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I will share my six month journey with you.

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So I stopped taking Accutane 41 days ago and since stopping Id say Ive only had about 2 zits since then. Thats amazing considering how bad it was before. I am still using the Trader Joes Nourish face wash, the Earth Sciences moisturizer, and the Bio oil. I still have some hyperpigmentation but it had significantly gotten much better. If I ever get a zit I just use a little bit of Daniel Kerns 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel and the zit disappears overnight. I strongly reccomend anybody who is considering Accutane to give it a try. I will update In a few months and will add my before and after photos.

Day 122!

So I haven't updated in a while but I have been 100% acne free for like two months now and so I decided to stop taking accutane after 4 months. I have like 17 days left. I am confident in my decision as I am tired of taking this poisnonous drug and am confident my acne won't return as I will continue to be very persistent on my skin care regimen. I am tired of the back pain and the horrible dryness my skin has. Im sure my oil glands are destroyed enough. haha. I am still using the Bio Oil and am mixing it with moisturizer and everyday my skin gets smoother and the scars continue to fade. I am also now using Trader Joes Nourish face wash as it has copper peptides that help get rid of acne scars and its full of antioxidants so thats a plus too.

Day 107!

So I have been completely acne free for like 2 weeks now. Ive been using the Bio Oil every day and Im starting to see results from that with my acne scars. its making my skin super hydrated and not oily suprisingly. I switched my face wash to Giovanna Dtox and I dont really know how I feel about it yet as it isn't as sudsy as my Basis Cleaner clean face wash but the Giovanni face wash has activated charcoal and goji berry so it sounds good to me. Oh and it has volcanic ash too. I even put the Bio Oil into my body lotion (about 30 drops in a small bottle its not enough to make your skin oily at all.) and my skin tone on my whole body seems to be really even like my elbows were all dry before and discolored but now they look great. haha. Thats really all I have to say. Im glad my acne is gone hopefully it stays this way.

Day 94!

Ok so I have lots to update unlike usually. So Ive only had like 2 really really small zits that lasted like 2 days and they were so small you just couldnt see them unless you came really close. I have been trying something new and its actually been working super well. Ive been adding about 3 drops of bio oil to my moisturizer and that bio oil goes a long way. The bio oil makes my skin very soft and it has not been breaking me out at all! My dermatologist appointment is tomorrow and Im sure everything is fine cause I've been trying to eat healthier and I've been excersicing too. I still have alot of red marks on my face but the bio oil will help with that. Lately I've been feeling tired, sore, and crabby and I know its the Accutane. My back always hurts and I just feel like an old person. I only have 3 months left so Ill be okay I think. Right now im basically 100% clear I just have one of those zits that is really tiny but it will be gone by tomorrow for sure. The bio oil says to apply twice a day for 3 months and I will be doing that. My eyes are really dry too and I need to get some lubricating eye drops cause it looks like im stoned all the time. I was getting rashes on my arm before that worried me I was having an allergic reaction but I found out that its just temporary eczema because my skin is so dry. Ive been putting lotion on everyday and I added like 10 drops of bio oil to the lotion bottle (Trader Joes Moisturizing cream with Aloe extra dry formula) and im doing that because its super moisturizing and why not get rid of any small scars or uneven skin tone on my body too? haha. Well thats really all I can think of. Ill update you guys soon! Thanks for reading!

So first off I wanna say thanks to everyone for reading my blog now that I have over 4000 views! I havent had one zit until today I got a very very small one that will be gone in a day or two. I've noticed Accutane is making me not very hungry at all. My skin has been really dry and Im using all the same products. Im almost halfway done with Accutane! My hyperpgimentation is still there and I am patiently waiting for them to fade. Theres not really much else to update. Keep reading!!!

Day 78!

