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Acne journey to accutane

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Yup so everyday since I started I have woke up with new white heads! What the f?!&? Plus Idont know if this is normal either but my skin is so oily!? It's like an oil slick, my face i's not at all dry. Today my face doesnt seem sui oily but I only just woke up so I will have to see. It seems that I only get pimples when I sleep, i's not because I have dirty pillow cases or my hair cuz I try to change my bedding at least once a week. Anyone else only wake up with new ones in the morning and if so what is your theory on why this happens. I'm chalking it up yo my liver but...I'm last going this accutane works soon because I have such horrible scarring already that my self esteem can hardly handle dealing with this any longer. Some days I can hardly get out of bed to take my son to school because I just feel so ugly! I have been married fot just under two years now, but if it weren't fot my husband telling me that it will be better one day and that even with the acne that I'm still the most beautiful girl in the room, I dont know how I would have got through my days.

So went and had a few drinks last nigjt and have to say that it did not make me drunk faster or make me sick or give me a headache or make my stomach hurt. I was pretty thirsty today though but I think that is normal. I think it is helping my skin already, all the tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks seem to be almost gone and I only have a few on my chin! That i's good by my standards. Super stoked to see how much better my skin will get!

So it is only my second day on accutane but would have to say that I am definitely having the initial breakout! Omg this makes me so anxious asI am a bartender and have ro talk to people face to face all night! I's this normal fot this to happen so fast? My skin seems more red near my nose and more white heads near my chin. I ate piazza tonight though and it i's the first time that I have had gluten in over a month some maybe that has some thing ro do with it or it is the meds. I got tested fot celiac and it came back negative but the dr said I could still have a sensitivity to it. Hope my skin looks better by morning but I'm not counting on it. Anyone else had it happen so fast? Would love the feed back!

Hey everyone gonna try make this as short as possible but it is a time span of about 8 years. So my acne started when I gotpregnant, not just a little bit but I'm talking severe cystic acne on my face and back. My skin was perfect before this so I was absolutely devastated.Gave birth nursed my son for two months but could not handle how my skin looked any longer so decided to go back on birth control to help it stop. Went on yaz and my skin once again turned beautiful. Got pregnant again 2 years later and same thing happened, got severe cystic acne! Gave birth went on diane 35 and beautiful skin once again. I suffered with severe migraine head aches as well. I stayed on the bc pill for the next 4 years until my headaches were so horribly debilitating that I could hardly get out of bed. Went to a migraine clinic and the dr told me that one of the side effects of that pill i's head aches and that asl the research he had done said that I should have not ben on that pill for more than a year! He told me there i's a higher risk of blood clots and that I should stop taking it immediately! I did and magically my headaches disappeared. What a relief until my acne came back with a vengeance! I vowed to try heal my body from the acne naturally which has been a huge struggle, I have tried probiotics, hormone balancers, vitex, gluten free diets, no sugar, every cream and magic potion available, yeast free diets, drinking clay, yup you read that right, it takes the bad stuff outta your gut supposedly. All of these things did help but none of them took it away completely. I still have a couple of deep cysts on my cheeks and pustules on my chinwhich i's way better than it used to be but not the result I'm looking for. I want acne free skin period! So I have ben going for laser treatments for the past there months twice a month which has really helped with tje redness and scarring but still having breakouts. So I decided I will go for tje accutane, it i's my last resort but I would pretty much drink bleach if I thought it would cure me . So this i's my second day on 20 mg of accutane. Get the odd pain in my stomach but besides that nothing really. Sorry it took so long to spit that out but thought out would be best incase someone else had a story like mine. Hope this acutane thing works, will keep you posted! I will try sdfd photos but am having a hard time.

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