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Hey people. It's been quite a while since i last wrote a blog post so i thought i would update you all on how i have been getting on. In the November of 2013 I finally decided to purchase Dan Kern's regimen that i had been pondering over for a hell of a long time. I was reading all the thousand's of reviews that spoke so highly of it and thought I might as well give it a try.

So I am about 2 and half months in now, nearly hitting the 3 month mark; and my the regimen has helped clear my skin pretty well; however not all of it. I love having a regime that i can follow easily and which helps my skin feel clean and fresh and it gives me peace of mind that the regimen is friendly to the skin. My acne scars/pigmentation is still very bad however the regimen has helped clear my cheeks of acne very well and currently i only have 1 active spot on my right cheek. However the main concern is still my forehead which just seems immune to every single medication possible in the world, IT JUST WILL NOT HEAL!!! About 2 weeks ago my forehead was relatively clear and all i had to deal with was the terrible redness, scars and pigmentation; but just like always that hope was quickly eradicated as a few days later i got acne again, and right now my forehead is full of painful, inflamed red spots that i have no idea of to why they have formed.

The regimen is slowly helping however i honestly do not think it will be the thing to totally help get rid of my acne. I still get new spots every week or so, especially on my forehead. I honestly have no idea on what to do, or how to stop my body/face producing them. I am on the verge of starting a course of accutane for the very first time which im nervous about, but when you're at rock bottom, you just need a miracle.

I am also currently saving up (even though i havent got a job due to my severe acne/depression) for the 'York Test' food intolerance test. It is the most highly regarded and precise food intolerance test out there and checks your blood for over 100 foods! I desperately need help to know what is causing my body to still produce acne on a regular basis; and not just little spots, i am talking big painful red spots! I know that gluten, wheat and dairy cause me to break out and i havent consumed any of that for a very long time now, so i know it must be something else that is causing it. Whether that be food related or what, i just dont know.

I will continue on the regimen for as long as i can afford to keep buying it, but it's looking bleak at the minute as my face will just not heal. It seems like nothing will ever work.

Hello again. So i have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow and given the state of my face currently, he will no doubt want to put me on accutane, which will be my wish also because i really am at the end of my tether. However i have already ordered Dan Kerns' products and am just waiting for the Moisturiser to be delivered so i can finally get started on the regimen. Therefore this got me thinking; can taking accutane and being on the regimen affect the regimen in a way in which it wont be effective? In my personal opinion i don't think it would as Accutane works acne internally whereas the regimen obviously focuses on the external source.

I have heard so many success stories with the regimen i thought why not try it out, since i have literally tried everything else. The only thing i am worried about is when iv'e stopped taking accutane, there is a high chance that my acne will come back. however with me probably still doing the regimen, will that keep the acne away?

Decisions decisions. I am definitely going to do the regimen however accutane is very much likely to happen tomorrow!

So i am honestly lost for words. This morning i woke up, went to look in the mirror and saw about 5 new big inflamed spots, 1 with a head on, and it's set me wayyyy back. I have been eating healthy now for the past 2 months. I haven't had no dairy, no gluten and no wheat, 3 factors of which i thought was causing my acne in the first place, i used to eat foods with these 3 ingredients in and i used to get spots the following day therefore i saw this as a change, and it wasn't easy let me tell you. However when you have literally taken every bit of shit out of your routine, you clean your face with a good face wash, you eat healthy, you try to look after your skin with necessary rejuvenating creams etc and you get MORE spots than what you did when you were eating shit, what on earth do you do then?! I was to know people's opinions on what might be causing my acne. We can count diet out because i am honestly so confused with that atm. I have lost so much weight because of cancelling out so many foods. It cant be my face wash because iv'e been using that for a very long time now and my face has only now started to explode with painful new acne. What other things can cause acne? I know for a fact that there is something inside of me that is very wrong, and has been for a while but i don't know what it is!!! Something perhaps with my digestion or something, i just don't know. I am going to see my dermatologist next month and going to plead with him to put me on accutane and run some tests on me because this is really affecting my severe depression greatly. I have my university graduation next march, and if i have to miss out on that because of how bad my face is, it will honestly destroy me.

