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Waterfasting Day 3

Day 3 of waterfasting. I have less symptoms then before. Light headiness has gone away. Feel less shaky and weak. But i did find that i have a white coating on my tongue already! I've also begun sweating quite a lot. These are two signs that I've already begun detoxing. I think my body's already into the stage ketosis.

Day two of waterfasting. Waterfasting has made me lightheaded, shaky, weak and very exhausted. It's too early to look for any improvement yet. I drink around 8 large glasses of water a day. Or just drink whenever I feel hungry. To distract myself from eating I read, meditate, or do other things. In case anyone wants to know about the weight loss benefit ill be posting how many pounds I lose a day. Today im only 1 pound lighter. I'm already skinny so I don't think ill be losing much. Ill be posting pictures every five days and writing entry's anytime I have time to. Bye for now ill write again sometime tommorow.

Water Fasting

I'm going to try waterfasting as an experiment to clear my face and detoxify my body. I eat a lot of junk food, I don't have a healthy diet. I wash my face twice a day. I give it treatments. I do not masterbate. I do not smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol. My diet and hormones seem to be the only cause. What I'm trying to achieve is to cleanse my body of toxins, balance my hormones, and to rejuvenate my skin to its normal state. I'm going to be doing this fast for a month. Then go on a paelo diet for the rest of the year. And maybe 1 week waterfasts in between. Please do not add any negative comments. They will have no effect on me whatsoever, Ill just block you for trying to unmotivate me. Once again this a experiment. I didn't say it was cure or any thing like that. I just want to see if this works out for me, and if it does others will try it out to.

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