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Well it finally happened, Im clear! Its been 3-4 weeks with very minimal acne so I guess its not 100% yet more like 95% and I still have some pretty visible pigmentation but it feels clear to me. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but acne has been my biggest concern/worry for along time...when I begun clearing up in the last few weeks I definitely felt awesome but all that worrying and concern definitely just didn't disappear, but it wasnt about acne anymore. I realized I had been ignoring friends family and my career so I have been putting in alot of time to get my life back to where it really should be. Thats why I havent been posting as much..Ive been so busy with everything I should have been doing when I had acne but I was hiding so much. My next post will have before after pics, I want to be 100% clear for that, like I said Im about 95%-98% clear right now.

Accutane has worked so well!!! I recommend this to anyone struggling to get rid of there persistent angry acne. I took every antibiotic, every topicial and did so many diets..exercise..never touching my face for months straight, changing pillow cases every night....none of that worked very well..accutane attacks the main problem physically and directly. I had straight up mental problems looking back..I thought I was on to the root of my problem so many freaking times...i convinced myself i was going to clear up...everytime it didnt work and id be back at sqaure one hiding, im so thankful this treatment works! Im going to update at least once a month for the next few years jst so you can keep up w my progress because I would have taken this 5 years ago if I had known and people need to see this.

To anyone currently on accutane just stick with it. I had a rough first 2-3 months but when it finally starts getting better it gets really easy and its amazing to feel life come back. I cant even explain the feeling..I just feel like a real person again, I feel happy and worthy. I feel comfortable in my own skin finally...cant wait for all of you to get to this point. I suffered for so many years and Im finally free! Feel free to ask questions!

Im actually getting clear, the treatment is working! All the pimples Ive gotten in the last few weeks are really small and became whiteheads with in a day, I still have a large cyst on my neck though that hasnt really budged in a week or so. Also the red marks are pretty noticeable still but that will fade in time. If I continue to clear Im gna upload before and after pictures soon! Im very excited to see what the next few months bring!! From 15-24 I've tried everything to heal my on and off moderate persistent acne and I've had some luck between topicals antibitoics and diets but it always comes back...but nothing has ever changed the texture of my skin like accutane. I can see my pores are actually smaller, so smooth and my face has literarily no grease at all..I pray that I continue to stay clear once Im off the treatment!

If your feeling like you want to try accutane but are scared from the stories online just know thats a very small % of people who had some unwanted long term side effects. If you cant deal with your acne anymore and your willing to take a 95% chance on yourself to get clear take accutane. Yes you might have an initial break out but who cares..think ahead youll stay clear possibly forever after so whats a few months of break outs? Yes you'll deal with facial/lip/scalp dryness but its more than worth it...lotion isnt expensive and you just get a good conditioner. Plenty of people have private messaged me asking about tane, feel free to message me!!

Since I last posted maybe a week ago I have gotten about 3-4 new pimples but they're generally small now and are already almost gone. My face is almost clear of active pimples at the moment(thank the heavens) but that sounds better than it looks. Every bit of acne I have got since about day 40 to now has left a mark, and I've gotten alot of acne since then. So although I am getting pretty excited about the improvement I definielty wasn't expecting this much hyperpgimentation but i know that will all fade in time, the more important factor is the frequency and the strength of the acne has visibly diminished! Accutane has been a crazy ride, you can clear up so fast but also break out again even faster... but as time passes it only gets better overall. The side effects dont bother me that much, not nearly as much as acne bothers me so Im grateful that there is a drug out there that can get the job done when nothing else could. I'm already looking forward to clearing up 100% and my marks will begin to fade then the treatment will be over and I feel like Ill be getting a second lease on life..I'll bask in the sun with my clear skin and not worry about a thing!!!

If your struggling on accutane month 1, 2 or 3 just know that your close and it gets better fast. As your pores shrink the oil that is living in your pores will be pushed out so just remember that its apart of the process!! Message me if you have questions!

Hello all, it feels good to be this far into the course, especially since the last week has been pretty easy on me compared to the weeks before that. I'm going to break it down week for week like I have done before.