So, i am really really really confused at the moment. Acne just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!! My body is a wreck. Let me cut straight to the point: I have been gluten, Dairy and wheat free now for while now, and therefore hardly no shit is entering my body. However, i am now getting acne literally all over my face!!! So even when iv'e cut out all of these 'trigger' foods which was very difficult, i am now getting more acne than ever before. It's so odd, like my face has just exploded with spots all over my face. And not just little ones, im talking about the big ones that hurt when you touch them, inflamed type acne.

I am just so baffled and clueless on what i should do. I am trying to eat healthy and eliminate any form of crap, and now im getting new acne every day!! I need your guys help on what i should do! I was thinking of maybe going to a nutritionist and explaining my situation to them, perhaps get a food intolerance test. I am honestly out of ideas.

When you try everything you can possibly think of to be rid of your nightmare, and still nothing works, what do you do? There must be something that i am missing, something that is wrong with my body, but i just can't think of anything, depression is on the rapid decline, and it really is scaring me at how bad it is atm.

This will be my final blog post for a long while, my final canvas in which to convey every last detail of my struggle with people whom may or may not understand. Acne has brought me to my knees and has destroyed me in a way i think i will never be able to overcome as long as i still walk this Earth. What many people don't realise with this disease, as i like to call it, is that along with the physical scrutiny that Acne puts you under; it destroys your inner most self, you become weakened by it all. I have had severe acne for 2 years now, and the acne that once was, now subsides deep in my skin, creating very noticeable red scars, all over my face. I have been in a formidable struggle with depression ever since this occurred. I am now half the person i once was before any of this ever began. I have given up so much because of my constant daily struggle; job opportunities, close friendships, close family bonds, my social life but most importantly, i have given up myself. For people who have struggled with severe acne for as long as i have will understand how hard it is to wake up every day, look in the mirror and be completely overcome with embarrassment and that feeling of anguish knowing that you don't look any different, your face is still messed up, and you know the most painful part? There is literally nothing you can do anymore, you have no fight left in you. I have tried everything there is apart from Accutane, but i don't want to talk about drugs and medication right now because we all know they are just false hopes, as once they do their work and you stop taking them, you get overcome by it all once again, this time 100x worse than before. No, this isn't about how many things i have tried, or how many pills and drugs i have taken to try ever so desperately to rid me from this pain, this is about my mental state, and how acne has destroyed my life, basically. I stay awake till 5am, 6am sometimes, at times just staring into complete darkness, a feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning at the fact that my life will still be the same, i will still look the same and that's just the way things will remain. And for the people reading this right now, please don't comment with fake optimism; telling me that things will always get better, that things will change because it won't make a slight bit of difference to me whatsoever. If you feel the same way as i do, then please by all means, comment your struggles, and we can struggle together! I don't want no philosophical bullshit put my way either, so please refrain from doing so. This is just my life at the current moment, in one whole paragraph. Maybe once day i can come back onto this site and tell you about how my life has changed and how i can finally live like a normal person, instead of a nocturnal recluse who is slowly wasting away. Thanks for taking your time to read this, and god forbid for this to ever happen to anyone else. Acne will break you, and when things are uncontrollable, you become your most vulnerable, and that's when it tears you apart the most.

Liam Foster.

So for many people who have followed my journey these past 2 years on this page, know that i have had severe acne for about 3 years now. And to no avail, whatever i have tried, hasnt worked. That was until i tried trimethropin which is just a bit milder than accutane, and with less side effects, and man did it clear up my painful acne! Im still left with horrible red scars all over my face which still upsets me. However; as of just recently iv'e been having a lot of flare ups, from out of nowhere, as per usual. Iv'e been eating ok, havent eaten gluten in ages, dont have too much dairy, so why the sudden flare ups out of nowhere? There is defo something wrong with me on the inside. Like Trimethropin took most of the acne away, but what is causing the other acne to form? There must be something causing it, something inside my body isnt right, and i just cant put my finger on it!! Its so annoying, and depressing; just when you think youre on the road to recovery, you just keep getting shot back down. Been like this for 3 whole years now!!! Is there any end in sight!? Please!

