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[font=georgia,serif]About me:[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]I'm 22, and I've had moderate-severe acne since I was about 12-years-old. I've tried probably every over-the-counter medication, and as the story goes, nothing has worked. I've also tried, at various points, oral antibiotics. [/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Finally, I got permission to see the dermatologist, who prescribed me 100 mg/day of spironolactone, clindamycin gel for morning and evening, plus Retin-A cream every night.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]I am starting my third week on this new regimen. My skin is horrible--I'm suffering from a terrible initial breakout caused by one, or all, of these treatments--especially focused on my jawline and lower cheeks.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]My hope is that by tracking my progress, I can help myself and others. I hope that those with experience on any of these prescriptions can lend their advice and wisdom.[/font]

[font=georgia,serif]Right now I'm wondering about this initial breakout. My skin is the worst it has been, and it's very difficult to deal with. [/font]