(i started accutane with 4-5 bad cysts, although I was getting persistant moderate acne for along time, nothing ever worked after battling acne since i was 19, im 25 now)

Week 1- Skin cleared rapidly - also my face turned pretty red which masked all my marks(knda nice) but face was itchy - i was told I looked like i had gotten a sunburn but it made me look so much better, i actually was in super high spirits

week 2- started to break out with a ton of whiteheads around mouth/chin, i thought/hoped that was the initial breakout lol - face still red, lips/face/scalp getting dry - 5-10 hairs falling out a day which scared me, i saw hairs on my pillow and when i showered...this was the scariest part of my experience so far

week 3- the mouth/chin whiteheads started to slow up but were still present, this week I had gotten 3-4 bigger cysts on my cheeks, very visible and ugly. My face still red but not as red, 5-10 hairs still falling out per day, lips still very dry, face dry but manageable with lotion, had dry eyes for one day...also got really thirsty for a few days here to

week 4 - Skin cleared up here similar to week 1 but not as rapidly, I was left with the marks from weeks 2 and 3 but almost starting to get some confidence back - on top of that my hair stopped falling out and I didnt look as red(some days i looked redder than others) -- lips still dry, face dryness easy to manage

week 5 - Bad break outs on lower/upper cheecks as well as jaw line - this was rough -- I thought my IB was over well it wasnt!

week 6 - Bad break outs continued - depressed from acne, not accutane - still had hope (i knew the drug had to run its course)

week 7 - this week was just eh-- a few new pimples but just looked awful from the weeks past and the few news ones inclding forhead pimps which i dont get usually

week 8 - Only had 2 cysts this week, older acne starting to fade - side effects are pretty much unnoticeable except dry lips

week 9- no acne at all this week!!! old acne getting flat -- broke out like craazy on my neck ..4-5 cysts..i was ok as long as it wasnt my face

week 10(this week) - 2 white heads under my eye brows, one white head in the corner of my mouth, and a small cyst on my cheeck -- neck acne starts to ease

Loving the progress but the red marks are terrible, they wont fade on accutane it seems but no complaining over here!! Ill update soon again!!

Well after a third time of clearing on accutane last week I broke out yet again...I only have about 4 deep red active pimples but there are like 15-20 red marks which makes me look like i am pretty badly broken out. With this warm whether in NY its difficult not to be a little disappointed, I dont know why I guess I thought I'd be clear after 2 months but I've come so far and I know any week the tane could start to kick in as I've heard the 3rd month is a gamechanger for alot of accutaners. Well, I'll be here, waiting for my clear skin. I know it could be alot worse..I could be confused and desperate...well I'm not. I know I just must wait for my time..I had acne forever on and off obviously its not going to be an over night process to get all the bacteria out.

Well month 2 finally took a turn for the better, I dont want to get all happy and jinx myself but I have only gotten 1-2 smaller pimples in the last 7 days. This has given all my other acne a change to really calm down and start to fade. I would say right now I have about 2-3 active with some red marks. I can look at myself in the mirror and not be all pissed off, its a luxury right now haha. I do realize anyday I could relapse..Ive heard of people on accutane getting clear then breaking out over and over, this is my third clearing on accutane with in 55 days so I would say its been and up and down ride. I am breaking out pretty heavily on my neck for the second time on accutane but this time is a little worse. I cant complain to much, at least its not my face. So I'm definitely starting to get excited, hopefully I wont have to many more breakouts to rain on my parade. I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow which is like a 12 hour work day with meeting new people all day and having conversations with vendors so my skin is clearing just in time for the wedding season...this is actually what I planned for but just a week ago I was miserable with a ton I know just as fast as I can clear up I can also break out ... fingers crossed.. ill let you all know what happens next

Week 1- Skin cleared

week 2- break out - lots of tiny white head around mouth and chin

week 3- break out- deeper acne starts to pop up on cheeks

week 4 - skin cleared w minimal acne in the t-zone

week 5 - bad break outs on cheeks

week 6 - bad break outs on cheeks and minimal acne in the t-zone

week 7 just started and fortunately its been almost 2 days with out new acne, of course I have plenty active and red marks but hey its a small doing the best I can to stay positive and im eating really heathy...I just bought a juicer and its been fun... my head feels a bit clearer but im realllllly not happy w my face but I know my pores are getting smaller and pushing out the oil manually. Cant wait to see the transformation!