Hello again, people. So iv'e been on Trimethropin (or however you spell it) for a good 4 months now, and it's done wonders. The active pimples i had have slowly diminished which im really pleased about. However they are still lingering problems that are still making me a recluse and stooping me recovering fully. Firstly, my acne scars are unbelievable! Just red everywhere, red marks, blotches, the lines on my forehead are just bright red, making my face just seem like a complete mess. However, you could run your fingers over my skin and it's as smooth as anything. My derm wasn't that helpful when i told hi about this, explaining they would just clear up over time, however when i asked him about retinol-a, he just ignored me, basically. The last thing is these pesky little spots that have decided to set up camp all over my nose. No idea where they have come from as the rest of my face has been ok. Now, i'm not sure if it's because i have a bad habit at picking at my nose (as everyone does, lol) but it's very noticeable atm, and it looks horrible. So if anyone would be a star and tell me if your nose is different when it comes to acne, and if anyone has any good suggestions of healing acne marks/scars quicker, to clear up the redness and get me back to my clear normal complexion, that iv'e dreamed of having for 3 years, now. Thankyou

Hello, Again.

So it's been a while since i posted on here. Missed it, if im honest, haha. So things are still the same with me, still getting painful stubborn acne, mostly on my forehead. However, one plus (sort of) is the wonders of Trimethropin. I recommend everyone who has severe acne to try this out before jumping to any more drastic measures. It has cleared up my stubborn acne which i had for a while, pretty well. Although, iv'e been on it for 3 months now, and it seems my body is getting a bit used to it, as it doesn't seem as powerful as before, My forehead is just ridiculous, though! It hasn't been clear in over 3 years! Haven't eaten Gluten since god knows when, which is good, i think. However in my personal opinion, nothing is certain anymore as to what actually is causing my acne. I boil it down to me just having incredibly bad luck. The one thing that is keeping me going is what a person commented on one of my previous posts, which said; 'If you were born with good skin and had good skin for a long time up until the age of 18, which i did, then it's only right you should be able to rekindle that good skin and get it back to what it used to be. I am still a recluse, severely depressed and haven't seen my friends properly in over a year now. But the painful thing is, is that i'm used to it. Acne controls me. It has beaten me and taken over my life. I look older than i should do because of my mental health and lack of sleep. And at this rate, it doesn't look like i'll be getting back to normal for a very long time. The one thing that is most distressing about all of this is the amount of post-acne marks that i have all over my face. It makes it seem like the acne is still there, and even though my cheeks are smooth when i run my fingers over them, you would still think i had acne, it's horrible to look at. The worst thing about all of this, is that i know for a fact that if i didn't suffer with this severe acne, i would have a well paid radio job, see my friends a hell of a lot more and simply enjoy life, like i should be able to. But i can't. And won't for a very long time. I won't ramble on too much about how depressive my life is, haha, but god bless to all who suffer from severe acne, it is one of the most painful diseases, as i like to call it, that can affect you, and quite simply can destroy your whole life with one fell swoop.

So i finally visited one. It was a very late appointment and i was the only patient there, it felt weird. He was a very nice guy however told me what i already knew, about how acne is caused blah blah, about the sweat glands and sebum etc. That is the dermatologists theory, but my instincts tell me otherwise as to why im having acne. Anyways, i poured my heart out to him, explaining how severely depressed i am and that's where his look changed. Prior to me pouring my heart out, he explained what roaccutane was (as if i didnt already know) and asked me what i knew about the side effects etc. He said that because of health and safety, it's very difficult for doctors just to hand it over then and there. Then i told him about my depression, and he then changed some things. He told me that i would need accutane however he needed to run some liver tests first and foremost, and therefore he wants me to try a drug named Trimethoprim. He said that this should relieve some of the stubborn acne and help, however i wasnt 100% sure that it would be the miracle drug as he described. One thing i am scared about however, is getting my blood taken. I have a really bad phobia of blood and cringe everytime i see it, so im not looking forward to that one bit :( But hopefully my liver will be healthy and i will be able to get started on accutane, finally. Oh and i have to see another psychiatrist. 20 years old and i need mental help, blood samples and pumped with harmful drugs, what a life! :)

