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My blog of all things acne and its struggles

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I'm so mad. I've eaten such greasy, sugary, fatty food the past week and tonight was going good, until i went on a late night bidge... and then decided to pick every pore on my face. my face is completley red and irritated, it hurts too. I can already feel a break out coming. I really want to order dans BP treatment but i still havent gotten the courage to do it im just so awkward and embarrassed....:'( help

Okay so I've been looking into the regimen on here and after researching and watching a video on youtube of this girls story with acne and how she got clear I think im just gonna order the BP treatment, I didn't want to have to ask my mom to order it online so i tried to see if there was anything pretty much the same that you can just buy at the drugstore but the only thing it seems like is the neutrogena on the spot but that comes in a tiny tube and i dont want to keep having to buy them. The promblem with ordering it is that we don't usually buy stuff online and im afraid she'll say no that my acne isn't bad enough (to me its horrrible) but i dont want to wait for it to get so bad i have indented scars cause i already have red/purplish marks from acne, I never really talk to her about my acne cause im embarrassed but I really want clear skin before the start of the next school year. So please any advice on how to ask/convince her to order me the BP treatment?

I hate it when i see girls with perfect skin it feels like im the only one with acne, all my friends have close to perfect skin and my sister too. They don't even have to try either, they sometimes sleep with the makeup on, eat fast food and sweets, and most don't even have a skin care routine! I don't understand I do everything right for my skin but it still doesn't show any improvement! I'm so frustrated! I pretty much stopped socializing i'm so self conscious about my acne and i'm too embarrassed to even ask my mom for help.. I just want clear skin is that to much.. god my life is supposed to be in its prime but my acne is holding me back...

Will anyone leave me a suggestion for a regimen or any over the counter supplements i could take? Not zinc though, already tried that it didnt do anything, i recently stopped taking it and im gonna see if my acne worsens.

To start off I've been a vegetarian for about 4 months now I haven't really seen any improvement in my skin but that's not really the reason im vegetarian in the first place, and my skin would probably be worse if i wasn't. I eat pretty healthy, a lot healthier than most my friends yet they still have perfect skin but I've been trying to eat less gluten, bread, pasta, stuff like that. Also no sweets but I have a massive sweet tooth and binge a lot so I'm thinking that having this blog will help me stay on track to clearer skin. I'm also taking fish oil and 50mg of zinc a day, I think I'm going to stop taking fish oil though.

Right now I'm going through a baaaad breakout on my chin 2 deep ones and a few little bumps, it could be from a lot of things, I missed taking my zinc pill the other day, I've eaten horribly for the last 3 days, and I didn't wash my face before bed the other night, and of course damn hormones. I just started hanging out with people more and going out because my acne was getting better but I'm just afraid that I'm going to hide in my room all this weekend because i don't want everyone staring right at those honkers on my chin. I absolutely hate it when you're doing so good at not popping your zit but then when it comes to a head and you see everyone staring at it when you're talking to them like its gonna explode at any moment. It's just so embarrassing...

Anyways, this blog is to help me stay on track with eating the right foods and improving my acne, I'll update at the end of everyday what I ate and how my skin is. xoxo

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