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Hello there who's every one reading this! Long time no hear. Last time we spoke was back in march of this year. I just wanted to check in & let you all know whats going on with my skin. The summer is ending and ive noticed a huge difference in my skin. Some of those differences were constant breakouts. my forehead bumps was the primary area of breakouts, which is very rare. These breakouts were small under the surface- you know- the kind that looks like "heat bumps". My cheeks also endured breakouts these last few months. For those of you who follow my blog know that my skin scars very easily. Luckily both of my topical continue to do their part, which is keeping my skin clear and hasn't been nothing too extreme and out of my control.

Of course there are many other factors that come in to place with my skin breaking out. For an example, hair products, foods, makeup, etc. no, I haven't added any new skin products, makeup or anything. Everything has been the same for the last year. Attached is a photo of my skin as of today August 31st, 2015. Go ahead and take a look back in my gallery to see how much my skin has improved.

My skin is not completely clear as i would like, but I am most definitely more confident than ever and happy with my success. I plan to keep using both of my topicals and continue being patient towards my completely clear skin!

if you're interested in watching my YOUTUBE skin care channel. let me know!

Free for to comment any thoughts, questions,& concerns.

Stay Beautiful Stay positive!


soo, I realized i never fully "Really" updated you all on my skin. you know the specifics! I'm usually short and to the point- however I want you all to know the up's and downs i've witnessed while using the topicals Tretinion and Clindamycin. if you all check out my gallery, you can visually see how my skin was prior to using these topicals, and how much its improved with them. tonight, i added two new pictures collages-be sure to check them out & leave any feedback.

for those of you who follow my blog, i'm sure you are familiar with how desperate i was for finding a solution to help control my acne and scarring. At the start of my blog back in feb 2014 I had no idea what was causing my constant breakouts. As i did more research and engaged in the resources acne.org offered, the reasons behind my breakouts became more clear. I then learned the liquid foundation I was using on a daily was clogging my pores, and the ingredients within the makeup was a trigger for acne. on top of covering my face in heavy makeup, I wasnt properly cleaning my skin. The products i was using at that present time wasn't deeply cleansing my skin. Acne.org taught me to use the proper products, and overall how to treat my acne. I LOVE THIS SITE! very helpful!!! for more background info on my journey, check out older posts.

so to get back to the topicals- I really didn't endure any side effects. my skin

Helllllooooooo Beauties! HAPPY NEW YEAR-2015!!!!!!

just wanted to wish all of you A happy and prosperous New year!! I wish all of you success and best of wishes with all of your future encounters. most importantly the best with recovering your skin! As I always say- stay positive and confident!

the year of 2014 was the year of growth for me, when I first started Acne.org my skin was suffering from Acne badly (my opinion) with great success from two topicals With Tretinion and Clindamycin my skin is almost clear! (blemishes are still visible). However in present day I continue to use both topicals and the same strict skin regimen.

so I say stay fighting, stay on the search for the products that best suit your skin. remain hopefully! your success story is near!

lets make this one a GREAT YEAR!!!

stay connected! Stay beautiful! Stay Positive! -Chaz

hello there beautiful people,

today november 22nd marks 220 days with using both topicals. i have used these topicals every night since the start date april 17,2014. My progress has been greatttttttt!!!! from the beginning of my acne battle ive spoken freely and openly with all of you. for those of you who have followed my journey i want to say THANK YOU! A HUGEEEEE thank you!!!

for those of you who comment on my blog posts, pictures etc THANK YOU!

along the way i hope i have been an encouragement to some of you! your support, kind words, advice has influenced me greatly. my struggle with acne has inspired me to create a movement empowering others on the importance of finding beauty in their flaws and over all loving yourself. "BEYOUtifully Flawed" is the name of my up coming movement. throughout this time, ive transformed into a new person-a better person. i now see myself, as well as others in a new light. ive learned to celebrate my flaws, my imperfections! i am super excited about the movement!! so THANK YOU!

now back to my skin....

i am still currently using the same daytime and nighttime regimen as listed and described in older post.

  • Ceptaphil gentle cleanser
  • Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer
  • trentinion 1%/Clindamycin lotion

    miscellaneous face products

    • clean/clear blackhead eraser mask
    • *NEW* queen helene Mint Julep masque (MASK) - my new favorite!

    this regimen has been my consistent routine for day and night except the topicals are only applied at night time before bed.

    so ill go ahead and attached photos for all to see. these are present photos as of November 22nd, 2014.

    as always feel free to comment your thoughts, ask any questions, etc! all are loved, and appreciated!

    stay positive! stay confident! stay beautiful! -Chaz

Hello there all, sorry for the delay in my blog posts. My summer has been very busy and eventful. I plan to update you all more often, post more pictures, and overall interact more! I PROMISE! :)

ok so lets catch up, as of today August 13.2014 marks day 105 with Tretinion and Clindamycin. To recap for those of you who arent familiar with my blog and my struggle with acne, I started using these topical back in april, april 17th to be exact. Since then i've been documenting my skin improvements with pictures, videos, and this blog! check out my last blog post!