I'm making this super quick. Its def worse than usual, maybe the worst so far on accutane..def sticking it out though i still have alot of hope its going to work, all the encouragement on here has helped alot! I've got a shoot(video) tonight at a fashion show of all places, I'm feeling okay about it though, normally would be paranoid w this many active..I'm going to look people in the eye and have confidence...its only awkward if you act awkward and they pick up on that..Ive dealt w this problem for years and I'm not going to cry about it now months before I might be clear..not happy w my face now but im making it a point to have confidence tonight...for myself.

One thing I noticed when on the tane...when you see the start of a pimple forming there is no stopping it. At least for me I use to be able to combat them sometimes and they would start to fade back down by using a harsh topical or icing it. The thing is when it fades back down the oil is all still under your skin, its going to come out sooner or later. The tane gives no fu**s and shoves all that oil out. I really cant wait to be clear but im now trying to change my thoughts to be more positive.

Im on like day 43 and I keep getting like 1-2 new spots at least each day for the last 10 or 15 days!!!! And now the red spots/acne are adding up...I've been here before...but this time at least I can blame the tane. Im a professional cinematographer/editor and people pay "alot" for me to show up as a professional and I just feel so unprofessional with acne. When I have clear skin I even dress nicer and make sure im looking sharp but with acne im so unmotivated and feel unconfident and I HATE when that even effects my creativeness behind the camera...its ironic because I've been afraid of HD cameras in my face yet my job is shooting people with the highest quality cameras available..they always have clear skin to and I just think to my self maybe one day this will be me. I know in the back of my mind i could stop getting acne any day but i also know this could carry on for sometime or even get worse..

Has anyone else had a rough month 2?

So my 25h birthday was a few days ago...I didnt want to do anything really because of these breakouts and I cant drink anyways. On top of that I got sick the day before my bday so I'm sneezing and blowing my nose which is irritating the skin in and arnd my nose..I was clogged up last night and my head felt so foggy. I feel a little better today fortunately but now I have a stupid canker soar in my mouth that stings!!! On top of all that Ive been getting new acne yea things kind of suck right now. I really thought I might of been one of those people who were like..."yea its day 30 im allll clleaar cant wait for the red marks to fade" since I had a few great weeks of decent clearness pre-tane but I've come to the realization that Ive been getting cystic acne on and off since I was 17 and this is what I have to do! My acne is antibiotic resistant, topicals are a joke...diets dont work, they help. I know I can do this, I literally need 7 days without new acne and I'll be good to go and clear enough to feel comfortable!! Please accutane, work faster!!!!!!!!!! Not like I have any other option anyways but this is definitely not easy right now...25 could be the best year Ive had in along time and I cant wait to be happy again

Accutane Day 35

Continuing to break out in smaller acne, goes to white head fast...older acne pigmentation is taking longer to vanish then usual which makes it look bad. Still at the point where I hate it and im not 100% sure its even going to work but I know its a waiting game with this pill, people say the 3rd month is where the magic usually happens...well I cant wait! but I have to so I'm doing what I always do when I have acne...avoid people best I can haha

I'm glad im on day 30, I'll say that..I remember counting down the days to get on this pill felt like forever and time definitely feels like it starting to move faster now, not to fast though. I'm not one of those people that immediately cleared right up(i wish), I'm having my share of breakouts so far but at the same time It hasn't been as bad as ive seen through my tane research. Here is a breakdown so far of my experience. I went into the medication with 8 cysts, I would average 4-8 cycts at any given time and I would consider my acne consistent moderate after having it for 5+ years straight, sometimes mild up to severe but mainly moderate 4-8. First 7 days were a joy for me, the first couple days nothing really side effects no new acne, days 4, 5, 6 and 7 my 8 active cysts shriveled fast and flattened. By day 8 I pretty much looked clear, I felt awesome. With that came a pink tone to my face which actually helped cover some pigmentation but it did itch which sucked, dry skin(not to bad) and very dry lips( I didnt care tho ). I also had like 5 hairs on my pillow each morning that was scary. Days 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 I broke out alot with white heads pimples and cysts, all kinds of acne. During that time I stopped losing hair and my pink tone kind of went back to normal but my lips stayed dry. Days 15-22 I got know new acne so by days 22, 23, 24 I was pretty much clear again. My hair stopped falling out and my side effects were minimal. My Initial breakout was over! So I thought -_- After a few days of being pretty clear I got a huuuuge painful cyct right in the middle of my cheek. Along with that came about 5-6 other cysts not as big. That happened day 24, 25, 26 and I'm still getting over those right now. I also got two smaller ones yesterday to add along for the ride. So Im definitely going through it head first. I think if I took this at age 21 (im 25 now) my initial break out would of been more wild but ive had acne for so many years that perhaps my biggest storms have already ended and flushed though. I hope my next post is for the better and not the worse, its so unpredictable, even more than usual.