So i'll give it to you straight. I'm warn out. I'm tired. I'm drained. I visited a psychologist who explained to me that i have severe depression. I'm 20 and my acne has led me towards psycho therapy. Great huh? I'm a wreck. I haven't hung out with my friends for the past year now. I look at myself, and i think, what do i have to do? What changed? Why did this come to me? Now we can all go ahead and ponder on different theories on what causes this horrible disease as i like to refer to it by, but at the end of the day, nobody in this world knows what causes acne. Iv'e heard everything, from diet (gluten, dairy etc) from washing your face with this and that and this and that, to staying positive and being happy all the time and so many others. I despise it when people try and land all these theories on top of me, claiming that it's worked for them! But i'm not you, and iv'e tried your method, and iv'e only gotten worse. What do you do when you have tried everything in your power to be rid of this nightmare, but it continues to beat you and get worse each day. I have been drugged and spaced out on so many different 'magic pills' i can't even explain. Having a facewash plan wasn't the answer, cutting out gluten and dairy for a year, wasn't the answer. What is left that would do this to me? I'm all out of ideas. I just literally stared at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes thinking how low my life has become. This disease has taken over everything in my world. I am wearing a mask of a different identity. The hat i wear to make sure my fringe covers up my disgusting forehead, that's not me. My hair being so so long because i don't have the self esteem or confidence to be seen like this, that's not me. Wanting to kill every person in sight with clear skin, that's not me. Accutane. That is my last and only hope i have left. My seclusion from this beautiful world is getting to me so much, and i'll be honest, there is only so much a human can take when he is trapped like this, before something explodes, and i do something terrible. I honestly can't take this shit any longer. Every fucking day is the SAME! NOTHING HAS CHANGED OR IMPROVED IN 2 YEARS! WHAT IS CAUSING THIS! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME! I could talk and talk for hours but i'm not going to. Whoever is reading this, and has clear skin, or even the odd pimple, you don't know how thankful and how lucky you are. To be able to live the life you want to. To be able to look a person in the eye when talking to them, to be able to be YOU.

I'm going to stop typing now. And i'm not going to be optimistic, because now i'm so used to my hopes being crushed.

So over a week ago now, i began taking a liver purifier supplement named Milk Thistle. It comes in tablet form and i take 3 every day. About 3 or 4 days after taking them, i began breaking out, in areas which i hadn't had acne for a very long time! And im trying to stay positive about it all, because along with the milk thistle, i am also taking Oxy Powder, which is a powerful colon cleansing supplement, and if you ask my toilet, that seems to be working just fine. But what im scared about is, what if this Milk Thistle isnt the cause of my new acne forming everywhere! And forming fast! I mean i havent changed nothing about my diet etc so surely it must be that? Is having an initial breakout a good sign? And how long before it starts to heal? Another thing is, i never used to get whiteheads, but ever since i started taking this supplement, boom! whiteheads forming everywhere! So im hoping this milk thistle and oxy is working, and flushing the toxins out my body, thats why they are showing up all over on my face. Fingers crossed!

Hello again. So i recently started a cleanse on my liver and colon, by taking a supplement of Milk Thistle for my Liver, and something called Oxy Powder, which is a strong colon cleanse. Ever since i started taking the Milk Thistle, i have broken out tremendously bad. In places where i hadn't had acne for about 2 months or so. I'm getting really anxious and apprehensive about it all, and was wondering if this was normal for when you are going through the transaction of a liver and colon cleanse. Because if my sudden massive breakouts are not being caused by these supplements, then im lost. Because i have not changed anything for 3 months now, and only now has my face started to get worse again. My chest and back are clear. It's just my forehead had broken out so bad with huge hurtful pimples, and now my cheeks and jawline are too. WHAT GIVES!?

