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My journey taking accutane before/after

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Second Week!

So i havent posted anything in a while but just to update: I started Claravis at 40 mg once a day for the first month. My derm changed the dosing because of my blood work. The first few days nothing really happened until about half way through the week. I got the Inital Breakout. Not fun stuff. Very painful pimples and never seem to go away. At the end of week 1 was when i started to notice more dryness. My eyes have gotten very dry along with my lips. They have started to peel and i have to keep applying chapstick every couple of minutes! My face is very dry too, especially after i wash it. When im home i use coconut oil on my face and lips, it works really good! So far no side effects other than the dryness. I'll post more in a few weeks!

Background Info

Hey guys, so i have been battling acne since freshman year in high school. First small pimples and then huge cystic pimples that covered my entire face (mostly my cheeks). I was put on Lithium which made my acne 100x worse than it was before. I finally went to go see a Derm around the end of August of 2012. He suggested Accutane, but i did not want to take it because of all of the awful side effects. I was put on Minocyclne, and then was switched to Doxycyclne. The doxy worked beautiful for about 5 months. I had ran out of the medicine and my order for the pills had been backtracked, so it took longer for me to receive them= terrible breakouts. I had finally received the medicine and i saw no improvement. The doxy also had very terrible side effects (extreme nausea and vomiting at times). I went back to the derm and still rejected the accutane and was put on Bactrim. This medicine did work for a while but a buddy of mine had battled terrible cystic acne and greatly suggested me to try the Accutane. So, i went to the derm and he wrote me out a prescription for the Accutane and a lab slip to check my liver before i had started. Well, here comes the bad news, everything was fine BUT my white blood count was low. He suggested me to wait another full month until the Bactrim was fully out of my system, and then test me again. So far i haven't had many breakouts but i have very bad scarring. It has been almost a full month and by the 12th or 13th of July, i will be tested again. I'm crossing my fingers that everything comes back fine because i don't want to be set back another month or so. I am off of the Lithium (Thank God!) which i think has helped my face stay clear. Acne really takes a toll on your life and i am very excited to start taking the medicine. The derm wants me to take 60mg, once a day (I think) at night time with a glass of milk. After the first month is over with, and depending on my tolerance to the medication, it will be raised. I know that this will be a long journey but i am ready to bite the bullet and finally be done with acne!

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