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My personal acne battle

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So I beieve tomorrow will be week the start of week 16 of using Differin.

I just want to say that I HATE my skin right now. I am very stressed with uni work currently though so I don't think that helps. 

Last month I took the morning after pill, which I'm not exactly proud of. I seriously noticed my skin deteriorate a lot the following weeks after that. Thing is... things started clearing up well like last week I felt okay with my skin it wasn't 'too bad'.

 But this week it's just shit. I started swimming again more often than normal and I wonder if that's playing a part. So I'm going to stop the swimming atm which kinda sucks :/


Still using differin roughly every second evening but I did go about 3 or 4 evenings of not taking it. I keep thinking about trying retin A? Would that seriously affect me in a negative way do you think? Like will it make me purge again etc? And make things worse?

I'm waiting till week 20 and then going back to the docs. Still want to try accutane but we'll see.




So I don't know where to start with this. 

had a crap few weeks tbh and I wasn't regularly using my differin. I'm meant to be on week 12 or something but my skin is a mess right now. 

I had a sort of drunken escapade on Friday evening there which resulted in me taking the 'morning after pill' or 'plan B' contraceptive. 

I've never had any synthetic hormones in my body for like 5 years. I wonder if this has caused it I'm not sure? But I'm do frigging upset with it guys :'(

Middle Of Week 6

Hey guys.

Just wanted to write again. I'm having a weird time with my skin. It's like, some days I like it and see improvement and others are just so so so shit. Like truly.

It does not help that I still pick and squeeze except to a lesser extent at least.

I'm currently still using Differin every second evening, I prefer doing this just now. Skin is still dry in some areas but much less than a few weeks ago which is great.

Start Of Week 6

Genuinely hating life.

Like hating life.

My period is due tomorrow so maybe that's why I'm having a freak out but honestly my skin is horrendous right now..I don't get it, it was . doing so well and I seen improvement but now it's like BAMM acne and bumps everywhere.


So the last pics I uploaded didn't really show the texture of my skin well.

My forehead still bothers me so much. It always breaks out in more bumps . before my period.

Sorry I don't know why they are upside down!!!


Just a quick update with my skin.

I'm still trying to stop picking so much and I actually managed one full day without it just because I was so busy with work. Also, I did not wash my face for a couple days at all which sort of had a positive effect on my skin :)

Anyway I'm still using differin ever second night. The dryness of my skin has actually subsided a little bit - I don't get as much flakes.

I've also been using a vitamin C serum in the morning be free moisturising.. I'm hoping this helps with red marks too.

I'll show you a couple pics I took today.

I've also been taking Vitamin E capsules..300mg.

I'm seriously not happy.

It's acrually me I'm so unhappy with. I seem to be in this constant cycle of look in a magnifying mirror and squeeze the HELL outta my pores until SOMETHING comes out. Then what this does is creates more anxiety and deep frustration and worst of all pink blotches all over my face AND raised bumps!!!

I never fucking learn.

So I last used Differin last Friday and then once again last night (Tuesday evening) I took this short 3 day break because my skin was soooo dry and scaly like an alagator or a snake of you know what I mean. I'm going to use it again tomorrow evening which will be the start of week 5 for me.

I wanted to ask though - am I cutting myself short by only applying Differin every second evening...I mean, is my "week 5" really just "week 3" if you know what I mean?

Also does anyone have reviews in Aveeno products? I bought a moisturiser to use..It has she butter in it.

Hey guys,

I think I need some sort of advice on my skin.

I'm still using differin but I feel I'm making my skin worse. I'm a picker I really am, it seems I get some sort of sick satisfaction everything I squeeze at a clogged pore and get stuff out :/

However I've noticed that I'm doing this often and it leaves red marks - but I just can't stop. And obviously differin will be thinning my skin so I'm concerned that I'm making it worse by touching it all the time. I've noticed that on the right side of my face I have sort of more rough/raised skin due to the fact I squeeze my pores everyday.

Also my skin is so dry and I mean scaly dry I feel like my skin looks like a snake's skin would (hard to explain lol)

My skin is still bumpy. And also I've noticed that when I use my salicylic acid censer on opposite opposite days of differin it literally burns my face! It's so sore! Do retinoids make your skin absorb products more??

So I just wanted to write here today.

My skin is very dry I must say especially after I wash it in the morning. Tomorrow will be start of week 3 with differin.

I really just wanted to post my **current** routine - I chop and change it sometimes eve dry month.

Morning: Cetaphil gentle cleanser

Eucerin 3in1 water

Benzoyl peroxide 5% or 10% moisturiser

Heliocare SPF 50

Night: salicylic acid cleanser

Benzoyl peroxide 5% or 10% moisturiser or jojoba oil

Every SECOND night I actually use the Cetaphil cleanser in the evening again and use a differin after my face has dried..I don't moisturise with differin.

