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Tretinoin diary n new facial products Experiment. Once i find my HGs, i will stick to them! 

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This time I found out Dermalogica intensive moisture balance is breaking me out. I used it with safflower oil as I thought I would like to add some humectants and some other anti aging ingredients from Dermalogica moisturizer to the oil. I was wrong... acne start to flare up again... Thankfully, it's not as bad.. 

I will only use my faithful safflower oil from now on.. 

I got Rhassoul Clay from mountain rose. Tried it as mask once. I liked it so for. 

Some before after pictures. 

March 22, 2016 124951 PM CDT-1.jpg

March 22, 2016 125048 PM CDT.jpg

I am happy now. Under skin bumps/cysts have got flatten out dramatically. 

I have been using BHA pads like 5 times, not consecutive days since it will dry my skin out too much.. Now my face is kind of crust up with a dead skin on the surface from it. Not a bad thing tho. I know after the dead skin peeled off, new skin will surface and will be smooth. 

My routine is still the same and I will stick to it. I have found my HG products. Tretinoin, Safflower oil and EltaMd UV shield. Maybe that BHA pad. I will start to use cloth face masks to speed up dead skin peeling. And that's it! I successfully beat my acne again. Just need to deal with post inflammation marks now and those for sure will heal overtime and not causing more marks whereas acne will and those are painful...

(Safflower oil with drops of water to moisturize if feeling dry)
EltaMD UV shield
Makeup (recently I just used Laura Mercier dual concealer)

Safflower oil to oil cleanse
Microfiber cloth with lukewarm water to remove oil
(Cloth mask if feeling like doing so, either using sekkisei toner or my beauty diary)
(Safflower oil with drops of water to moisturize if feeling dry)
*Tretinoin cream 0.025 
(Maybe once a week using BHA pads)

*If feeling too dry and tight, I will skip tretinoin until I feel my face can handle it)

Vitamin D
Krill oil
Fish oil
Fermented cod liver oil


I finally saw major improvement on my chin.. it got a lot smoother. There are still cysts but either those are very small or have been deactivated. 

I got acne.org AHA and tried using that last Friday night (I did not use tretinoin that night). I did not like the texture as its too sticky.. I will use it as spot treatment then. I also tried the cleanser. I added the cleanser to my safflower oil and messaged on my face. Not only it became so thick and cannot spread, but also it stung my face.. Will not use that anymore. 

I have started using Dermalogica daily exfoliating powder in the morning since 3/13. I have that powder forever but every time I use that it gave me break out. I guess it will help to purge out too..

I bought some BHA pads (Stri-dex Pads Maximum Strength) to use in conjunction with my tretinoin. Have not received yet. Will keep journal here once I get it. 

Dermalogica daily exfoliating power
safflower oil to moisturize
Elta MD UV Shield
Cargo foundation
Laura Mercier dual concealer

Safflower oil to oil cleanse
Microfiber cloth with lukewarm water to wipe off
Spot treat with acne.org AHA if I feel like doing it

PS I think I can confirm that i am undergoing IB and Safflower oil doesn't break me out. 


Yesterday I posted a suggestion request on holistic and diet board but no one seem to have experience with safflower oil. 

By looking at my picture log, I think this is a IB because under skin hard bumps have been reduced even though some got inflamed to cysts.. Well I am prone to cysts on my chin so those are expected. My other acne prone areas like my eyebrows and in between eyebrow seem to stop breaking out. There were hard under skin clogs and now I cannot really feel those anymore with my finger.

Another thing is that I wasn't really able to start to use tretinion until I figured out a way to clean my face without too much irritation and dryness. So technically speaking, I only have been using tretinoin cream for around 8 days. For my record, I started consistently using tretinoin since 3/1/16.

(Wiping my face with microfiber cloth, I think I will stop doing this as I found it irritates my morning face)
Safflower oil with drops of water to moisturize
Elta MD UV Shield
Cargo Foundation
Laura Mercier dual concealer

Safflower oil with finger gently message on face and neck
Microfiber cloth dampened with lukewarm water gently wipe off the oil
Wait 15 mins or so
Tretinoin cream 0.025% pea size

Vitamin D 10,000IU
Krill oil 1200mg (omega-3 650mg)
Fermented cod liver oil 1000mg 
Fish oil 2400mg (omega-3 720mg)

Current skin status
Still a messed up. 
still oily but I don't feel tight and dry anymore
Blackhead on my nose reduced a lot. 


3/8 will be my third week of using safflower oil. My chin is still a mess up. Under skin clogs just inflamed to cysts..  There are giant harden clogs formed and fall out every now and then, even though I don't know if this is a good sign or not..

I don't notice a increase in acne though. My acne still are very localized (my chin and my forehead, my eyebrows and between my eyes) My between eyes area and my eyebrows seem to stop popping acne as I don't really feel under skin clogs with my finger.. I see some improvements on those area. And also since I stopped using any cleanser, my face don't feel dry any more and I am able to use medication every night. That's why I kept using safflower oil.

I really hope this is the Initial breakout triggered by tretinoin instead of safflower oil is giving me nasty cyst nodules... 