So its been about a week since I last posted. I had a really busy week and at the same time my skin was clearing up. This is what accutane has been for me as far as break outs. Day 1-5 was very clearing for me. Day 6-13 I had a bad initial break out. Day 14-24 I got very minimal acne so by day 22, 23, 24, 25 I was looking pretty good which was awesome!! Yesterday I felt another round of deep cytic bacteria invading my face. One really big deep painful one I can feel and see on my cheeck and well as a few smaller new ones which will cause the usual embarrassment. I would consider this my 2nd break out on accutane, so far its not nearly as bad as the first break out but I was getting use to clearish skin for a few days there! I'm getting closer to the goal! Also at the point the side effects barely bother me..having dry skin seems normal now and wayy better than having oily skin and just the fact the I know im going to clear up gives me so much hope!!! I'll keep you updated and will post pictures soon. Also normally I cant eat anything without break out but Ive been eating whatever and staying up late if I want and it doesnt make a difference because excess oil is not bing produced and clogging my pours. The acne Im getting currently is old deep bacteria being pushed out.

Well here I am 1400 mg's into the drug that I've pondered about for years. I must say it feels good to not be taking antibiotics and not applying benzoyl peroxide and all the other shit that never worked for me. My first break out on accutaune lasted 7 days from day 6-13, I've just been dealing with that acne still and today I can look at my self in the mirror again with out feeling really bad..if you havent read my previous blogs my acne got crazy clear from day 1-5. I still def have active acne but the acne from days 6,7,8,9 are about gone and some of the bigger cysts are still there but smaller. I do have this huge deep one under my cheek that hasn't gotten red and exposed yet but I know its time will come. So I would say I have about 5-6 active cysts not bad considering I was hating life a few days ago, not that I'm any more depressed than usual, acne just sucks. Acne is my depression..a few things make me sad...when people die, when i lose money and Im sure theres more but yea.

Side effects: This gets repetitive but whatever..Dry skin but really not to much of a problem for me..Im washing my face once per day now..normally id get so oily but not anymore. Cetaphil cleanser/cetaphil lotion. My lips get the most dry and guess what I use? You probably already know dont you? yea Im not gna say it again. I've been taking a shower every other day due to my dry scalp, I dont like doing this becuase I prefer to be really clean but I have to. I was seeing like 5-10 hairs fall on my pills around days 5-10 but that has slowed down alot..I'll see like 1-2 hairs now on my pillows and a few more in the shower but nothing crazy. I use head and shoulders conditioner and neurogena T-gel for shampoo. I was knda emotionless and pissed off from day 8 all the way up to yesterday but I think it was just the acne not the accutane.

Anyways I'm mentally preparing my self for more break outs but I'm also hoping that maybe my initial break out has ended..we'll see Ill keep ya updated

Accutane Day 15 80Mg

I broke out from day 6 to day 13, I did not break out yesterday or today so far. So I currently have 8-9 actives cysts. These cysts turn to white heads between 3-6 days. Im praying I dont get any more acne right now because I'm already a mess and I would love for my current acne just to calm down before I get bombarded again. Besides that its the usual side effects- Dry skin, slightly pink tone-- Dry lips, I get lazy and tired sometimes, my scalp is dry and I see about 2-3 hairs on my pillow each morning. This scared me at first but its not on my hairline, just random hairs and no one is bald in my family and I have thick hair so its worth it as long as I can finally get normal person skin!!!I'm definitely happy to be on day 15 and not day 1 though, I am having breakouts which I hope is the accutane working, because the same breakout is totally possible if I didn't take accutane...but I do notice slight changes in the type of acne ...on day 7 I was having like a millions white heads pop up in my chin so that was different, thats basically already cleared to im dealing with big obvious red cheek acne, there slowly filling with pus. Dammmmmit let the time pass faster!!!!!!!!!

