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i have seen a video on youtube for the last months ago and it attractts me search this org. i am a girl suffering from pimples and blackheads .. this ones are small but it leaves a dark marks on my face. i just wanted to buy.,:-/suddenly i cant

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:) i saw the  video  of a girl on youtube maybe couple of months ago ,, since that day i wanted to buy this acne ogs product..but i cant. i keep telling my mom bout this but she just ignoring my desires to  this one.. and now something catches my attention .. a FREE ACNE ORG. KIT!!!and that makes me turn to amazement , eventhoughit is free what matters now is shipping bills [img]http:////[/img] last night i told my mom bout the good news .. but she just makin-face out there and just told me that  'sleep now"..ohh god! how i wish to have that to solve my problem here..but what can a 15 year old do..  i dont really have enough money in my pocket .  haha maybe i can buy this product only when my birthday comes  .. nothings sure at all.. i dont have cards yet .in our family my mom has her credit cards .. [url=""]i[/url] wanted to use it for it without letting her know ooppppss...:p hahah joke! if i did that thing maybe  Guilt is killin me.. BTW  am just happy here coz i know someday i can have that maybe.  hopefully. i hope that free kit is still available after 5 year the time when i finally hook a job [img]http:////[/img] heheheh 
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