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My journey to clear skin.

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So I've been washing my face with Walgreen's Gentle Skin Cleanser then using Clean & Clear 2.5% BP then Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream for the past month waiting for my derm appointment. It has helped a lot, but not completely, which I didn't expect. Anyways I went to the dermatologist for the first time. He said I have a lot of acne that is cystic and severe and that it's too bad to treat with topicals. So I'm going on Accutane next month because I need to be on birth control for a month first. So he prescribed me Trinessa(birth control). He also prescribes me Minocycline(antibiotic) to tame my acne until I start Accutane. I'm a little nervous about all the bad reviews I've read on Accutane, but he said all of his patients have had good results with it and blah blah blah. So I'll go along with it. I haven't started the BC yet but I have started the Minocycline so I'll update you if anything changes.

P.S. I'm continuing to wash my face with Walgreen's Gentle Skin Cleanser for now but am discontinuing the BP and Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream from my regime until further notice.

Acne Update #2

So, In my last Acne Update I said I was washing my face with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser then applying BP like a moisturizer then using Vanicream Lite Lotion. My acne has gone away so quickly. I have like 3ish pimples. Here's the bad news. My skin looks like leather. Around my eyes and forehead it is incredibly tight, not flaky but tight. When I smile you can see a BUNCH of wrinkles on the side of my eyes. The skin on and above my eyelids are really tight too. So I've ditched the BP and Cerave. First I thought it was because of Cerave because when I wash my face with it, it burns. So I switched to Walgreens Gentle Skin Cleanser and I ditched the BP and am now using Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream. Hopefully things turn up. I'll update you when I get news.

Acne Update

SO in my last post I posted about how I was still breaking out and I was getting really tired of trying so hard. So I got rid of all of it and have been washing my face with Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, then applying a very thick layer of 10% BP. In the morning I will apply the BP like a moisturizer then apply my Vanicream Lite Lotion(moisturizer), if needed. It will be a week on Thursday(it's Tuesday). My skin is SO much better since I've started this. It just dries up all of my acne and it's been great. My problem areas get really dry, then the skin on top of the pimples gets really dry and I can just peel it off, leaving just a scar behind. My skin is still healing and I still have pretty bad acne but it's doing great. I am just so happy. I'm going to keep on doing this until my Dermatologist appointment in about 3 or 4 weeks and if my acne is pretty much clear by then, I will cancel the appointment but I don't want to get my hopes up and cancel the appointment since dermatologist appointments are hard to book. I just really hope my skin continues to go in the direction it's been going and we'll see!:doh::):)

So the reason why my acne is so bad right now is because about a month ago I tried using the ACV toner and it completely broke me out and I know it wasn't purging because I was breaking out in places I had never broken out before. I was using the OCM at the time by the way. After that I kept on forgetting my cleansers inbetween switching from my mom and dads houses(their divorced). So that also contributed to it. I was really having the hardest time to get back to somewhat under control like it was before I made that mistake, but I just couldn't. I gave up on it all and started using raw honey to wash my face. I did the 3 day apple fast and started eating mostly raw. I drank TONS of water everyday. I added supplements to my regimen. I was doing all of these things to try too improve my health and clear my skin and I just can't keep doing this. It's not that it's hard I'm just not getting results and I told myself if I get one more pimple(it would be my 6th pimple since I started going holistically) that I was going to go to the dermatologist. Sure enough I came home from the first day of school with 2 pimples on my chin. I was in the car and I looked in the mirror and my cheeks were covered with dark red, some brown, scars. I had big red pimples. My forehead looked bumpy and oily with whiteheads all over. I thought about school and everybody's skin. There were other kids with skin problem. Some came with a few pimples, but nobody in my grade had skin as bad as mine. The severity of their acne is what I had in 7th grade. It really sucks too to think about how hard I've tried for my skin and it really just hurts me to be so desperate to go to a dermatologist because I promised myself that I wouldn't because I believed I could cure my skin and prove my dad wrong. My dad wants me to try Proactiv and go to the dermatologist and I always fought him because I know that Proactiv just has a good marketing team and dermatologists just want money. I wanted to do it the healthy and holistic way and it just really hurts me to fail. Those were my morals. I am against putting chemicals on and in my body but I just can't deal with anymore of this. I'm a 15 year old girl and it really to feel like everybody notices how bad your skin is and to look around at all these beautiful girls with beautiful skin or people who once had acne but don't have it anymore. I'm disappointed in myself and its really the first time that i've ever felt so bad about my skin that I just don't care anymore. If this was a few months ago I would of said okay ill go to the derm but I would still continue with my routine. I don't even care about natural, so I'm just going to start washing my face with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser until my appointment and we'll see what happens. I will probably still exfoliate and do masks but from now until my appointment I'm just going to try to completely ignore the fact that I even have skin on my face.