Okay so I've been on Differin for 2 and a half weeks..only using it every second evening however.

But today I woke up and my skin looks..good. It looks much better than it has done the past month! I don't know if this is the calm before the storm so-to-speak. What do you think? Do you think I may have surpassed the IB of differin?

The reason I'm only using it every second evening is to reduce the amount of breakouts I'm going to get, but I also worry that perhaps by not using it every evening I am cutting my progress by half if you know what I mean? I hope not.

I have had 1 breakout on my upper lip with a huge sore cyst but I am on my period.


So yestetday was the start of my second week with differin. Baring in mind that I am using it only every second night.

My skin is so dry after I wash it in the really peeling. I guess that's normal.

My skin is also a bit itchy, I read that that's usually normal too. My skin is also worse I feel even though my mum thinks otherwise..

I bought Cetaphil yesterday - the Gentle cleanser. Reason being is because my usual Environ Sevuwash is too irritating just now it has salicylic acid and I'm wondering if my skin is too sensitive at the moment for it.

Here are some pics. The huge red patch on my right cheek was a burn from 100 % tea tree oil btw, I know, I'm silly to put that on.

I feel so bad honestly. Like I've been crying all day and can't stop, I feel super ugly and just a lost cause at the moment.

I'm stopping the antibiotics. I really feel they have made my skin 100 % worse. I mean is that possible?

So I'm not on them anymore.

I'm so upset with feeling all these bumps on my no where is clear :'(

I don't know. In a couple weeks I'm going bak to my doctor to tell her I want to see a dermatologist and consider roaccutane.


So the past month I've been to my doctor twice and now I'm on my 3rd week on Lymecycline antibiotic and I started differin 3 days ago.

I applied Differin on Friday evening before I went to bed and I am now going to apply it again tonight before bed. I am using differin every 3rd day for 2 weeks and then I shall do every second. The reason being for this is because I really want to avoid a pretty bad IB.

I only applied it to my cheeks and nose area on Friday so I am going to apply it to my full face tonight. Thing is can I apply it on already existing inflamed acne? Will it help this kind of acne at all?

I'm feeling really down about my skin guys. It's making me feel suuuper ugly and I'm supposed to have a date tomorrow evening - I don't like wearing makeup because, well, it makes it look worse :/

Here are some pics.


Hi there! I haven't been active properly in a while...I could use some kind of encouragement / advice.

My names stacey I'm 24 and I've been through the wars with my skin. Honestly. I started breaking out at 11...Eleven! A few pimples on my chin and middle of eyebrows.

Anyway long story short, my skin has recently been breaking out all over after a relatively clear period using shop bought products (Derma quest ) and a prescription BP gel 5%.

It's mainly clogged pored, bumpy textured skin in my 'A' zone AND 'T' zone and mainly actually small small small pimples on my chin and forehead...a couple clusters on my temples. Anyway because of my very low self esteem at the minute I am so desperate for solutions. I've been on Lymecycline before when I was 14 and also birth control pills and honestly ALL topicals apart from Retin A (I've been on differin)

I went back to the docs and been refused to see a dermatologist to enquire about Roaccutane (I've from Scotland ). She says it's pointless. But it's what I really want to try...I'm willing to pay!

Anyway, she told me to try Lymecycline again for 4 months before roaccutane...or considering that option. I'm really scared about this, I've took 4 pills already but I'm starting to find horror stories about antibiotics, that it makes acne worse long term, and your skin is only clear on them, Candida etc. I'm so petrified that I'd rather be on Roaccutane.

Is it true antibiotics won't incur an initial breakout? Also..what about the fact I have used these antibiotics I already resistant? I seriously don't know.

Yes, I fucking am.

My skin is horrid right now, not gonna lie, it really is. Its the end of the month and my period is due next week or something and this always happens at the end of every month. My skin is just so terrible and its making me feel like shit - again. WTF.

I am just feeling sorry for myself all the time. I look pretty unattractive with it which goes against everything I believe about it i.e people can be beautiful with acne. But maybe Im not, Im just not. I think that's why having clear skin means so much to me, because I am not a natural pretty person just makes me feel shit when I have acne on my face.

My skin freaked out after I went swimming one days this week, is this possible?! It was honestly fine on Monday and then SHIT now. Jesus. I can't talk to my mum or friends because they just are sick of it. Sick of me with it.

Thinking of booking that appointment with the Dermatologist over the weekend and seeing what he can do for me. I'd love to try Roaccutane seen as though I have used everything else including anti-biotics and BCS's and many many topicals and spent money on loads of shit.


You know I'm actually alright.

