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Teenage acne sucks.

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Okay so today I've been continuing my same regimen; washing once a day instead of twice because of dry skin, with aveeno clear complexion, and neutorgena body wash, following up with 10% benzol peroxide on my back. But I realized I have three new acne on my back. ALL CYSTIC. I can't do anything about cystic. And there's a new one on my chin. I can't get rid of them! I'm so depressed today.

Since I Last Posted...

It's been a few weeks since I posted the first entry to this site. Need I say I was depressed?

Anyway, my face, back, and chest have become SO DRY and I don't know what to do for this. I had been using the neutrogena pink grapefruit scrub on my face (2% salacylic acid) without the beads, and the neutrogena pink grapefruit body clear (also 2% salacylic acid) with the beads on my back. Now all the sudden my naturally oily skin is VERY dry. So dry, you can see the cracks and lines in it. So i switched my face wash to aveeno clear complexion scrub with only 0.5 salacylic acid. I also use 10% benzol peroxide on my back and usually my cheeks. 2 % was just not working. But I am still very depressed. Just got two new ones on my back today, and they look cystic. I don't know how much more I can take.

Any suggestions?

First Blog.

Hi everyone, I just joined this website today because i have been struggling with acne, whether mild or servere my whole life. I'm not going to upload a picture just yet, because I want to see how this turns out first.

A little bit about me; I'm Lexi, a half black half white 17 year old girl who struggles with the --dare I say it -- pizza face. I am self concious everywhere i go, and no matter what concealed or foundation I use, I am always paranoid that people are just looking at my acne, and nothing else. I hate it. I hate looking in the mirror or going to the beach. I have chest and back acne as well. And it all turns into scarring.

Since my complexion is darker than a completely white person, my acne tends to be dark / red and scar , leaving dark marks, instead of just being red and leaving a little remainder behined. Every zit I have ever had, I believe has turned into a dark mark. My cheeks are the worst part of my face; so ugly and blotchy. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I have the urge to cry, or do cry. I just want them gone.

I have pretty much tried every cream on the market--AcneFree, Neutorgena, clearasil, Clean and Clear, you name it. I didn't try proactive because I heard if you stop using it, the acne comes back ten fold. And its a very pricey treatment to stick with.

I even tried dudu osun black soap. But don't even get me started on that. I read so many promising reviews that i bought it, but all it did was make my skin feel dry and it smelled horrid. It made my back so dry that when i would bend over to pick something up, my back would feel like it was splitting and it would sting like crazy. So i stopped.

I want to find an acne sufferer like me out there. Someone who relates to what I'm going through , or even someone who can just give me ideas on what to use. This condition is dragging my self esteem through the floor. I'm getting less and less confident each day and it needs to stop. I only get one life. And so far its been a disaster from this stupid disease. I need answers.

More blogs to come!

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