So, its coming to about 2 and a half years of having severe acne now. I am currently seeing a counseller for my severe depression. My face still looks a mess. Right now, i am taking milk thistle and carrot juice for a liver cleanse, and also oxy powder which is a colon cleanse. Not sure if anyone has ever tried milk thistle on here or not. I have only been taking it for a day, but my face has gotten worse. I dont know if this is the start of my liver releasing all of the bad toxins into my system and making more acne produce, or if its just me generally getting more acne for no reason at all as usual. Oh well, thats me, still leading a false life and still a recluse haha. Take care people.

Update, Vitamin B5

So im still suffering badly. Ive been to see my gp the other day and told her i need to see a psychiatrist very soon before my mental condition worsens. Very very depressed and reclusive. Im currently taking 4 500mg tablets of pantothenic acid (vitamin b5) but not really seeing nothing, however its only been 2 weeks so im gonna carry on. Im also taking something called 'help clear skin for men' which basically is a sachet which you add to water and it contains lactoferrin which has shwon to reduce the bacteria which causes acne. ive been taking this also for 2 weeks however you wont see a difference to about 6 weeks it says. Its a bit pricey but ill do anything atm. Still waiting for my facewash i ordered over 3 weeks ago from america to arrive. Hopefully my gp is putting my dermatologist visit forward so i dont have to wait for 3 months as told to me. What a life.

Hello. New year, same old shit. Face is still god awful, and im still getting new acne all over the place. More and more sprouting up on my chest and back. My face feels like its on fire with the acne that persists there at the moment. I have been referred to see a derm finally however i wont be able to see one for another month or so :( Just got my student loans in, and purchased a few things to experiment on. Purchased trader Joes all in one nourish facial cleanser which is antioxidant and also an exfoliator. Also bought aveeno clear complexion moisturiser to try and fade all the countless red marks i have!! Lastly i purchased 120 500mg pantothenic acid tablets and will start to take 4 daily to try and relieve some of my acne and perhaps make my pores smaller. Heard a lot of good things about it, so might as well. I also am booking myself to see a psychiatrist or a counsellor to discuss my severe depression because of acne, and basically just tell all my problems to because my depression is making me very ill. The problem is with my situation, is that i do have small pimples on my forehead and cheeks however the amount of red marks left behind from acne is unbelievable! I have so many! And the weird thing is, is that i never picked! So even if i get rid of my acne, i still have millions of horrible marks all over my face!! Which look identical to spots! So i cant win!!! :( What to do eh!

Christmas Blues

So here i am, once again, pouring out my severe depressed thoughts onto you, hoping for some relief from this torment. Had a nice christmas, and with everything i have been through this year with acne, giving up lots of foods, eating rabbit food everyday just to try and get rid of them, i thought i deserved to eat some treats as it was xmas. But oh no, my skin wasnt having none of it. The problem with my acne problem is that i keep getting them popping up and i dont know why, and the worse thing is, is that when they eventually go, they just leave behind a red mark which is reminder, and what looks as though i sitll have acne. My face has been ravaged by the amount ive had, and as ive gone through this year trying my best to get rid of them, they have just left behind loads of red marks on my face. I have no smooth complexion anywhere on my face, and my cheeks look as though they have been opened and then stitched back up. However, i have had it for so long now, that depression and lack of energy is a normal thing for me now. People really dont havw a clue how acne can affect you so god damn much! It destroys you if you are unlucky with treatments and cant get rid of them at all like in my case. And the bad thing is, i wont be able to see a derm for at least a month maybe more. So that leaves my face getting worse and worse. High dosage of accutane and retin a for the marks is what im hoping for. The amount of bad thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis is scary, and even though i would never do it, hurting myself has always been an option, to relieve some of my pain. But i never have. Ive been battling this hell for over a year now, and for people reading this whos acne isnt that bad, just a few spots, but you still have a smooth complexion somehow, please get help! Get help early! Dont try eating healthy, it wont help, neither will supplements or washes. They are all myths! Acne needs to become more of an epidemic because i know a lot of cases where many people have taken their life through it, and its stopping me living my life everyday, chasing my dreams, and im getting more and more ill everyday.

