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H20 Challlenge!

Water is great for many things health wise , and especially skin. Since its winter now I really don't realize when my body needs water as much as I do in the summer. So I drink way less. But I've decided to drink 4 bottles of 23.7 fl oz of water each day. I'm drinking it out of the bottle cause its harder to keep count with cups. Hopefully this will give me a healthyer complexion.

Tri Septic

This is my very first post my doctor prescribed me orthotrycline for the cystic acne i have around my chin, my acne had been getting better but lately it looks like its getting bad again. So the pharmacy gave me the generic version which is tri septic today was the very first day i took the medication. Honestly i was worried after i read certain reviews regarding tri septic online. But since my dermatologist said it would work i am going to give it a try and see how i will react to the medication. i will continue to post updates on how the product works out for me. But i would still like to hear what previous users have to say.

hopefully my acne improveseusa_pray.gif

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