So here I am I cant believe im 78 days into Accutane. I still feel the same and I still have those stupid red marks and I wish theyd go away but the derm told me it'll talke 6-12 months. My skin was clear since my last blog update until yesterday I got 3 small pimples. No biggie theyre getting smaller already and they're pretty small. I still use the same moisturizer (Earth Science Spf 15+ almond-aloe moisturizer) and I swithced my eye cream (not that it effects my acne I just think its good to stay young and also help with the drying effects of Accutane) to Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream. I think it works great but its a little pricey at $30-$50 depending where you get it. (Amazons always the cheapest) and I just use Burts Bees lip balm. With all these products I dont experience any drying effects at all. I also use the Olay Pro-X twice daily still to exfoliate. I have been having back pain still as well as shoulder pain. Its pretty moderate and goes away with some Ibuprofen. Im Almost halfway done with Accutane and thats pretty exciting! Another thing I forgot to talk about is how dry the skin on my body is getting. Winter is basically here and the Accutane dries me out too. I HATE putting lotion on my body because you cant get dressed for like 20 minutes and Im not patient enough so my skin has been soo dry except on my face cause my facial moisturizer absorbs instantly so it doesn't bother me. I'll update again soon thanks for reading my blog!

Day 68!

So I actually missed a few days of Accutane like day 60-63 because I ran out of my medication but im back on and all good. My skin is continuing to clear. I have like two small pimples right now and my hyperpigmentation fades more and more everyday. I am using all the same products and everything like that. I keep forgetting to talk about how my nose keeps getting severely dry on the inside. I've been putting lotion right on the inside of my nose because its been getting so dry that I've been getting bloody noses. Also my shoulder has been hurting too. The other week it was so bad I seriously wanted to cry but I went out and bought a Capsacin patch (jalapeno pepper stuff) and that made the pain completly go away. Im sure its my joints drying out. I told my derm and he said to call him if it continued but its gotten better and now I just get this occasional soreness. I really hate taking Accutane but having clear skin is worth it. I just really hope I don't fuck my body up with this stuff. Also I've noticed that my skin hasn't really been all that dry lately. I think thats really weird but maybe its because I now use my Olay-Pro X twice a day and it seems to exfoliate well. For my body dryness Ive been using this green tea bar of soap with shea butter from Trader Joes and its probably the best body wash I've ever used and it actually moisturizes. Its from France and is only $3.49 for a huge bar of soap that lasts super long so far. Its really moisturizing. I also think Dove body wash with Nutrium Moisture seems to work decently but definetly not as well if you don't have a Trader Joes. They also have this awesome body lotion with aloe for $3.99 and I really like it. I did start using this new acne scar product heres the link to it brightener

This product is pretty awesome because it helps fade my hyperpigmentation. Ever since I started using it about two weeks ago Ive noticed my scars are fading very very quickly and it kinda smells like pretzels so I like that. It will not make you break out and it is not oily at all! Keep reading my blog!!!! rolleyes.gif

Day 59!

So I just had a really bad breakout on the right side of my face but I think its from a new product. My skin is still really dry and other than this break out my skin is really starting to clear up. I wish I had more to update but unfortunately I dont. I have to go to the dermatologist Friday and I hope everything checks out okay. Ill update you guys soon but I meant theres really nothing to share cause I think this is gonna take some time. Haha. If only you took it for a week and your acne was clear. shrug.gif

Day 49!

So my skin is starting to flake more and my face feels tight as if its about to start peeling. I just had a breakout a few days ago but it is going away now as my skin is getting drier and drier. I know I keep saying I think results are soon but Id say in another month or so ill be basically acne free. My lips have still been dry but I have been exfoliating them daily and I am using my Olay Pro-x once a day as I find it can be irritating if done twice a day. My forehead is 100% clear of blemishes and its all on my cheeks only with about 5 small pimples. I am still using all the same products. I probably wont update for about 10 days or so as I feel my skin will have improved more by then. Until next time!

Day 41!

