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About this blog

I defeated Acne! I have helped others as well.

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[b][size=4][size=5]Perhaps, defeated is a little too much...but I do know how to stop and keep the skin clear. Yeah, you're probably thinking, "Who is this idiot?"[/size][/size][/b] [size=5][b]I would have thought the same when I had Acne.[/b][/size] [size=5][b]No, clear skin doesn't happen over night, but breakouts do! As far as scars, depending the damage, may or may not disappear.[/b][/size] [size=5][b]The scars that can heal, may take up to a year. Deep seeded/seated blackheads will need to be removed by a dermatologist or other professional for protection and safety reasons.[/b][/size]
[b][size=4][size=5]If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area (DFW) of Texas[/size][/size][/b], [size=5][b]You must be 18 years of age or older or have your parents[/b][/size][size=5][b]/parent/guardian[/b][/size] [b][size=5]with you. If you do  not live in the DFW area, I may be able to travel to your location.[/size][/b]
[size=5][b]I have been in your skin and know all the feelings that go along with Acne.[/b][/size]
[size=5][b]Thank you,[/b][/size]
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