Regime still the same
Safflower oil with water to moisturize
Elta MD UV Shield
Cargo liquid foundation
Laura Mercier dual concealer

Cotton pad soaked with safflower oil and wipe the whole face/neck
Mircofiber cloth to wipe off again
Treitinoin 0.025



I kind of change me routine a little bit. I use cotton pad soaked with safflower oil to gently wipe my face. I do this two times and then use a microfiber cloth to remove the oil. I don't use "hot water" to steam to my face. 

I took out using any soap/cleaner for a few days. So far I haven't noticed my breakout increased or decreased but at least I am able to use tretinoin every night (I stopped using for a while as my face was so irritated from figuring out a best cleansing method and then I have resumed using it for 3 or 4 nights)

Comparison pictures of my chin on 2/22 and 3/4. Well, I don't really see any major improvement.. 

2016-03-04 12.09.51-1.jpg

My skin is dry now.. I can feel a layer of dead skin being there.. I don't know if its caused by Tretinoin or Safflower oil cleansing + dove soap bar.. I have skipped tretinoin for like 4 days already but my skin is still feeling tight but oily ( even though it doesn't "look" oily but my glasses are still sliding down my nose and I can blot almost a full sheet of blue blotting paper with my face oil..)

As for acne I can see they are healing up.. even though its still breaking out in my eye brows and still a lot of underskin clogs. its getting better. Just need time to let my skin to clear itself with the aid of tretinoin and using products that don't break me out and keep my skin hydrated. 

Since my skin is already dry and irritated, the action of  tissuing off the oil is kind of hurting.. I think I am rubbing too hard.. And at least my skin don't feel dry afterwards. I have only been dropping Dove soap bar for two days. Hope my irritated skin state will recover soon...

Safflower oil
tissue off
Safflower oil
Eltamd UV shield
Bare mineral foundation

Safflower oil
Tissue off
Safflower oil
Tretinoin 0.025% (have been skipping this for 4 days)

Vitamin D 10000UI Mon-Fri
Fermented cod liver oil Mon-Fri
Krill oil
fish oil


Dove soap is drying too... I think foaming cleansers are drying regardless.. I will experiment using safflower oil only... I am so scared it would be the same as past experiences with oils, first few days I thought my skin was improving and then BAN it went haywire and out of control..

Safflower oil
Tissue off
A little bit of safflower flower
EltaMD sunscreen
Bare mineral makeup

Tissue off
Splash with water
Safflower oil
I have been skipping tretinoin the past 3 days as my skin is dry now... Still oily though.. 

I have been using safflower oil to pre cleanse and moisturize for a week. I am still loving it. It seems to aid my skin pushing out those underskin hard clogs. I am still having a lot of those though especially on my chin area with combination of cysts....... I hope its not due to safflower oil creating new ones and push out old ones... (a lot of times I thought something was helping with clog pores, but actually it was creating more so those "old ones" got pushed out)

My skin still get dried out by tretinoin even though I am using this oil. But all I need is just take a break from it and I am good. 

Eltamd sunscreen has been good since I used safflower oil underneath it. It's not greasy or drying. Don't seem to break me out. 

I know I report these "products" reviews too soon as I only have been using safflower for a week and Eltamd sunscreen for 4 days... 

Current Regimen
Dove Soap (shea butter flavor)
Safflower oil
EltaMD UV Shield sunscreen
Bare mineral original foundation

Pre cleanse with safflower oil
Dove soap wash off the dirty oil
Safflower oil 
Wait at least 15 min 
Tretinoin 0.025 (If I feel my skin is too irritated, I will skip this)

Vitamin D 10,000UI (Mon-Friday only)
Fermented cod liver oil 
Krill oil
Fish oil

This morning i can see n feel my face is healing! Even though i can feel lot of coarse scabs n dead skin, Tretinoin should fix this over time! 

Finding a product thats working for my acne prone face is really challenging as i ruined my face several times with lot of new products experiments.. 

Today will be another product experiment. It is Eltamd sunscreen that I revisit. 

Dove soap (shea butter flavor)
Moisturize with Safflower oil
Eltamd UV shield 
Cargo liquid foundation
Laura Mercier dual concealer

Pre cleanse with Safflower oil
Dove soap(have to wash twice to get the dirty oil off)
Safflower oil to moisturize
Wait 15-30 mins


Last night I did safflower oil pre cleanse and then wash off with Bioderma blue gel cleanser. I had to wash twice to get the oil off, but it left me with really tight feeling... Even though putting my moisturizer fixed the problem, I always believe that cleaner should cleanse without stripping.. 

This morning I did not safflower oil cleanse, I just used dove soap and then oil moisturize. Tonight I will use dove soap to remove oil cleanse oil instead of using that blue gel cleanser to see if this combination will work for me skin. 

My dermalogica moisturizer is running out. I am debating if I should buy another one. Even though it doesn't break me out, it only does a little to me (provide little moisture..) I will trying using safflower oil only and see what happened. If it works out, it will save me big time as dermalogica isn't cheap..LOL

I just oil blot with a clean n clear blotting sheet, my face is not as oily. Before I could soak one and half sheet, today I only soaked 1/3 sheet. 

