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Red Marks :(

As some of you know , I've experienced a nasty inital break out from I only have 2-3 small nodules , that begin said my acne is 85% gone, my concern is the RED MARKS, they look horibble x.x ,as my inital breakout was really bad , that means it leaves bad stuff behind , I know there is nothing much I can do while on accutane but how much times does it take to fade on accutane?:(

Hey guys , this is my fourth day on accutane(sotret) , i won`t type to you this often , i will type you only after i see something new , because today my acne got worse , i know this is the procces but i just hate it already , i just want the healing to begin ..but there`s no point of complaing since i wanted this tratment , time flies , and i expect to get a full recovere without scars if that`s possible.

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