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How does one's perception on acne influence adolescence sadness?

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Hello everyone!
My name is Kelly. I am a 16 year old girl that has sensitive, acne-prone skin. I am currently writing an essay on acne and adolescence sadness. My research question is: [b]"How does one's perception on acne influence adolescence sadness?" [/b]
I created a survey [url=""][/url] for people specifically teenagers to complete. I would really appreciate if you did. They are short questions and it is [b]ANONYMOUS.[/b]
[b]My Mini "Background"[/b]
Here is a little bit of background about my acne. I started getting pimples when I was in 5th grade. I believe I was 10 years old. I tried so many products from over-the-counter to home DIY (do it yourself) masks. Nothing seemed to work and it is frustrating. I am currently using products. My acne is mild to moderate. Just like many of you all, I hope to have a clear face one of these days. [img][/img]
I understand it is hard and sucks because we all want to have a clear face so bad! [img][/img] [img][/img]  It hurts to look at yourself in the mirror and see bumps... </3
I don't have any friends that could relate with me because they don't have acne... [img][/img] My younger sister (15) use to have acne, but her face is basically clear now.
[b]My "Experience" with[/b]
I think I first tried towards the end of worked quite well...but then I got tired of the regimen (Summer 2012) and decided to explore and try The Body Shop. I tried the Tea Tree line, Sensitive line, and seaweed? I think... it was the seaweed that broke me out. Looking back at pictures, my acne was pretty bad. Probably at its worst. I used again...(August 2012) it calmed my acne down...
When I ran out, I just used Cetaphil. It seemed to keep it calm, but it got bad I bought again...(August/September 2013)
I wish I started an actual acne blog (because all I ever did on Tumblr was complain about my hatred towards acne, but I did recently started taking pictures of my acne) sooner because I can barely remember what happened to my skin and when it happened... :/
Sorry this post is all over the place [img][/img]
Good luck to everyone! I am happy I am not alone! [img][/img]
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