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Day 24

I decided to start a blog again to try and keep me positive. Over a year ago I took a plan B and broke out with the worst hormonal acne. My doctor prescribed me Spiro and epiduo. I remember it being hell, the epiduo was so harsh on my skin that I broke out in the worst acne I have ever had, I stayed in my house crying every night and well shut myself off from the world. After 3 months I had clear skin and I mean clear, if someone would have told me that it was going to be absolute hell the first two months but then you magically clear up I think I would have not fallen so deep into a depression. Well I stayed on this duo for prob 4 or 5 months, and stopped the epiduo. After about 7 months stopped the Spiro and within 4 months I have returned almost to as bad as I was before. I am now starting just Spiro and am on day 24, I don't want to use the epiduo because I feel like that's what made it so horrible! But now that I'm on day 24 and keep getting new pimples everyday I don't know what to do!

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