So hope everyone had a great Christmas. Just spending it with my family helped boost my morale up so much and for once i wasnt bothered about my acne. However 2013 is going to be the year i get rid of it! Im taking an oath! I visited doctors about a week back and he is transferring me to see a derm, so hopefully he can put my on accutane or assess my situation and see if anything else will help. However i wont be able to sere a derm for a while :( So for the time being my gp has put me back on Zineryt, which was the miracle cure that got rid of all my acne when i was 16 until i was 19. It seems to not have the same effect as back then however its calmed my face down a bit. Only side effect is that its made my face flaky and dry as hell!! Doesnt help with my red forehead though which is still the worst part of my acne hell! But get this new year out the way and then i can look towards doing anything i can to finally get clear!! Heres praying folks! Take care this new year :)

Vitamin b5. What do we all really think of this vitamin. Is it really the miracle vitamin that a lot of people have claimed it to be? Apparently it is one of the best if not thee best supplement to combat acne. I used to take a supplement named pantothen which was high in b5 however it never really did anything...I think this was a rip off version though. I really want to start a course on pure vitamin b5 to see if it helps. But how much do you actually need to take!? I've heard some mad claims of people taking up to 20 pills a day! Which is insane! Anyone ttied this vitamin and had luck with it, feel free to comment :) Im trying to delve into all the possibilities i can think of before turning to accutane.

Heard some good things about tea tree and witch hazel lately. I do need a facewash as i dont have atm, and boots do a great one containing both of those ingredients. Both are known to work well on acne prone skin. Anyone used any of the two? What effects did it have? I have oily skin, especially on my forehead

Cyst Size Of An Apple

So today i woke up to see that the 2 spots on my left cheek which had been going from good to bad back and forth, ended up resulting in a huge and i mean huge cyst which has white puss as white as snow glistering inside. Now rarely ever pop spots because of the scarring i have gotten fro doing it in the past, but this one i simply could not put up with. I have to go out in a few minutes and i couldnt bear it. So to hide the gruesome stuff, it ended up exploding basically. I don't know whats doing this, i really dont. There must be something inside of me as ive said before which is wrong!!! Something making the skin on my face underneath, just create new acne everyday! I wouldnt mind, but they are so red and noticeable!! My back and chest are doing great! Only one tiny spot on my back and on my chest. But my face is a different story. What a life eh! *sigh*

So i have just recently purchased Carley's Clear & Smooth Skin Treatment after reading some good reviews on it. It is a facewash and a exfoliator! Not sure if it will clear me up, but atm, i just need something to soothe my face, and i dont currently use a facewash because the last one i used didnt work at all. I am also going to try a month on Niacin/Nicotanimide (Vitamin B3) after doing some research on that. I want to go on accutane but i just cant face my insides being destroyed! It totally destroys your liver and i dont want that! And apparently your acne comes back after using it so what do you do then!? Lets see if this facewash makes a difference along with these vitamin pills

My Face Is Scaring Me

My acne has hit an all time low. I don't know what has triggered these chain of events, but in the past week or so, my face has exploded. I stopped taking doxy a few weeks back and my face has been getting worse ever since. But doxy wasnt improving my condition either so what gives!? It's actually making me scared to look into the mirror. My right cheek which has been clear for so long has exploded with huge acne everywhere! And my forehead has also gotten really really bad. Im not just talking small whiteheads, im talking about huge cystic red pimples, all coinciding with each other and all spreading viciously. What is scaring me is that i wont be able to start accutane until i get home which is in like 3 weeks time, so my acne will just keep on getting worse and worse until then. Is it getting worse because i stopped taking doxy? I really dont know. It hasnt been this bad for a long time. Its like i have boils everywhere on my face, they are so big and red its unreal. The stupid thing is, my back and chest are clear as hell!! So why just my face!? Im also wondering if its the facewash im using. I am using clean and clear foaming facewash for a month now with no improvements. Or could it be the acne cream i use, which is skinoren 20% azelaic acid cream. I really dont know, but im so scared because its getting worse every day and i cant seem to stop it.

