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6 Months In...


Its been a while since I put up a blog or even been on the site since I started the Regimen. When I first started my skin was incredibly bad, like ugly raw skin bad. I guess it gets worst before it gets better. That's what my friend told me who recommended me this treatment. I'm not going to lie that whole month I felt ugly. I couldn't wear makeup, I couldn't be in the sun, and I even couldn't go out to do family stuff. I felt ugly because during the regimen I broke out so bad, but let me tell you that break out was so worth it! After a moth of suffering I was seeing results of my acne going away. So I continued to do the steps and now my skin is acne free and really soft. The only thing I;m working on now is getting rid of my red spots which the AHA should help. So if your just starting and see no results right away like you want them too. Hang in there because patience is a virtue with this regimen and TRUST me it is so worth it. So keep going and you will have clear skin :)

P.S. I will try to post before and after pics of my face soon.


Day 7 on the Regimen. All of my white pimples cleared up. Now I just have a red face and my skin keeps peeling. I was wondering when the swelling and redness will go away? I'm a little anxious and just want to know how long the redness will last. Also what kind of sunscreen do you recommend?



Make Up During The Regimen

Do you recommend wearing makeup on the regimen. I used a little bit of foundation which I think was not a good idea. My skin got extremely dry and flaky. I work at a office and can't be bare face. Any recommendations on makeup or should I not wear any during the few weeks??

Day 5 On The Regimen

Hello my name is Cindy and I'm a 24 year old female. I have been dealing with acne my whole life. My Dad and a couple of his family members have always been dealing with acne. So its in the family. Dang it! Well I started using The Regimen last Thursday and let me tell you the day after my skin got completely red and got these white pimples. I freaked out because I was not expecting my skin to get like this after using the regimen. So I continued to use it and my skin was burning and redI ( I wanted to scratch soo bad but I avoided touching my face completely) I had contacted my friend who has been on the Regimen for a while and says that what I'm going through is normal not to freak out. Today is my 5th day on the regimen and my skin is slowly clearing up. I do have the little white pimples still but they are drying out. I was just wondering did anyone get these effects (super red skin, white little pimples, and dryness)

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