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Leaky Gut

alright I've been avoiding this possible cause of my acne for the last year or so because it seems like alot of hassle trying to heal it! I've decided that I'm going to completely tidy up my diet over the xmas holidays and try to fix it, will keep posting updates.

Baking Soda

Just put on a plain mask of baking soda and left it for 20 mins or so. Skin is EXTREMELY soft afterwards. I am only going to do it 2 or 3 times a week maximum though.

***king Food!

have become very sensitive to my food allergies/intolerances again, small breakout but hurts like hell. I don't understand, I've probably the healthiest diet in my family but I look like I eat 10 bars of chocolate for every meal!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrangry.png


im only on the tablets since wednesday, the first few days were kinda rough, a few cysts and spots came to ahead but now my skin is very smooth. can't wait to see results after a few weeks :) so far i would recommend them but they are quite pricey.


I started taking viridian clear skin complex tablets and clear skin omega oil yesterday, was told to take them for 3 months, they better be worth the price i paid for the both of them! will keep posting my progress.


i was just wondering if anybody else notices an improvement in there skin the morning after a night of drinking? i was out last night and my face looks alot better today, and people say alcohol is bad for you!! the only stuff i can't drink is beer, because of the barley and stuff in it but cider is fine with me eusa_think.gif i might have a few more drinks tonight and check in the morningsurprised.gif

Diet Etc

most people are now aware of the part that diet and digestion play in acne. if you aren't I suggest you to read up on it. if you are often ''backed up'', like i was for years but never realised until recently, this is likely the cause of your acne because your body can't eliminate toxins any other way but through the skin. As a result I have now got many food intolerances that trigger my acne. So fixing my diet and ''going regulary'' have really helped clear me up alot.

Its Time

alright everyone since ive got a lot of free time with college iv decided im gonna try different methods of getting completely clear! lately if i was getting a big nodule or cyst i would wet my face and dap on tiny bits of tumeric and wash it off 10-12 mins later, no later than this because it will stick and you will look like an umpalompa. do this every night and you will realise the next morning it will shrink what ever was forming smile.png not sure if its equally successful with scarring though?

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