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Cheaper alternatives to expensive treatments

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Tea tree oil is a natural oil that's been proven to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide for treating acne. Both substances are antibacterial, but benzoyl peroxide can be overly irritating. Especially when combined with salicylic acid face wash, tea tree oil is a better alternative to a benzoyl peroxide regimen. Being a natural oil, it can also function as an effective moisturizer.

The study comparing tea tree oil to benzoyl peroxide can be found here:

In-office salicylic acid peels can cost over $500 per peel. What's even worse is multiple peels are required to achieve drastic results. Regular aspirin (acetyl-salicylic acid) is almost chemically identical to the ingredient in more expensive peels and can cost as little as $5. Here's how to make yours at home;

  • Crush 5-10 aspirin tablets until they are a powder that resembles flour. Use a blender if you have to.
  • Combine the aspirin powder with regular %2 salicylic acid face wash.
  • Apply the solution to your freshly washed face. Let sit for about a half hour.
  • Wash face again with soap and water.
  • (OPTIONAL) Use distilled vinegar as a toner to even further exfoliate your skin. Do not use if your face is sensitive, it may be to abrasive on your skin.

After the peel is removed, your skin will be red and sensitive. In a few days the skin will peel off as if it were sunburned. However, after a week you'll notice that your acne scars have lightened and breakouts will be less frequent.

Your face will require 3-7 days to fully heal, but results are well worth it. Healing time is identical to in-office peels.

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