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My Journal of my Fight with Acne

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I'm hardly getting any breakouts. I decided to post in longer increments since there isn't a lot of changes at this point. I get a breakout once a while especially on my back. Since I've been taking 40mg twice daily I have noticed red, itchy, scabby sores on the back of my hands and in my upper arms. I'm using CereVe cream but it only eases it a little. I've tried using every type of lip balm I can think of and nothing works to relieve my dry lips. I go for my blood work and check up tomorrow and I can't wait for the dermatologist to see how I'm coming along. I no longer see a psychologist because I'm no longer having any emotional issues which is fantastic. If everything continues to go good then I should only have 3 more months to go. Keeping my fingers crossed because this medicine continues to amaze me. Even though I still have scarring and pitting on my cheeks I never thought I would even have this kind of results.

Two days ago I had a pretty severe breakdown. I didn't expect to feel that bad during my treatment but since I had depression before I started the medication I shouldn't be surprised. My breakdown started with just a lot of crying and that led to suicidal thoughts. Jason had to come home from work early just to bring me out of it. It was scary. My primary Dr put me on Wellbutrin 2 times a day now instead of 1 so in hoping that will help. I noticed tonight I have a red rash on the top of my hands and the start of my arms. It itches a little but it came on so suddenly so it freaked me out. I'm still on a 6-8 times a day Chapstick regimen so I'm going through it like water. I'm definitely seeing results though so I'm going to continue to weigh the pros and cons.

Starting today I'm now on 80mg of Claravis. I met with my behavioral therapist today and she says I have increased anxiety and depression because of an increase in OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) caused from the Accutane. The dermatologist said my skin, lips, and nose are as dry as they are going to get which isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. My pimples are really clearing up and I haven't got any new breakouts. I feel like I'm on the road to clear skin.

Day 21 on Isotretinoin and I'm still feeling hopeful. I haven't had any major breakouts just really small pimples here and there. It looks like my blackheads are being pushed out of my nose and chin, but I don't know if its because of the dry skin or not. My nose is annoyingly dry, Chapstick is my best friend, and I'm drinking tons of water because my throat is still raspy. I discovered I had developed a cold shortly after I started the Isotretinoin (which i was unsure if it was a cold or not in an earlier post) so I was really miserable at first. Now, it's just dry nose, lips, and throat, and my face is slightly dry around my nose and mouth. I've noticed my irritability increasing with petty things so I try to isolate myself to avoid conflict and frustration. I have also noticed my scalp is really itchy which I've never had before. I have really short hair and I'm seeing my a lot of hair falling onto my shirt throughout the day which is also new to me. I'm approaching my 30 day check up with my dermatologist and second blood draw. I'm curious to see how my body is adjusting to this medication and I'm curious to see if I'll remain on 40mg once a day or if it will be changed.

Today is day 17 on Isotretinoin. I'm having a hard time telling if I have a cold, the flu, or side effects from the medication. My throat is killing me, my nose is stuffy and dry at the same time, and my lips are super chapped. My emotions seem to be stable at this point. I don't think I'm over-emotional or easily upset. Hoping to get down to the bottom if this dry, ill feeling soon. Acne seems somewhat stable. I'm still getting small breakouts but I notice they clear up quicker than normal.

Today is day 11 on the Isotretinoin. I saw a behavioral therapist last Thursday and got a lot of things off my chest to keep my depression under control. Jason has been my biggest support and for that I'm thankful. My nose, eyes, and throat are still really dry. I started getting bloody noses a few days ago but not anything serious. I'm still in good spirits and I'm seeing really good results. I'm still getting very small breakouts but nothing big and major and I'm noticing they clear up faster than if I wasn't on the Isotretinoin.

Today is day 4 on the Isotretinoin. So far pretty descent. My acne is bad but not horrible so I'm hoping for successful results. I'm starting to get dry lips, my voice is hoarse and raspy, and I'm dry around my eyes and mouth. Getting headaches on and off but it's hard to tell if its from the weather or not. I'm still in good spirits and I'm hopeful and patient. I see a behavioral therapist next Wednesday only because I was on depression meds before taking the Isotretinoin.

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