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20. First time with hormonal/stress acne.

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Hey guys.

Any female here taken oral contraception and topical antibiotics both oral and external ?

I'm on yasmin been on it since November last year because that's when I started to get those under the skin white heads to clear it. However it didn't work because 3 months now my skin broke out. I've been prescribed with minocycline and isotrex and still am taking yasmin !

Are all 3 effective in conjunction together ?? IS IT ALL TO DO WITH PATIENCE ?? I don't have patience hahaha and this is my first time dealing with a break out like this. Also my acne isn't cystic or nodule. It's just a breakout of the pustules all in one spot on the lower side of my cheek and jawline! Worse on the right than the left. Left is very mild!!

Damn u hormones!!

Can someone please give me their opinion and/or advice. Would really be appreciated honestly!!

Hi I was on yasmin contraceptive pill 2 years ago when I was 18 and it cleared my skin up completely (I didn't have a skin problem at the time) I was on it for about 3 months or so. Now 20 I went back on it and I've been on it since the start of November I think and It hasn't cleared the acne that I just got! I went docs n they say I have high levels of androgen but they think it was the stress I had.

Do u think the yasmin did this to my skin even though it cleared it once before? And even when u go on the pill the second time it should work??

Or was it stress? HELPPP !! Pls!! Need some answers!!

Hi guys. I'm 20 year old female and this is my first time EVER with acne!

However, as a teenage obviously I went through my puberty pimples and they were always located on my forehead and I treated that with benzoyl peroxide. It was nothing major though. Through out then I'd come across my fair share of pimples but nothing serious. I also suffer from peri oral dermatitis which I now have under control. Now 20. I had a hard time. Lost my job so I was out of one for awhile. Finally I got one which I hated !! Working at this job (6 months, office work admin) caused me stress and anxiety. I hated the hours also so I was lacking sleep, earrings heaps of junk food, drinking not as much water as I should have and wearing make up a lot more than I ever did. I went on holidays n during my last week I stressed about going back to work and I had notice I was getting those under the skin pimples. Anyways long story short. Stress and anxiety increased at work. I went and saw a doctor they said I have high levels of androgen and my skin officially just broke out about 3 weeks ago. All over my cheeks. My right side is worst than my left. They arnt cystic but they have there white heads and I'm now in an emotional struggle my self esteem is the lowest ever to the point I haven't been out of my house for almost over a week, and delayed starting my new job due to this. I was prescribed doxycelline for 2 weeks didn't work. So my GP gave me minoxycelline (akamin 50) and Istorex (0.05%) been on it so far over a week. Noticed that I broke out heaps still am so I have heaps of white heads and my skin dry and peeps but not extremely irritated. I wash my face w cetaphil every second day and I use the isotrex once every night. I'm praying that this stuff at least fixes my skin or calms it down by Monday as i start my new job. who here has used isotrex with a mild -moderate acne problem before and was successful? This is my first time ever dealing with acne so I'm just wondering. Also once it disappears will it come back?

Sorry that was long but background information always helps !

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