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Accutane/Claravis at 19

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1 Year Post Claravis

So it has been one year since I started Claravis. After 6 months I started to get some acne back and I freaked out a little. However the acne wasn't the same inflamed, infected stuff I used to get. I have adjusted back to my normal skin where I get some mild breakouts here and there and a few big pimples occasionally, like right now where I have a big one forming on my chin but that's it. It is hard readjusting after going from bad skin to perfect skin to now normal skin. I do not regret claravis. At the end of the day even with a big pimple my skin is still pretty clear. I use a 5% benzyl peroxide wash morning and night. I still use moisturizer and aquaphor a lot. If any questions feel free I will be on more : ) And I will put up recent pics.

So due to my skin becoming very difficult I stopped my Claravis treatment at the 4 month mark instead of the 5 month. I have no regrets. I have not really had any acne since. My skin is still very sensitive and flushes easily. Overall though in time I think it will gradually toughen up a bit. Any questions just message me. Best of luck!

So last Thursday I had my sixth and last blood drawing for my accutane. I couldn't wait to get this over with. The person stuck my arm and I felt an intense buzzing sensation in my wrist but sat through it. I left happy to be done with all these bad blood drawing. I didn't realize that the person did something to my nerve. After a couple days I noticed I am unable to straighten my arm without intense pain in my wrist. As I write currently I am still very restricted to the point a sling is necessary.

besides now dealing with possible weeks of healing my face is still looking good even with red marks. I still flush a bit and the dryness is annoying. Overall pretty worth it. I finish in 3 weeks. Goodluck to everyone!

So besides being sick I am pretty happy with my skin. The redness/ flushing of the cheeks has gotten better. I can control it decently sometimes. No real acne- haven't had any for a very long time. I am still taking 40 mg though I might bump up to 60 mg when I am not as sick and taking antibiotics. Posted a new pic of my face.

Side effects:

dry skin and lips, flushing.

Best of luck!

So this friday will be the end of 3 months of Claravis, 2 more to go.

So I was supposed to be on 80 mg this month and once I started back to college things got really bad. The stress from working out my schedule and such affected me a lot. I got the worst headaches and my face flushed very red at any moment. It was pretty embarrassing. I called my derm and they told me I would be lowered back to 60 mg when I go back in and to finish off my pills this month by taking 40 mg one day and 80 mg the next. Honestly for a good week I went down to 40 mg but I have been trying to do a 80 mg dose back in the rotation. My flushing has gotten better as I try to contain my stress. Little things trigger the redness.

My face- my cheeks get red pretty easily. Skin a little dry. A couple minor pimples but now everything looks clear. So nice to not have 5 inflamed pimples to worry about covering and such. Been able to resume more of a social life minus the flushing. Even went to a concert last night.

Side effects:

dry skin

dry lips

back pain

sore joints

minor headaches now

best of luck to everyone!

So I have been on 80 mg for the past week and I have noticed my back pain increasing. This week I got some of my old acne- a couple inflamed spots on my cheeks. It was annoying because after 2 weeks of no real acne they decided to show up around my birthday. But now they are healing and one of my small cysts out of three is finally healing. It is no where near as bad as my acne used to be and it can be hard to remember that after having 2 weeks of clear skin. Still have three months left at 80 mg!

Side effects:

accutane rash- now treated with a prescribed cream, dry lips- aquaphor and dr. dan's, back pain- a couple advils

some minor headaches and bloody noses

Best of luck to everyone!


Week 8

So I am actually going in for my two month check up today. Face has no new acne but I still have a couple small stubborn cysts- 2 in my cheek and one under my jaw. They haven't gone away in weeks. The plus is I have no real new acne. I had some minor spots that were gone in a few days and hardly more then a whitehead.

Side effects:

Dry lips, bloody noses, back pain, some flushing, small rashes from dry skin

Best of luck



So I am reaching almost 7th week on claravis. The 2 month mark will be coming up soon and then back to school. This week I noticed a couple new spots forming and to my surprise even the ones on my cheeks were not that bad. I still have some spots- small cysts that are being stubborn but they aren't painful or very noticeable

Just a brief update. I am starting to flush very easily. Usually happens at least once day. I am going to talk to my doctor about this next week. I am pale so when I flush it is a very noticeable red. It doesn't take much to trigger this at all. I am trying to control it but nothing is really working.

Side effects:

dry lips, skin, back pain, flushing

Best of luck!