Day 13 Accutane

Well I was hoping my breakouts on Accutane would be minimum but I would say its about as bad as the day I started the medicine now. It got alot better within 5 days of starting but after that I've just had pimples, whiteheads and cysts popping up. I'm still dry...dry lips skin and scalp...its itchy. I just cant wait until I'm at the point where I'm improving a little more each day. Now the days begin to slow up, its easy when you feel the pill is visibly working, its tough when you have to go through an itchy dry day with a obvious breakout and know in the back of your head it could be months until you clear up. But just knowing that there is an end to this is enough for me, I've dealt with this long enough that months dont seem that long, but these days of new acne are slow.

The last 3-4 days I've been getting new pimples each day, I still have all those pimples but seems to be slowing down a bit, hoping this breakout will come to an end soon! Lips still very dry, dry skin and scalp...nothing much to talk about besides that. Went to a kanye west concert last night, had some beers which gave me a headache a few hours after...wont do that again...not worth the headache.

So its begun, I'm definitely seeing signs of an initial breakout. I can tell because I usually dont get 10 whitehead/cysts on my chin area all at once lol..maybe 4 on the chin at most...not 10 lol. They start out looking like cysts, and hurt, and within 24-48 hours its a bright white head. I've already had a few come and go, Ive currently got 4 whiteheads and like 6 that are new from last night into today just on my chin area, luckily my goatee and beard covers some. One deep cyst on my forehead and only a few small pimples on my cheeks luckily, maybe that will take longer to purge or maybe I'll get lucky on my cheeks and I wont break out there. I definitely feel a couple cysts along my jaw line to but again im lucky my beard covers them. By the way Ive wanted to shave for a long time but I cant because its helps hide acne plus shaving can create new I cant wait to shave in a few months if everything goes as planned. I see a few hairs on my pillows like 4 or 5 each morning and a few in the shower but unless it gets crazy im not stopping this for anything, Ive had to battle acne way to long, plus my hair is thick. Worst comes to worst Ill get my dosage lowered but im ready to blast this terrible disease. Besides that lips are really dry...dont care. I apply aquaphor, knda helps. Skins dry...dont care. I use cetaphil that helps. I dont even care about my break out honestly...when youve had to deal with this disease so long its not just physical..its mental to, and Im way stronger than I use to be. Im working out every other day still to but not pushing as hard, drinking plenty of water. Im ready to see whats next..I'll keep you all updated

On day 5 my face was practically clear, It was pretty crazy, the 8 actives I had going into accutane had shriveled up and my skin smoothed out like it never has, also its turned a few shades pinker which actually made my face one tone which helps the complexion look better. Things have changed though, since day 5 I got one big cyst on my left cheek and I noticed 3 or 4 white heads pop up around my lips/nose. After that I got 2 more cysts around my bottom lip on each side and one on my chin. There is a couple from the active 8 pre accutane that woke up a little bit but not all the way. I also have other cycts under my beard, A massive one under my chin and another big along my jaw line. So its pretty obvious I have broken out, honestly this is pretty normal for me, if this is an initial break out then thats awesome, because Ive been breaking out for no reason for years..but I know its not going to be just that easy...once/when I start to clear up from this break out I will begin to have high hopes again and then another set will come...thats been the way for as long as I can remember, it will be interesting to see how this will all play out.

Holding up okay, not quite as excited as yesterday, still very hopeful about the months to come. I've developed one large cyst on my upper left cheek, and about 3-4 whiteheads around my nose and chin, some super tiny and one pretty visible. My face is still pink and my forehead starts to get dry if I don't keep up w the lotion. My face gets itchy and its really hard to not itch it, my lips are doing fine as long as I keep up w my chapstick/aquaphor. The acne I had pre accutane pretty much are shriveling down to nothing, awesome stuff. Found a few more hairs on my pillow this morning..not tripping about it. People in Chemo lose all there hair and the grow it back..I feel comfortable losing some but if it gets outa hand im calling my derm. Other than that no new acne, my face actually is in decent shape..I have a feeling theres going to be alot of ups and downs but as long as the end result is clear skin, something I havent had in 5+ years then Im happy.