Please Help Me.

I'm officially at breaking point. This could be my very last post due to personal reasons. I just can't do this shit any longer. I stopped taking my daily doxy pill 2 weeks ago because it was clear it wasn't working anymore, and i started taking 50mg of zinc. I can't explain how bad my face has gotten since then. I can't hardly sleep because they hurt so bad. My forehead has so many cystic painful pimples right now. Both cheeks have huge inflamed pimples and so does my chin. It's physically and emotionally drained me. I actually know when im getting a new spot now as well, i get a itch or a scratch somewhere on my face and when i feel around that area, i can feel a bump forming underneath. Im not home till like another 3 weeks either so i cant even go to my doctor or anything. I wanted to come back home this christmas with at least a smile on my face and the courage to face all of my family, but that wont happen. Just imagine a life where you hie from your friends, hide from your family and dont even look at your own mother in the eyes, and you will have my life. I honestly dont know what to do now, i really cant do it. I gave up long ago fighting this. It's alright for people to say 'keep fighting' or 'it will get better', i've been listening to them for the last 5 years and nothing has changed. I cant keep putting high doses of pills into my body. I cant tell you how much money ive wasted on product after product hoping to find something to heal this torture. I even have to go as low as putting some concealer over my face in order to have the confidence to go outside, you know how hard that is to do? I cant eat what i want, dress how i want, have my hair as i want, talk to who i want. Im just living in my room, curtains drawn, just wasting away my life as acne destroys my face. My foehead had already been ravaged and has pretty much been torn apart, now im just waiting for my cheeks to do the same and it would have finally broken me. I never thought i would ever feel this way over something like this. Ive tried so so hard to help fight this, but i just dont have the mental stability any longer. I have been clinically depressed now for over a year. I should be enjoying life, im 20! At university, and i know my career goals, but they are slowly slipping away, with every new day this disease tears me and my self confidence apart. I wouldnt bring this pain onto anyone! All i have in my life atm, is my Grandma, who is my rock but i know she wont be around for much longer, and when the time comes for god to take her, there pretty much wont be much for me to go on for. I see people on here, who complain about how bad their situation is, and they post pics and you can hardly see any acne at all. Id hate to see what my body looks like from the inside with all the shit that ive put in it. But thats me in a nutshell. There is so much more i could sit here and talk about but i just havent got the energy. I ask for your help but i know you will try but it will all be in vain because every thing i try just ends up making me worse. I just hope people who have had success realise how damn lucky they are to be able to live their life how they want.

Fuck This Shit!

So im taking another day off University because i have 2 humongous and i mean huge cystic pimples on both of my cheeks. I just don't know anymore. I hope this is the zinc bringing them out to the surface but if it's not, then im at breaking point. What the fuck can i do!? I eat spinach, omega 3, chicken every fucking day! i take cod liver oil every day and zinc and they still get bigger and bigger and bigger and spread and im getting more and more!? What is wrong with me!? I never had any problems with this when i ate junk food nearly every day and didn't put anything on my face in such as washes etc. Im just sick of it. I cant keep missing days at uni but i just cant be seen with these huge things. So inflamed and red. I will update in next week when i have been taking zinc for 2 weeks but if i still dont see anything, i might just give up completely and let it just destroy my life to the full because i cant simply fight this no more. Its a losing battle

Hello again. So last thursday i purchased 100 50mg chelated zinc tablets after reading a lot of great reviews on it working really well on cystic acne and scars etc. Now, i have been taking 1 tablet each day now since last thursday and it's now wednesday. I can't really say i see an improvement, however i have 2 huge big inflamed spots on both of my cheeks. If anyone who has taken chelated zinc in this much form of 50mg and had success could you please tell me how long it takes. Im wondering if the zinc is bringing the acne to the surface in other words getting worse before it gets better theory. I remember when i was 16 and i had to take zineryt and that worked like magic! But that too got made my acne worse before it got better. So i was just wondering, are these inflamed pimples being brung out to the surface before the zinc gets to work and starts to heal the immune system and the skin? Thoughts would be appreciated! :)