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Im So Sorry

you guys,

I really meant to post once a week to tell you how I was doing on the regimen. but as you guys know, things change. the first thing to happen was that I had moved and unpacking and everything. and then the thing you'd never expect, at 15 years old, I managed t get a massive kidney stone. you guys that is the most painful thing I have ever been through, I was in the hospital for 6 days.

now to the regimen. I have never been more impressed with a product. I have told my friends about this and they have used it and had success, my face is 100% clear and it is all because of the regimen.

so thank you so much dan, and im sorry I couldn't post more

Its Here!

Hey Everyone,

So today the kit I purchased arrived. I chose the create your own kit option, what I got was the 16 oz. cleanser( it has the most value), 8 oz. treatment, 8 oz. moisturizer, and 8 oz. Jojoba oil ( I have dry skin and I didn't want it to be super flaky). and since I started last night with the starter kit I got, I will still be having the week #1 update on Monday, March 31st.

Thanks for reading,

~ Drew :)

Dear awesome people,

this is going to be a quick post. i just recieved the starter kit for "The Regimen"( i was one of the people who got it for free). I am still waiting on the kit that i purchased. so next monday i will post what is going on at the one week mark.

Thanks for reading,

~ Drew :)

Hey everyone,

So just today I ordered the regimen from What I ordered was the 16. oz cleanser (because its the best deal), the 8 oz. treatment, the 8 oz. moisturizer, and the 8 oz. jojoba oil. Once I receive these I plan to post an update about once a week to tell you how things are going.

How I learned about "The regimen"

So I was spending a ton (and I mean a ton) of time on youtube and other websites trying to find something for my skin that would work. I saw one video that talked about a product from called "The Regimen", I sounded really interesting so I did some more research on it. I found a ton of more videos about it and everyone of them saw amazing results from it and the only negative thing anyone had to say about it is that it had made your face very very dry the first week, ( which Is why I purchased the jojoba oil). So I went online to the website and read all about it and decided to order it.


I've been struggling with acne since I was in the seventh grade ( I'm a freshman in highschool now), back then t was only mild but still very annoying to deal with. I started to get worse when I went into my eighth grade year, and never let up until I started back to school ths year. but recently it has made a return and is worse than ever and nothing seems to work. I've tried everything from the drugstore and even some natural remedies. I'm hoping that this treatment will finally be the thing that clears my skin. I'm very excited to try this new thing and will share my experience on here as I go.

Thanks for reading,

~ Drew :)

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