I know its way to early to get excited but my skin is never this flat, so smoooth. No new acne so far and I look way better than I have in months...after 5 days..what?! face is pink but I could care less, it actually makes the pigmentation look more hidden. When I woke up I noticed like 10 of my hairs on the pillow, I have thick hair and this happens when my scalp gets dry and I itch to much, definitely concerning. If this continues to get worse and worse I'll have to get my dosage lowered but I know it'll grow back, no one in my family has ever gone bald so Im pretty confident even if I lose some hair through this process its worth it as long as its not noticeable. Im trying not to itch, not to shower my hair as much and use conditioner. Anyone else have any good products for this? Besides that I've got my fingers crossed...I know I still might get an initial break out and Im expecting the worst but Im enjoying this skin while I can! Ill keep you guys updated

Im in a bit of a hurry so Im going to try and make this quick. I am experiencing side effects, dry skin, not that dry yet, I never use lotion because my skin in naturally oily so today I will begin using lotion after I wash my face, I have the slightest change of skin color, just a tad pinker. I also noticed last night after I came in from the cold that my lips were whitish, they were just chapped so Im keeping up with chapstick medicated and may bring out the aquaphor soon, I also have a dry throat and had dry eyes last night but none of it honestly bothered me. Since the moment I started taking accutane I havent got one new pimple, On day 2 I notice a big pimple coming in and that just disapeared... my face is pretty flat, alot better than 4 days ago but I know its just a matter of time. Its not that unusual for me, the way my skin works is I'll go sometimes a week without one pimple and then I'll break out for a few days then Ill have no new for another week ect.. Also been having some weird dreams which I never do but I also just binged watch american horror story lol...Ill keep ya updated!!

Day 2 On Accutane 80Mg

Not to much to say here on day 2(730pm) as far as side effects but I figured I'd post again just so you guys know I will be keeping up to date on this. I was in a good mood today, not because my skin looked better or worse but I actually had hope, which I havent in awhile. Almost everything is exactly the same but I did just notice an awkward large long deep cyct in the middle of my left cheek. This is a little bit unusual for me because mine are always circular, it is not very red yet at all and barely visible but its there and its probably going to be a beast. Could this already be apart of the initial break out? maybe, it could also be the fact that I'm off doxycycline which I've been taking 100mg for about 4 months. Either way Im ready to get the ball rolling, ready to see what tomorrow brings!

Hey guys, I figured since there are not to many men(24, almost 25) keeping an accutane log I'd start one. Here is a little background about me and what led me to this day.

My history with acne: I had acne in high school but it wasnt to bad, at age 19 I began getting cystic acne and its never let up. Some seasons its mild when I'm lucky, usually its moderate which means about 4-8 active, and occasionally it would get severe but it would never leave. I've tried every single antibiotic and topical that has been created basically, and I gave them all a real shot by sticking to it for 6 months. I've also tried about a dozen diets, and I also stuck to each diet for 3-6 months to be sure of its effects. Ive tried eliminating dairy, sugar, meat, preservatives, gluten, bread ect... I noticed some were slightly working but I could never tell if it was in my head or if it was actually working because I would stlll get break outs. I could go on for pages and pages about the struggle I've been through and how much I hate acne, I can say its made me a better person to an extent, from the cockier kid I use to be, but I miss my confidence so much and it feels like its been forever. I now care about people that have to go through any type of struggle now, more than ever. I've matured rapidly but wish I could be happier. I never wanted to do accutane but now honestly I wish I had done it years ago.

My current state: I have 8 active cycts. Normally they last for 10-14 days and the mark will last 2-5 months. I have about 10-15 pigmentation marks right now not including the actives, some newer than others. I'm a pretty good looking guy, so I've heard, so usually I can get away with having acne if its a mild season. When I say "get away with" I mean they didnt look twice at my face for the wrong reasons, I hate that but I'm use to it. Best thing to do is act confident and smile even though thats not how I feel usually. I'm not depressed, I just despise this mentally and physically damaging disease. While Im typing this I'm about to pop my first 40mg pill of Clavaris. I'll upload before/after pictures down the road as I gain confidence. I am expecting an Initial breakout, dry skin, dry lips, dry scalp, blurry vision, joint pains. Feel free to post anytime guys, I'll be updating every few days!

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