i just wanted to check in with you all and let you my skin is doing great! I will attach photos on my next post! so stay connected! on my last visit to the skin docter she increased my dosage for the Tretinion cream, I now use 1%.For a couple of months i used the 0.05% which is what I was prescribed from the start. I continue to use the same facial wash, and moisturizer. (check last post for details) I still havent witnessed any massive breakouts nor reactions from these topicals- the process has been GREAT!!

my skin still isn't completely clear however it 100000000 times better (I will post recent pictures tomorrow) be sure to check in. thanks always for reading! feel free to post any comments, advice ETC!


Heeeeelllllloooooo there beautiful people,

sorry for the delay in this post, I know I haven't checked in with you all in over a month- my apologizes!

well to get to the point, heres the 78th day update with using the topicals Tretinion and Clindamycin. I will attach a photo of a collage I have put together showing my before and after results while using these topicals. firstly,I would like to say, i am ecstatic with my results! my skin has cleared up tremendouslyyyyy, I am beyond thankful for these products! Im still using them nightly, and anticipating completely clear skin!

like any other product, it takes time and lots of patience to see true results. if you look back at some of my older posts, you will read how persistent i was with finally having my clear skin back. on the updates, I would discuss with you all the changes, side effects and improvements my skin was battling. however i stayed committed and patient with the process. well its been more than 2 months-almost 4 months in the difference in my skin is shining bright! it feels amazingggggggg for this longggg journey to be coming to an end! on my blog I talked about how my struggle with acne has caused stress, lack of self-esteem, the motivational killer, caused me to be anti-social and over all just not chaz- myself! After all these years, i can finally smile, I now see myself getting back to who i am, however a much better person. This entire experience has changed me for the best, i've learned so many things about myself. Overall this journey has taught me that I am strong, I will never alot anything to get me down and take me out of my character EVER again.

So to you my friends, I will say-stay STRONG! PATIENT! CONFIDENT! YOURSELF! please don't allow your imperfections to stop you from living your life. explore them, and create something beautiful with them! theres always a light at the end of that dark tunnel, continue to fight, and always stay yourself! you are beautiful!

thanks for reading! stay connected! comments are loved! -chazidi <3

Hello friends it's been a couple of days since I checked in with you all.

Well, today is May 1st which marks day 14 on tretinion & clindamycin. Ok, I'm my last post which was day 9 I told you all how some of my blemishes were darkening. I even posted a picture.

As of today, those blemishes aren't as dark anymore & the sight of the old pimples has faded tremendously. I will attached a photo<-- which shows my skin after I washed it.

However as you can see, I am starting to witness dryness & peeling. Mainly in the corners & my mouth & under my bottom lip. The warning specially says, don't apply near mouth. Regardless, I see an improvement in my skin with these two topicals. So I'm really excited for positive results! My birthday is a month away & I will loveeeeeee clear skin! Or at least almost clear.

Stay connected!


Day 9 update!

Just noticed that the area I was applying both topicals on has darken tremendously. I'm not sure what this is about. & it's the last thing I want to happen. I have enough black blemishes on my face & the last thing I want is for the ones I already have to get darker.

Comment if you know why this may be happening.

Thanks always!

Here's an update on the minocycline 100MG capsules.

. This medicine is used to treat certain baterial infections, & I was prescribed to take two capsules twice daily. So my first dose of this antibiotics was yesterday, Easter Day!

I'm making this post to let all of you know, I feel HORRIBLE!! I am experiencing a number of the side effects from this medicine. Dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness,vomiting it's bad!!!!

I plan to call my doctor first thing tomorrow to let her know I can't continue with these antibiotics. I will keep you all updated!

Comments are loved!


Ok, so yesterday I made a post telling you all how I received my free starter kit. Well today, I'm feeling so different about starting the regimen.

I don't think I'm going to fall through with it. From what I've read from others experiences you endured lots of flakiness, redness, burning, peeling, more breakouts etc. I know the process for getting clean skin takes time & sacifies, however at this point in my life I'm not ready!

Yesterday night, I broke down for the first time. My skin has gotten so bad within the start of the new year. Blemishes cover my jawline & cheeks. Every pimple leaves a mark, & breakouts are more frequent. SO STRESSFUL! I'm trying so hard to stay positive & optimistic! Therefore right now, the regimen isn't the best move!

The first move, is reducing the amounts of makeup, I'm now certain that makeup is the leading factor behind my breakouts. Today I plan to buy a concealer & stop the use of liquid foundation! I'm also going out today to look for something gentle that treats acne without all the extra side effects. Wish me luck! I'll keep you all posted on what I purchase.

Stay positive!