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Week 4

I have been on the regimen for about 4 weeks now and my progress has started to slow down. My face is still pretty clear with maybe one to no pimples on my face which is great! The dry skin issue I was having isn't nearly as bad as it used to be thank goodness!! On the other hand though I am having trouble with these dark spots where acne used to be. Since starting the regimen the red/dark spots are staying longer than they used to. I was wondering if anyone knew when they would start to go away or knew of any product that would help with fading them. The dark spots are the only thing keeping me from have a perfectly clear complexion! Ugh its so frustrating being so close and still not having what I've worked for years trying to get. ANY advice would be helpful! Thank you so much!

Week 3

Okay so its my third week on The Regimen. Around this time last week I was suffering from dry, flakey skin but with the help of my amazing Neutrogena power scrub and moisturizer I was able to get ride of the flakey skin within 2 or 3 days. Yay! Well my victory was short lived because my dry skin has come back in patches. I have a feeling I am going to be fighting dry skin for a while. Out of the cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer in the regimen kit I feel that the cleanser is the most drying on my skin though I've heard that for others its the treatment. On the plus side my skin is still clearing up each day, and the amount of oil I produce during the day is very little! I use oil absorbing sheets to manage my oil production through out the day. Before I started the regimen I would go through 1 and a half of a sheet from all the oil I had on my face. I was so grossed out to see that blue sheet go completely clear every time I used one. Now that I've been on the regimen for a couple of weeks I barley use up HALF a oil absorbing sheet! Yes I said HALF! I never knew that was possible for me! I love the fact I can go look in the mirror at school and not dread having to look at my shiny oily face every time! I have posted a picture of the scrub that has really helped me remove the dry, flakey skin fast in case anyone else is experiencing the same thing and is need of a good scrub to help them out!

Week Number 2

Okay so my last entry I was experiencing dry, flakey skin due to the over dying cleanser and treatment from the regimen. I am getting close to the middle of my second and week and I wanted to update you on how my skin is doing. To fix my dry, flakey skin I started to exfoliate once a day (usually at night) with my acne stress control power scrub from Neutrogena and then moisturizing with my Neutrogena oil free lotion. On top of that I also reduced my regimen usage to once a day right before bed so I could give my skin a break. After about three days my dry skin was completely gone and I have now started using the regimen twice a day again in hopes my skin won't dry out. Anyways I wanted to share another amazing thing I have found using the regimen! When using the regimen in the mornings I produced at least half the oil on face than I used to! After two or three hours after putting on my make up on my chin, nose, and forehead would be shiny from the all the oil my face was producing...gross right! Well to help minimize shine throughout the day I would blot my face with oil absorbing sheet about 2 to even 3 times a day! But after using the regimen in the morning I don't produced nearly as much oil and only need to use the oil sheets once throughout the whole day! My face has really cleared up only having one problem spot that is about gone and its only week 2 on the regimen! I swear I have never had a product that has worked so well with my skin!

Week Number 1

Being a girl about to turn 20 in a few weeks I am very excited to not only leave my teen years behind me but my acne too. I have done a lot of research about different products and treatments that claim to be the "miracle" we've all been searching for when it comes to clearing our skin. For starters let me tell you a little bit about my skin. In high school I suffered from mild acne and on top of that I had oily skin. I tried everything from facials to tons of different washes and treatments that just never did the trick. One day I was doing another long extensive research about different products when I stumbled on I read some of the users stories and how they praised the regimen for clearing their skin. I was a little skeptical because I couldn't find one bad thing about the product besides a little dry skin! A few months pass and I find myself back on the site again ready to finally try their product. When I received the regimen in the mail I was very surprised to see how HUGE the bottle sizes are! I couldn't wait to start trying the product! I am now on my fourth day of the regimen and I am already seeing results! I stepped out of the shower this morning and I took a look at my skin and I noticed pretty much all of my black heads on my nose are gone! Like completely vanished! I didn't think it was possible so I waited a little while and went back to the mirror to see that they are still gone! My whole nose has been covered in black heads for YEARS with no success in removing any of them, and to be honest I wasn't planning of getting rid of them with this treatment. I felt that the black heads would go away with age and that there was no use in trying to get rid of them any more. I still can believe it took FOUR DAYS to see results like this! On the other hand though after four days I am finally experiencing that dry flaky skin others have talked about so I am planning on just reducing my uses to once a day now and see if that helps things. Well until next time, see ya!

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