Week 6: So Much Better


So after a stressful finals week and breakout in Week 5 I am very happy to say I haven't gotten any new acne since then. It has been 7 days and so far no new acne or even signs of new acne. I still have some spots healing up, I have noticed it takes some spots a lot longer to heal up because they dry out and just stay there. Still better then not having any new spots. I actually went to the gym yesterday and did not care as much that people would be looking at the spots. I went to dentist appointments with little cover up on. I still have very marked skin but I think in time they will heal. I have been taking 60 mg since Saturday. Just a brief update.

Breakouts so far:

Week 3 and 5

Side effects:

My skin flushes really easily, as soon as I get a headache I get very red. Dry skin. Dry lips. Back pain.


20 mg in the morning

40 mg at night

Best of luck to everyone :)



So last Friday and I went to my derm for the end of my first month. My skin was actually getting very clear minus the red marks that are left but I was feeling a lot better. I am going to be bumped up to 60 mg but due to my pharmacy not having it in stock on that day I could not get it. I had to get back up to college for finals. So I am going to start 60 mg this Saturday.

Blood work came back that my cholesterol was slightly elevated. Looks like I need to eat a ton of cheerios or something before my next blood test.

Currently I have been breaking out a bit. I had more of the same spots on my right cheek- painful and deep. It actually has been clearing up a lot quicker. Now my chin is starting to get irritated and I am sure I will have some spots soon. Annoying but so far manageable. My left cheek that broke out in week 3 has cleared up and is getting almost completely smooth. My skin gets dry but it is not too dry.

I guess maybe my skin is purging again. I highly doubt being sick the past week along with my finals this week is helping anything. Eating schedule is so off but I have managed to keep my sleep schedule regular. Well can't wait for a month off and hopefully the 60 mg will really start breaking these cycles of breakouts and clear ups!

Side effects:

Lips dry, some lower back pain, dry eyes, my face flushes a lot easier now- but that could me more with my sinus infection

Best of luck to everyone!



I don't know if anyone had their derm do a two week accutane lab work check. This first month I will have had blood drawn three times- beginning middle, and end. Well for my two week blood draw I couldn't find time until this past week due to school. I am normally fine with blood and needles, the nurses complain about my small veins yet they always stick it on the first time. So at the lab I went through the same thing, the nurse before she sticks the needle in bitches about my veins. She stuck it and the blood fills the vile. After one she began asking me about my lab order and if I needed more. Having no clue, I answer I don't know. She gets frustrated and puts another vile in. However my blood flow is very slow. She decides to move the needle around while still in my arm. After not eating for 15 hours I started feeling sick watching this. She even pushed it further in. Not a pleasant site. After deciding this wasn't working she stuck my other arm and got two more draws of blood. My arm is still bruised and I am dreading going tomorrow for the end of my first month lab check. It is scaring me more then my term paper lol.

Well that was the most eventful thing so far. As for my face I had a pretty bad breakout this past weekend and made it difficult to go outside let alone be with my family. My skin is drying out now so a lot of the acne has been more mild whiteheads. I do have some lingering deep ones on my cheeks but they I feel are drying out as well. Despite feeling like my skin is going to crack it also feels too dry for more deep pimples to form. Hoping for a better week of clearing up. I am having some lower back pain which is odd. I haven't done much to stress that area. A few headaches but probably more school related. Well that's my update as my first month is coming to a close. Check up will be Friday and maybe bumped up to 60mg. Best of luck :)


3 Week Mark


Today is my third full week on claravis 40 mg and right now it is going fine besides the breakout. My cheeks are still now getting painful pustules and they are deep. The only improvement has been more with my jawline. If I do get any acne it is not severe and goes away pretty quickly. Besides the acne my only side effect is my lips drying out. Dr. Dan's is working great. i can even put lip stain on and they look fine My skin though I do moisturize is staying pretty normal. Best of luck to everyone else (: and Happy Thanksgiving!

Day 16


My skin was pretty clear this entire week. Now I think I am starting to feel some more forming but I am just so happy to have had a relatively clear week. It makes better sense to realize that whatever breakouts will occur are just part of the healing process. My forehead is pretty smooth and I can't wait for in a few months for my cheeks and jawline to finally match that.

Side effects remain consistently the dry lips. My face still isn't dry really at all. Headaches have pretty much gone. Nothing really else new to report. School is winding down which means crunch time with papers and then finals. I am excited to have a month off and so by the time I start winter quarter I will be 2 months into treatment and my skin will be looking a lot better in time for my birthday!