If you look at the reviews on here for Lemon Juice(as a drink) you will find so many positive reviews on this. So many people have said it's cured or prevented new breakouts so much just by drinking lemon juice or lemon water everyday. I've been trying to go on a more holistic route lately so I'm going to try this out. Yesterday was the first day I did it. I downed the juice of half a lemon, and to improve the taste I added about a teaspoon of the raw honey I use to cleanse my skin. I added the honey in addition to making it taste better but to get some of the benefits of honey internally as well as externally. It actually tastes pretty good though. Last week I tried it mixed with a cup of water but it was disgusting. So now I just drink the lemon juice and honey straight, it kinda tastes like a Sour Patch Kid. :) I will update you in a week or so. C'ya!:doh:

P.S. I also tried the tape method last night and I do think it helped with redness just a bit, just not drastic, but I do see a wonderful improvement in the whiteheads I have on my temples.

The Taping Method

Although I have a reasonable amount of live acne most of what looks like live acne are just scars. It's really frustrating because your the only one who knows that it's not acne, its just scars, so it feels like you've made no progress. I've been searching around on ways to get rid of acne scars on and came across the taping method. The taping method is a method of exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. What you do is you take a piece of tape, preferably Scotch, that is used for wrapping presents. and put it on the areas you have scars, and in one continuous motion peel it off. I know, it sounds ridiculous. I've got nothing to lose though, and a lot of people have said it's done wonders, so I'll update you all in a week or so. Wish me luck!:)

New Regimen: Honey!

I had been using the OCM at night and honey in the morning. It wasn't doing much for my skin and I had been breaking out recently do to forgetting my cleansers at my house and having to use something different so I decided to ditch it all and go more simple. The honey I had been using was Aunt Sue's Honey which is the best raw honey you can buy at Krogers. It wasn't making it worse but it wasn't making it better, and I would still break out. So I went to Whole Foods and got the best raw honey I could find(and afford) and I got Really Raw Honey. It was $9.99 for 1lb. I have a good feeling about this honey. It has not been filtered, barreled, or strained so it has the pollen, propolis, honeycomb, and live enzymes in it. I can also tell it is really raw because it's not like typical honey, it is a beige color and it doesn't pour it's not solid but you can't pour it. I started using it about 3 or 4 days ago and my skin is definitely improving. I remember before I started using it I would look in the mirror and see active acne and dark scars all on my cheeks. I didn't want to look in the mirror. Now when I look in the mirror I still see spots but the area isn't all red and inflamed. My scars are fading and my pimples are coming to the surface and healing quickly. What I've been doing is morning and night I rinse my skin with warm water and take the honey and spread it on my problem areas first and massage all of my skin with it. I try to leave it on for around 30 min. but if I can't I at least try to go for 5 min. then I rinse it off with warm water and splash my face with cold water and pat dry. If your going to use honey as a cleanser get raw honey and I definitely recommend the brand Really Raw. Hopefully my skin will continue to improve like it has been. smile.png

I've been struggling with acne since I was 11 and I am now 15. It's gotten worse and worse over the years. First it was on my nose then my forehead, then it started on my chin, now theres a little on my temples and its all on my cheeks and chin. So I decided to stop being lazy and finally go holistically. I have tried endless different products so obviously if none of them can get it right then I'm probably not going to cure my acne with products. I was using the OCM at night and honey in the morning, the OCM worked great when I first started using it which was about 6 months ago but I decided to go a little more simple and less time consuming. So right now I am using just raw honey. I used to use honey but it was crappy honey so I went to Whole Foods and bought Really Raw Honey and so far my scars are fading(i have a lot of scars) and my skin is starting to really improve but that might be because of what I'm doing holistically. I'm a vegetarian so I've recently started to take Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Vitamin D, just in case my acne is caused by a Zinc deficiency, plus I heard Magnesium and Vitamin D are good for acne. I did the 3 day apple fast earlier this week and I think it helped but it didn't cure. I'm also eating mostly raw and cutting most dairy out of my diet. Hopefully these combinations are going to continue to improve and maybe cure my acne. Cross your fingers!

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