. My face felt no different the next day, or the day after.. However, after showering today, I used my Clarisonic (delicate head) as advised by my derm) and my face felt so raw after, especially around my left cheek bone where I was starting to get white heads. I thought it would die down but here I am 9 hours later with these red patches.

I think on Monday I'm going to email my derm and let him know my situation and that I feel I would benefit from going on Accutane again. He seemed pretty down before but wanted me to try out Differin first. I'm starting to get whiteheads on my chest and back now which isn't the hottest look RN so maybe that will help my case!


I wanted to start a blog to just tell my journey with acne and what I've used etc. I started to have problems with my skin when I was about 16 and continued to struggle until I was 18. It started with some white heads, cysts and pustules on my forehead but these eventually covered my whole face. I wouldn't say my skin was as bad as other peoples but It was classed as moderate to severe. Like most people who suffer with acne, it wasn't just my face that it effected; my whole personality changed. I went form very happy and bubbly to very withdrawn and quiet. I soon hated going out and was scared to make plans with people incase my skin got really bad. I remember when I was 18, I got my first proper boyfriend and would get ready to meet him, doing my hair and make up, and would literally cry and cry and cry because I just hated the way I looked. I hated the way people who scan my face looking at my acne when talking to me. It was a horrible time for me.

I had tried everything!!!! I'd tried cutting out meat, cutting out all types of dairy, using different treatments and nothing worked. I was honestly at my wits ends. It was such a horrible low point in my life. I constantly went to my GP asking to try different things and would have some hope in that what they were giving me would work.

After 2 years of being completely fed up and my acne only getting worse, I had found a drug called accutane. I booked myself yet another GP appointment and asked to be put on that. I was thankfully referred to a dermatologist a few weeks later who I completely broke down to whom quite happily prescribed me Roaccutane. THANK GOD!

I cannot put into words how pleased I was to be on this drug, I could have cared less about the side effects and was just so happy to be taking something that could potentially clear the bane of my life! I was very lucky in that I never suffered an IB and after 2 weeks I was noticing my skin was starting to clear up with no further break outs. Every morning was exciting to wake up and look in the mirror to see if it was any clearer.

Of course I suffered the same flakey, red skin as everyone does, combined with a sore back and pealing nail beds. To be honest it never bothered me because I was seeing clearer skin everyday, and by this point I would have done everything to get that.

After 6 months, I took my last Roaccutane pill and felt quite sad/anxious to see how my skin would cope without it. For the first month I continued to have flawless, beautiful skin, but after a month or too I started to get strange skin coloured bumps on the lower half of my cheeks. Obviously really put off by this and wasn't quite sure what to do. My sister recommended I used Clinique's anti blemish trio. This soon cleared up the bumps and I have continued to use this for the past 4 years. Although it's quite harsh and drying, I can't bring myself to use anything else, and as the old saying goes "If it aint broke, don't fix it"!

Now, recently I have suffered a break out. Nothing like it was before but when you've had flawless skin, anything can be a huge deal. At first it was just some white heads on my cheeks and when they go I would be left with dry flakey skin (seborrheic dermatitis), soon I had tiny bumps completely covering my cheeks and chin. Again, I found myself in the horrible dark place my acne left me in before. I was in tears every day, examining my skin. I had 'good days' and 'bad days' but it was still there 3 months later. I decided to book an appointment with my GP who peered at my skin saying "I can't really see much but I can prescribe you Zineryt". Ok, I've had Zineryt before for cystic acne and all it did was irritate my skin further... I used it for 2 days before chucking it out.

I was back to square one, constantly on google trying to self diagnose these spots/rash. Eventually I convinced my mum to pay for me to see a private dermatologist. It's sods law that for ANY appointment you have re your skin, you're skin does a U-turn and looks perfect for the appointment. The 26th of March came round and low and behold my skin was starting to clear up, I considered cancelling but thought I'd stick it out and go anyway.

The dermatologist sat me down and asked me a few questions; Did my parents have acne, do I have a stressful job, what cleansers do I use etc etc. He lay me down on the bed and started to prod away at my skin eventually saying "I can see al the bumps you're talking about, they're block pores".

He sat me back down at his desk and said he had no problem in prescribing me Roaccutane again but would like to start me on Differin cream first, a cream form of Accutane. I was so pleased to be on something that I had faith in helping my skin.

That was today. I really just wanted to share my story of acne and what I went through with Roaccutane. You hear a lot of horror stories about Accutane, and I don't doubt that it doesn't work for some people, but for me it was a total life changer. I genuinely believe that if I hadn't gone on it and sorted my acne then I would have sank further and further into a depression. I feel like having had acne, and what I've been though with it, I definitely have more empathy for people.If my story helps only one person, then I'm happy.