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Starting accutane for the first time.

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1 Month On Claravis

I've completed 1 month and 8 days and so far it's been good. I had my monthly appointment with the dermatologist and he decided to keep me at 20mg for another month. I was hoping for him to up the dose so I can see quicker results, but I guess I need to be patient. Well, I haven't developed any side effects apart from the dry lips and my arms are itchy and I can feel tiny bumps whenever I scratch. I believe I'm still going through the initial breakout because my forehead at this time has about 10 really bumpy pimples. I do see some improvements in that my face isnt' as oily and my skin is smooth in "break-out free zones". I also had my blood drawn last week and results came out normal. So I'm really thrilled that I'm not reacting bad with the drug. One month down, four more to go. It's going by faster than I thought. :-) I'll post some pics soon.

8Th Day

Today is my 8th day of taking 20 mg of Claravis.... Feeling good, no aches so far. The only side effect is Ii'm breaking out, must be the IB, i have reallly big nodules on my forehead, lips are starting to dry and bleed when I smile. The most annoying side effect so far is that my scalp has become super itchy and dry. I have flakes on my hair even after I wash it, gross.. So, I'm not too thrilled about that. Other than that, everyting seems to be going well.

Ready To Start

I picked up my prescription, Claravis, on Friday (11/9/13)!! I will start on Wednesday because tomorrow will be my last day on the antibiotics and the Prednisone.I am excited to finally start this treatment.


I've had acne since the age of 12, now I'm 24 years old and it has been a consistant struggle in keeping it under control. I used Dan's BP for about 4 years and it worked great, it was the first thing that ever had worked for me. It kept my skin very clear most of the time but around this last April I had to stop using it because it was really drying out my skin to the point where it would crack and hurt. I also developed sensitivity to it, my skin would be red all the time :-/ So I was sad that it was the end of BP for me. THen I had the most horrible breakout of my life eusa_wall.gif terrible cystic acne that started around my chin gradually spreading to my jawline then my forhead and moving towards my cheeks, even my nose, a place where I never used to have any breakouts. I'm sad to see how much scarring has been done since April.

I went to the dermatologist and he is going to put me on Accutane and currently waiting for all of that pregnancy clearance and iPledge thingy. I started the process on 10/08 but I'm not sure how long it'll take since I ended up switching to a different dermatologist while this process was going on. For now I'm on Amoxocillin and a Clindamycin topical while I wait.

I am nervous and scared to start this since I've read all the side effects and mishaps that can happen while on this drug. All I can do is to be positive during the treatment because I believe the way you think can affect how your body feels. So why not have a positive and a good determined attitude? smile.png I hope this helps my acne because I know that if I don't do something drastic about it my skin will just keep scarring and scarring beyond repair.

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