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Clearing Up...My Journey.

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Yep...thanks to Dan's BP and AHA, I. AM. CLEAR. After over 20 years of dealing with cystic acne, I have a clear face, a soft complexion, and much less oil on my face. I still have some pitted scars and some hyperpigmentation to deal with, but I will deal with those issues anyday over the 20 years of hell I went through with the large, puss filled face demons. I have managed to stay clear for over 4 months now. A miracle, to say the least.

New Skin

LOL...well, it's been a couple of months since my first blog entry. I found my perfect skin care routine! I'm 99% clear! I have a few "undergrounds" on my neck and just under my chin. Everything is surfacing and healing up nicely, though.

My routine consists of mostly natural and organic products combined with Dan's Cleanser, BP, and AHA. See my signature for more details!

The First Month

I've had acne since I was 18. It has got increasingly worse with age, unfortunately. At one point, my face was covered with HUGE cysts. It was horrible. Upon seeing my derm, she put numerous Cortisone shots in my face and prescribed Accutane. Not going to lie, Accutane cleared me up rather quickly. But I just couldn't deal with with the side effects and when my insurance was no longer valid, I had to give it up. I have gone the all natural route and for a quick moment, it did clear me up a bit. But then my acne came back with a vengeance. I then proceeded to Mario Badescu facial products. These helped some, but did not stop breakouts. I've tried Proactive which just about burned my face off. I've been on antibiotics which did absolutely nothing. I then tried out the Regimen.This seemed to help quite a bit, but the irritation drove me nuts. Once again, I tried the all natural route with the OCM method. HUGE mistake. Now...I'm back on The Regimen and the frustration is skin is soooo irritated and my eyes have 30 million wrinkle underneath them. Something I don't need at the age of 41. I've tried EVERYTHING to alleviate the problem-Vaseline, jojoba oil, super rich eye cream...nothing is really working. Now I'm thinking about cutting back on the BP to just at night and only on the problem areas. I'm not sure if this will help or hinder my goal to getting clear skin, but I've reached the mass frustration level....will update next month.

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