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Accutane Month 5

My face has been clear, except i get some spots still, but not really bad spots, Whatever white heads i used to get stopped, Face is super dry eyes really dry everything, UNCONFORTABLE, And California sun makes me wear loads of sunblock and i get red and tan...

But Thank GOD my face has been clearing up but I think its not working on par cause I get spots still and my chest has gotten worst due to accutane.. uhhh hope this works, one more month or two left but hey lets hope it works. May the odds be ever in your favor, GOODBYE.f

Well i was gonna post this yesterday when my face was almost clear but now i have 3 cyst but no big deal beacause they are small but anyways my breakouts are less and happen when im about to sleep but then in the morning disappear and i notice the more i think about acne i break out FAST sooo yeah i been drinking loads of water annd excercising and eating well and accutane has been doing its thing. another tip is showering at night smile.png i started to really clear up when that happened and don't pop unless it poped on its on popping is bad and it leaves red marks but it will fade. I been doing the same thing I <3 cetaphil moisturizer. LIPS always CHAPPED but i found a convenient all around lip balm with spf 15 Called BLISTEX medicated smile.png REALLYGOODAND LIGHT BUT DOES THE FREAKING JOB <3333



Day 5 Of Accutane

I dont hate my face but it was a bit clear day 3 then right now! Im getting worse break outs and cystic ones too! i probly broke out into 3 cystic ones. But imma stay possitive in the end its worth it.. its just flushing my face so it can reveal the nice skin under this blanket of acne. :)

Nothing much to say, no side affects (yet). Intial break out starting.... My skin is getting oiler and its purging .. my oil is thicker but im thankfull my skin routine became more simple.. Thats about it keep you guys updated later on. xx

Hello people on this website. If you havent read my blogs last month i was ready for accutane and now im officially on it :). DAY NUMERO UNO1.... many more days to go. nothing to say much. However i did get accutane prep products to combat the side affects (mostly dry skin...) I have Aquaphor on the go tubes in two packs which was 5.49$ (for lips and reallly dry skin). Eucerin Daily protection for body lotion and a plus is it has spf 15 thats GREAT and i must say it really moisturizing. I have sunblock nothing special... I have Cetaphil Moisturizing cream for dry skin ( might put at night) FOR CLEANSING (BODY) dove sensitive skin bar soap and body wash! (FACE) Cetaphil OR Aveeno Foaming cleanser... Im SET AND READY TO FIGHT ACNE :)

So This is basicly my skin, its hard to see my spots but because the camera is fogiving lol. i have 2-3 cystic acne in my face in the moment.

I want clear skin so bad but imma keep my head up, take accutane and try. i know its hard to have acne and i get comments about it from time to time and its irritating. Thanks for the support and any info about accutane is much appreciatied smile.pngTHANKS GUYS and to my fellow acne sufferer's GOOD LUCK smile.png

So, im about to start accutane soon

:) what can i expect? Any stories and pics about it?

I am 15 almost 16 and my skin is getting worse, I started getting a little acne when I was 14 and now that im 15 heading toward 16 i been getting these cystic acne and was put on a regimine of PanOxly 4% wash, then i take Doxcy (antibiotic) twice a day and then @ night i use Cetaphil facial cleanser for normal to oily skin and put on tretinoin cream 0.1% ( THE moisturisers i use is infinate idk what to use but imma stick to my cetaphil one i recently bought it & it has spf 15 so i guess imma use that up.)



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