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A continuous recording of my facial skin on the 'Caveman Regimen'

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Day 3: Progress

Ok so in my last post I sounded dreadful and had no hope. Well today I've noticed that my facial skin has less closed comedones, bit they are still there and I mean all over the place so nothing to significant. I also have a new pimple in my problem area(lower left jaw) but I'm waiting it out and I still refuse to use any chemicals on the skin. I've washed my face quickly and gently with a few splashes of cold water about 3 times(once a day) which is what the regemin calls for. There is somewhat improvement from yesterday. I would say my skin is at the normal baseline level of greasiness and bumps, though its not that bad, only if you look at me in the wrong light or at a bad angle ick*shivers* but yes I'm enjoying not having to slather on degrading chemicals every morning/night. It seemed like "oh the more I use, the more healing will be done!" Hahaha WRONG. Benzoyl peroxide and other skin stripping chemicals should be used very sparingly and NOT every single day as the directions say on the bottle. Maybe once a week at absolute most. Overall, no real improvementwith the water only method but at least it's not really getting any worse.

Day 2: Awakening

My skin seems to be taking a turn for the worse. It's hard to look in the mirror because of how monstrous the skin is becoming. I refuse to shave because the caveman regemin calls for nothing to touch the face except for water which seems to be still pushing it. There's simply no way I can't do a light rinse with water everyday, or I wouldn't be able to go in public, the skin is so horrible. I'm starting to get really depressed and my skin is showing it. I know that this is a detox phase and benzoyl peroxide is a drug and as with any drug the body will go through withdraw periods. I must pull through this and with any luck these new pimples that are popping up will come and go quickly. I will not pop them or even touch them, because as we all know this causes damage and worsens acne. I hope to god above that the situation doesn't get worse: tons of closed comedones all over face, thin layer of oil, 5 actual zits. How I was cursed with such bad skin I have no idea, but like I said before I refuse to damage it any further!

Phase 1: Detox

I'm pleased to announce that my use of cheap drugstore chemicals to treat my problematic/ oily acne skin is over. FINISHED haha. This is the first day in a year I haven't slathered some cheap, harmful substance on my face in a feeble attempt to control the endless amount of bumps and oily mess that has decided to call my face home. I realized that using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid wasn't banishing pimples as they were advertised. What I've been doing is stripping my skin of everything it needed to be youthful, and without that youthful glow, your skin mind as well belong to someone who's old with wrinkles. Yuck. I will be tracking my results from this day on. My routine will consist of showering every other day with very limited contact with my face. I will allow a little bit of water to run across my face just to get all the oily mess off every 3 or so days. It's only day one and I can feel my skin thanking me for cutting off the cheap, abusive chemicals. The texture and bumpiness still remains but that is to be expected because it's only the end of the first day. What I have noticed is that there isn't an oily shine which usually makes itself known only a few hours after BP use. I enjoy this and it is an incentive to keep at this. I will post agin tomorrow and give a full report on my skin's progress in these stages of natural healing. Please anyone who comes across this feel free to comment and give me feedback. Thanks! :)

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