So im like really starting to clear up now. My skin is flaky and my lips are peeling and its gross because my friend actually said something about it to me. I use lots of lip balm too. I use a stereroid lip balm 3-4 times a week as directed by my dermatologist. It only seems to help when its actually on my lips. I only have a few very small zits on my face. There are alot of red marks though and they will take time to heal. I use the Olay Pro-X cleansing brush and I think it works better than my Clarasonic no lie!!!!! I had something scary happen tonight where it was like really hard to see for about 30 minutes. It says on the box this can happen suddenly but I was so scared I almost decided to stop taking Accutane. If I experience any other scary side effects im going to stop taking it or get my dose lowered. Still taking two 40 Mg pills a day morning and night and my skin feels very tight. The Olay Pro-X gets off all the dead skin cells and my glycolic moisturizer is helping tremendously! On my first blog entry I talked about getting laser surgery after Accutane. I heard alot of horror stories about laser surgery like peoples skin losing pigment. I think Ill just do a series of chemical peels over an extended period of time. Thanks for reading my blog and please follow it!!!!! Ill update again soon!!

Day 36!

So pretty much the same stuffs going on. I stopped the use of Bio-Oil as I do not want to make my skin oily. I really believe results are just around the corner as my skin is getting drier. My lips are so chapped I hate having to literally put lip balm on non stop like not one minute can I go without it. Im starting to get really dry pathces of skin on my body and I am moisturizing as much as I can. I still use the Basis Cleaner Clean face wash and that awesome Earth Sciences SPF 15 moisturizer with glycolic acid which I gotta say is totally brightening my skin. I never mentioned before that I use an eye cream everynight (gotta prevent wrinkles) Its this amazing brand called Mychelle. I use the hyaluronic acid eye cream which keeps my eyes looking fresh all day and night. I'll keep up with this blog until the end! Until next time!!!! Follow this blog too please!!!

Day 30!

So I went to the derm yesterday and everything checked out okay. I am now going to be taking two 40 Mg pills a day. Im still breaking out and this is frustrating. Im hoping with the higher dosage I start seeing some results here soon! I finally got the SPF 15 Earth Sciences Moisturizer from Whole Foods and it has glycolic acid in it which is helping my skin stay flake free and its a small amount so it doesnt irritate at all! I am now also using Bio-Oil at night to start helping fade some scars. I just started that tonight and I am using all the same products I was before and im still spot treating with benzoyl peroxide. I will update you in 10 days or so and hopefully im seeing results!!!!!!

Day 19!

My breakouts came back :( They seem to be starting to go away though again. Hopefully it gets better soon. I havent really had any symptoms except dry lips and the occasional sore knees. Im still in the beginning of this journey. Im still using the basis cleaner clean face wash and I am spot treating with the benzoyl peroxide then I follow with the Earth Sciences unscented moisturizer which literally makes it so my skin isnt dry at all. Theres antioxidants in it as well which can help with rosacea and spider veins (I dont have those problems haha) But anyways I will continue updating as there is something to update. Keep popping them pills.saywhat.gifdot.gifturtle.gif

Day 11!

So my breakouts seem to be diminishing. My skin has gotten drier but with my daily moisturizer I am flake free. I have noticed my eyes are getting dry and my legs hurt whenever I bend down on them. This never happened before accutane. My skin is still getting oily. I hope things get better soon. I am still using all the same products that I was using before.

End Of Day Six!

Hi so I should start out with some info about myself. I am 18 years old and I have moderate acne. I have a lot of dark spots from old acne. I hope it goes away soon if not I will be getting laser surgery six months after taking Accutane. I am currently on 40 mg of Accutane everyday. I have to take Accutane for six months. Im not gonna sit here and go on about it but I have literally tried everything there is for acne. I know Accutane can have serious side effects but I think its worth the risk. I am experiencing an initial breakout with at least 10 active pimples. I am also not experiencing dry skin but my lips have been dry. Not chapped yet though. My joints have been sore and I have been experiencing some back pain. Nothing too bad though. My skin care routine currently consists of Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash and I follow it with Earth Sciences Unscented Moisturizer. (I attached a picture because this stuff is awesome and under $10 available at Whole Foods) I will update when there is something new to update and I will post pictures as well. blogentry-120135-0-16911700-1346578714.j

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