I have things; I have a place to live, I have family and friends - good ones, I have a job - even though its tedious as hell but hey its money, I have aspirations and inspirations, I have beliefs and determination and you know what else I am alive.

A woman recently at my work has been given 2 days to live due to cancer which has been growing in her body presumably for years - she only found out about the cancer 2 months ago and is now in a coma.

Life is pretty damn short. I know the majority of us on HERE are praying constantly for a miracle 'cure' for our skin issues - some more severe than others. But sometimes I think we get too wrapped up in our minds, and appear self defeated and destructed. We forget hope. We forget faith and ultimately forget everything going on around us because we are sooo focused on our skin. (Not everyone but most)

I'm stopping this now. My skin isn't perfect but I am 23 and I can't, physically can't deal with hating myself anymore. I don't hate myself though and I don't hate God or life for my skin. I actually love that Life is good to me in othe...many ways. I am BLESSED.


Honestly no-one in my life fucking understands.

I can't talk to my mum because she always just goes on about "think how bad it used to be it ain't even acne blah blah.

Tbh its gotten to the point that I am starting to feel so anxious again, ain't seeing my doctor until next Thursday but considering booking private to see a derm anyway in the next couple weeks.

I guess I just don't know what to do anymore..the bumps have definitely gotten worse but I don't know what's doing it!! Maybe it is purging really don't know. But right now I hate myself. I hate my skin and I hate me, it kinda upsets me to say that but its true. My periods are also 5 days late, and I don't think that Is helping.

I mean I know its not bad inflammatory acne but its still distressing and I am sreriously considering Accutane, maybe a low dose. Im only about 53kg in weight anyway. Aww fuck I don't know....!!!!!!!!!!!

My skin is pretty shit the now and when I compare it to Feb time I could cry.

Maybe the colder weather suited it back then I'm not sure.

I started using Priori AHA cleanser at night followed by BP and then Priori repair barrier AHA afterwards...the Priori range has really good reviews. The cosmetic guy who reccomended me these products said that I will probably break out which is this because AHA stuff is exfoliating?

My mind is still in BCPs. I have been reading alot about one called Zoely - its fairly new. It's apparently made with a form of Oestrogen which is nearly identical to the one in our bodies. It also had a MILD Anti-Androgen in it too...its less harsher that Dianette it says in terms of side effects.

But it scares me too, currently the actual control itself is uneeded as I am not sexually active but also because when I come off I know my skin will go to plot.

So the past few weeks I have been feeling better mentally and I guess about my skin. I got some sun and that seemed to help too.

my period was due yesterday and I noticed a few cysts cropping up about 5 days ago..a couple on my chin and on my upper lip AS PER.

But today my skin seems really shitty. I'm trying not to over analyse it again and not look at it as much but its hard. I hate obsessing but I have an insane obsessive personality for god sake.

Is a BCP my only answer? If it was though would I have got clearer months ago with skin care? I ALWAYS break out before a period so I am considering it...but I ain't been on BC for about 4 years and it took me 22 months to get ny natural period back after this. Who knows.


Oh man, I hate life right now. Usually I always say a mantra to myself too, which is "Life loves Me". Which, I know, deep down Life does actually love me. So much.

But right now I am not open to this love since my endless, restless mind only feels that this "love" is most favourable in a physical form - CLEAR skin.

I am seriously tearing my hair out thinking of what I have done that has broken me out - I haven't got far. Might have been that OCM method I tried (yet I only tried it a few times), might have been the amount of sugar I was eating (currently totally stopped this or at least limited it so much apart from fruits - have only had chocolate once in a week which is very good for me), might be a reaction to my skincare regimen which is in my Sig if you want to see it...perhaps the BP? Can one become immune?!

It also might even be some kind of Gluten intolerance which I don't know about or an allergic reaction to dust? I do sneeze alot. Fuck My Life. Can you see how friggin' crazy I sound and how overactive I'm thinking? Am I the only one that constantly thinks about their skin...I really didn't when it was clear. Now there's something to think about.

I'm not gonna lie I really do place myself in an " average" beauty category. Maybe a 5 out of 10. With clearer skin this was mentally raised to at least a 6.5. I felt more confident when it wasn't like this.

I have a list of things that I'm dubious about trying but feel that they might help:

Antibiotics - my friend recently started them and her skin is amazing. But is this long-term?

BCPs - I have a pack of Dianette which has not been touched yet. My skin was clear with it before but I fear the affects coming off them.

Retinoids - might help with the bumps and a alternative to BP..But I have read horror stories and a would DREAD the inevitable IB.

I have recently bought fermented Cod Liver Oil. Green Pasteurs. Apparently this really has helped people's skin due to the natural amounts of Vitamin A and D. We'll see how that goes.

But consensus as of right now - I am utterly depressed.

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