Best to everyone (:


Day 11

I am pretty happy to have woken up two days in a row with no more big red spot on my face! I am a bit reluctant to be fully happy though because especially in this first month breakouts are more likely and such. But for today I can be happier with my skin. It would be close to clear if these few pimples from the weekend went away. They were monsters but they are healing and I have not picked!

Again my skin on my forehead and chin, are actually more shiny now (I never had a very oily face). I prefer it to dry skin but it is kinda weird. My lips again haven't gotten too dried and cracked but they peel a bit. I am sticking to Dr. Dan's which I have to pick up today. I am actually a chap stick addict so before accutane i always had my burt bees near me so it annoys me a ton to feel my lips starting to dry out. I think that is going to be my worst thing.

I am a little worried. In general my hair sheds a lot but i feel like i notice it more now because of the possibility of the hair loss side effect. I think I am just paranoid right now but I have been shedding a ton. I probably just paranoid.

Yesterday, I summoned up the courage to finally get back to reality and go hang out with people. My weekend breakout was pretty bad and despite it healing now there a couple of pretty raised spots. But it felt good to be back with my friends who could care less if I had acne or was bald or even had polka dots. I am praying my skins keeps healing because I have birthdays this week and I don't want to let my acne get in the way of going. More positive thinking!

I don't really have too much of a routine right now but if anyone is wondering:


Vanicream cleansing bar to wash my face

Aveeno ultra calming daily moisturizer spf30


Vanicream cleansing bar

cerave lotion

All the time: cortibalm on lips

I figure right now since my face isn't too dry I will keep this up and will make adjustments as accordingly

Kelly (:

Day 8


Finished the first week of Claravis and nothing too overwhelming. The headaches have subsided a bit which helps a lot because finals week is less then a month away now. As for my skin it is hard to say, I am still getting the same infected spots that magically appear overnight and run their course for a week and then heal. The only difference is the placement and whiteheads. I have seen a couple random whiteheads which I don't mind at all. The placement of the other acne is getting more annoying as it is now in the more visible spots- right in between my eyes, near my lips, top of my cheeks. So it is manageable considering I have been dealing with this stuff for over 2 months now but still none the less sucks especially in public. Can't wait to finish school though and have a month off for winter and hopefully return with better skin. My skin is still not dry at all and my lips are not either.


Day 6 Of Claravis


My name is Kelly and I am 19 years old. A little bit of my history with acne is actually quite brief. Since puberty I was fortunate enough to avoid any severe acne and now, as I think back currently, how much I would love to have those few whiteheads that used to be my worst pimples. This past summer- June I started a generic birth control for the first time in my life. Within a few days I was feeling very sick to my stomach and I stopped after one month. The next month I got a very inflamed pimple on my cheek. Very unusual for me but it went away within a week. It was hell trying not to pick it because I usually do and my skin had started scarring a bit. So in the next three weeks I got 6-7 of those pimples and they just kept forming. Painful and huge pustules. I went straight to my derm.

My derm told me it was an bacteria infection and put me on Doxy and Duac topical gel. Doxy really hurt my stomach and after three weeks I had to stop. There was no little improvement on my skin either, in fact it was getting worse. I did notice a trend that usually at the start of the week I would get the more severe pimples and by the end it would finally clear up to only break back out. This happens every week. So I was switched to Zpack and stuck with Duac. This lasted 6 weeks and still my face has gotten worse. I had signed the I pledge during the middle of the treatment as a back up. I was very hesitant to think of accutane, I had really only known the bad labels associated with it. My derm told me I am starting to scar and should do the course right now and get rid of it once and for all.

Six days later I am on 40mg of Claravis for the first month. I will probably be bumped up to 60 mg the second through the fifth. I am still so nervous and I have no reason why. Every day these past 9 weeks I have been at war with my skin and it has been winning. I do not want an initial breakout and then I think I have been breaking out for 9 weeks. I am just still dreading all of this. But then I know the end results will be worth it and so I am trying to stay positive. The good ol' psychology trick of positive thinking.

I am starting this blog for myself and others, chronicling my own experience with this random severe onset of acne. I will maybe update every week or so. I want to post pics but the webcam hardly provides a decent picture and my camera charger is currently MIA. I am in college and struggling with this acne. Currently I would say I have 7 active infected pimples. Three lovely monsters right dab on the apples of my cheeks. My skin is very marked from the all the spots and the pimples just keep forming.

Side Effects:

-I woke up the next day with a headache, 4 days later it comes and goes. I take advil

-Again my skin has had the pimples forming like usual, so I would not say initial breakout just yet

-Random whiteheads definitely

Feel free to message me or anything, I will be happy to answer :)

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