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Accutane-80mg 23/Male

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Day 87 80Mg

So I'm almost a full 3 months into my Accutane treatment at 80mg a day. The best advice I can give anyone taking it reading this is to really space out your dosages. I forget who told me this on this forum but he told me he was on the same dosage and spaced out his dosage more such as taking it in the morning and also at 10ish at night. I tried this because usually I would take it after a meal in the morning and also around dinner time around anywhere from 5-7. So I started taking the second 40mg dosage at around 10-11pm and it has really helped me. This keeps the Accutane in my system longer because it has a half life of 10 hours roughly. Since I started this my face has REALLy cleared up especially around my neck where I would get large cysts that looked bad. As for my chest/back it has had some flare ups recently, bad enough where I can hardly lay down but generally it has smoothened out and is really drying out which I definitely need. I have heard that month 4-5 is where some general calming of skin and flare ups occur and it really begins healing darker/deeper marks which again I need on my chest/back. Like I have said in my past posts I am looking to see if I can go on 6 months at this dosage and after go on a regimen of possibly 20mg a day until I am fully clear. My derm hinted at it in the beginning and I haven't seen him since ( I just graduated college and now I'm moving back home ) so hopefully these last months he can figure out a post regimen after this initial 80mg cycle. Hoping my chest/back start to clear faster but I understand it will take time. Good luck everyone!

So I figured I would give an update on my progress thus far. So last week I started using st.ives oatmeal and shea butter body wash and all I can say is WOW! My chest/back are horrendous and get dried out big time which is what I need but something about this body wash is really helping me see results. I don't know if it's the wash or the fact the accutane is finally working there but I feel better using the wash and over the last week my back has felt a lot better. A week ago it got really bad and I could hardly move but this wash keeps me moisturized and I feel like it helps me heal smoother and faster. Parts of my back have evened out and are smooth, yet it's still really bad but when you're in my position the slightest differences/feel mean a great deal. Areas where I had it the worst (the middle of my back and shoulder blades) have begun to get better and I'm no longer in a great deal of pain. As far as my face it has also gotten a lot better. Breakouts hardly happen and when they do its one or 2 big ones that dry out pretty fast. I am graduating college Monday so I have been diligent about trying to stay clear and manage my face. I'm not nearly as red as I usually am and although I am getting dry I am able to moisturize well with the cetaphil/aveeno ultra calming lotions which I mix and they work really well! Overall, I feel as though I'm finally starting to see consistent results these last weeks and it just seems my skin is calmer than usual and not so explosive with cysts. I still have 2 months left so I'm almost exactly half way through and I'm hoping I follow the general trend and begin REALLY clearing up soon. Small progress is all I can ask for at this point and I've learned to stay patient. Finally starting to feel better and hopefully I will be able to go on past my initial 5 months if I am not clear by then and luckily my derm said he would do so if needed. Keep your head up everyone I'm here with you and we will get through this!

Today is day 67 of my treatment at 80mg. I understand I'm probably going to get a lot drier than most people because I'm on the highest dosage but recently just as I felt things were getting better on my chest/back, it started to get really painful with big cyst like blood postules all over and I couldn't move even to reach certain directions so of course I had to start managing them. I called my doctor today and asked him (or I guess his assistant) if I should just leave everything alone and not pick/pop when necessary. She advised me not to so I'm going to try my best and just hope the accutane sucks all of them through and eventually start to work on the countless red dark spots on my back. I know this is a nasty treatment and especially at my dosage but my face has seen improvements, essentially no new breakouts and a generally smoothening of my skin and spots fading. So in that sense I feel better but I just really want to see results on my back/chest. It's only month 3 and I know I need to be patient and my blood has been perfect thus far so I know my body can handle this, I hope I'm allowed to go 6 months or longer instead of 5 if I don't start seeing big results this month. But I'm optimistic as all of us should be on accutane, I've done plenty of research and I'm using all the right products and trying to do the right things, just hoping to finally start seeing results. Would love to hear anybody's story who's going through it or has!

Hey guys. I'm just now starting my 3rd month on accutane at 80mg and I've seen some improvements on my face and a little on my chest/back but its still really bad so I'm wondering now that I have my face at bay what should I use as a body wash? It's weird that sometimes the best option is nothing for me and I've noticed sometimes using anything makes it worse, so I've stuck to just hot water in the shower which is my best option right now. What should I use while on Accutane, I don't mind the extreme dryness because I know my chest/back really need it in order to get better so what are all of you using or do you suggest? Thanks!

Hey guys so I'm officially done with month 2 and on to month 3 of 80mg a day of Accutane. I feel a million times better and I'm finally starting to see mall results each day all over. I'm no longer in a lot of pain in relation to my skin such as big cysts all over my chest/back and neck as well. Breakouts hardly exist on my face and I think I'm starting to just clear up spots left from old ones. I live an active lifestyle and I've noticed that Accutane has really hurt my performance in the gym. I can't lift as much or lift for as long as I usually do and it sucks. I realize the drug can do this but my joints/muscles aren't in any pain at all it just seems like I lack the endurance to really work out like I use to. I plan on still working out but I'm gonna have to accept the fact that for another 3 months or so I won't be able to go hard and I will be considerably weaker. It's a minor setback but a clear face, chest, and back is well worth this side effect because after I go off it I'm sure I will regain strength and endurance. I'm also looking for a back/chest scrub to use because I've found that often times not using anything actually works better for my skin, any suggestions? I've heard head and shoulders works somehow?

So it's almost been a full 2 months on Accutane at 80mg a day. Sure I have the normal side effects such as dry lips and dry skin. My face has gotten sooo much better, I'm not getting big cyst like acne on my forehead or cheeks at all and the worst part (my neck) is starting to clear up. Still a lot to go on the back of my neck but I'm starting to see big results on my face daily! As for my back/chest where it is by far the worst I think I'm finally over the huge cyst, really big dry bumps phase. It was really painful for the last couple weeks and I'm sure my picking/popping didn't help so I stopped doing that or at least cut back a lot. Still painful to turn or lay down in certain areas but it's really drying me out which is what I need. I know my back/chest will take much longer but each day it's getting better. It's nice to see even the slightest improvements each day so hopefully after 5-6 months I will be clear. Everybody going through this with me keep your head up, trust me I know how much it sucks to not want to go out and the pain associated with our skin but if someone like me who has the worst body acne you'll see is starting to see improvements imagine what month 5-6 will bring! Good luck to everyone and if you have any suggestions please help me out!

Hey guys so I figured I would start a log to learn more throughout this process and figure out some simple do's/don'ts while on Accutane. Just a background on me, I've suffered with acne all my life and it sucks I know. I took Accutane in high school and it somewhat worked but now I got so fed up throughout college with severe chest/back acne and big cysts around my neck as well. I'm lucky I don't have quite as many red spots on my face but when I do they're big. So I started an Accutane regimen at 80mg a day and lord knows I need it. It hurts to lay down my back acne is so bad and I'm constantly popping cysts all over my chest and back. Should I stop this and just allow my accutane to take its course? Or is it ok to release some pressure, I know I most likely will be scarred but I've seen some amazing success stories so I'm hoping this can not only clear up my face but especially my back/chest. It's been a while since I could walk around at a pool or public place with my shirt off. Please I invite you all to join in and help!

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