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How does accutane actually work when you are done with it? I heard that it skrinks your pores so you don't produce as much oil and it stays that way even after you are done with accutane...true or false? I'm trying to find out as much information about it as possible before I start it nxt month! Thanks!:)

I recently became a vegetarian, oh, about 2 months ago..never really was a big meat eater bc of environmental reasons, but thinking about going towards vegan. I already cut out drinking milk but I still eat yogurt and cottage chz..can't seem to cut that out but I'm wondering if that could be one reason why I'm breaking out..idk any experiences?

Cystic Acne Help!

I have dealt with cystic acne for about a year now, it was managable but the past 3 months it has not been! I'm so fed up with spending money on all the tropicals and antibiotics! They are killing my stomach. I go to my dermatologist tomorrow for the process of getting on accutane. I don't want to get on it but it is my last resort. I'm very impatient about getting my pretty skin back! I use to be so outgoing and sociable, now I'm complete opposite! It's making me very desperate! Anyone have any comments about accutane... I'm 23 btw.. I believe I have hormonal cystic acne. I get it on my chinand forehead. I also started taking birthcontrol 1 1/2 month ago. Thanks to whoever replies! :))

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