With inflammation is dying down, I get to notice there are a lot of hard underskin clogs... And this time I think is worse than last time.. I wish with safflower oil's help, those don't get inflamed again while tretinoin keep treating those quietly... 

I will return that replenix suscreen cream. It is very thick, definitely not sheer at all. Even though it did not break me out, I cannot stand the suffocating feeling and that tacky sticky texture from using it. 

I will go back to try Eltamd suscreen again. I hope by using safflower oil as moisturizer underneath it will help. PS I just checked my purchase history on this sunscreen, and realized I have used up several bottles of this sunscreen...

Last night I tried out putting more safflower oil on my forehead and see what happen. This morning I already felt its less bumpy. I don't know if its helping my acne or not but at least so far it moisturize my skin without adding more pimples or clogging pores. So I went further and oil cleanse with safflower oil to give it a full strength... I am so scared but I just want to try... LOL because d_E_S_S's notepad is so tempting as she had great success using safflower oil.

So this morning I did

Safflower oil all over my face
shower and wash off with Bioderma blue gel cleanser
Moisturize with 3 drops of safflower oil
Replenix sunscreen cream
Cargo foundation 
Laura Mercier dual concealer
Mac Blot power

I did pick at my acne last night... 

Also I feel La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser is clogging.. I think I will return it.

I got my safflower oil last night. I was debating if I should try that out as a lot of oils broke me out. I guess I caved in this morning and add 2 drops of safflower to my moisturizer.. I really hope this is THE miracle oil for me.. But I am not oil cleansing at all. I will see what happen..


I stopped adding to my moisturzer two days ago. Today is the second day i feel my acne seem to coming out healing more easily. With pumpkin seed oil, i dont feel it adds more moisture as my skin still wakes up dry and flaky n tight feeling, plus it added more pimples on my forehead where i dont really break out...

Current regimen
La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
If feeling dry Dermalogica intensive moisture balance
Replenix sheer sunscreen cream spf 50
Baremineral original foundation

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
Dermalogica intensive moisture balance
Wait at least 15 mins
Tretinoin 0.025 cream 

I got replenxin sheer sunscreen cream spf 50 and La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser to try out as i really dont like my current sunscreens and cleanser: 

Avene Emulsion SPF50+ : sticky and kind of heavy and suffocating feeling.. my skins would become shiny easily

Biafine Suncare SPF50 Emulsion: very good light texture but it stings if my face is sensitive like right now... and it also stings my eyes if i apply it on my eyelid and a tiny bit ran into my eyes..

Bioderma Sebium Foaming Gel: too drying for my skin even if i have oily skin..

As i mentioned in my gallery, it took two weeks to ruin my face. I will see how long i will take to get back my normal complexion with my normal routine even though i am trying ouy new products

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
If feeling dry Dermalogica intensive moisture balance with 3 drops of pumpkin seed oil
Replenix sheer sunscreen cream spf 50
Baremineral original foundation

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser
Dermalogica intensive moisture balace with 3 drops of pumpkin seed oil
Wait at least 15 mins
Tretinoin 0.025 cream 

Actaully i bought a bottle of safflower oil high linoleic one from mountain rose website ( i got my pumpkin seed oil from there as well). Once i receive that, i will try replacing my pumpkin seed oil with it as Google said its zero comedegenic. 

Note to self

I kind of figure what ingredient in product will break me out:

  • Olive Oil - clogs
  • Capric/caprylic triglyceride - clogs
  • Castor oil - irritation, cyst acne
  • Aloe vera - irritation (weakens skin barrier, dryness and stinging sensation)
  • Grapeseed Oil - dryness ,clogs, cyst acne
  • Shea Butter - clogs
  • Coconut oil
  • Squalane
  • Cetearyl alcohol + Ceteareth 20
  • jojoba oil
  • rose hip oil
  • too much silicone 
  • Avocado oil but it's great mixing to my body lotion
  • Tamanu oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil - cyst 

Products I confirmed break me out
Avene green gel cleanser (probably not cleanse well so broke me out this started my mild acne that's why I started OCM..)
Cerave cream
Cetaphil cream
Embryolisse cream
Oilatum cream
KiehlsUltra Facial Moisturizer
Physiogel - Physiogel Cream

Products I went through more than 2 bottles
Dermalogica intensive moisture balance
EltaMD UV Physical SPF 41 (really dry and matte tho suspect it broke me out as it contains Isopropyl Palmitate. I got mild breakouts from it but is a common tretinoin cream base the tretinoin helped my acne.. Anyways, I kind of move onto searching good sunscreen). Now I remember the reason I stopped using it was due to the tint. It made me look dark and orangy...
EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 (really dry and matte finish tho suspect it broke me out as as it contains Isopropyl Palmitate. Even though I went through bottles of this one, i can't remember why I stopped using it... Maybe because its being drying? I forgot,,, I should have kept a review on this)
Dove bar soap (kind of gave me mild breakout so I move onto searching good cleanser, but its a great body cleanser tho. Used it up several bars already)
Cetaphil gentle cleanser (OK but not cleansing enough)
Aquanil Cleanser (OK but not cleansing enough)


Oil cleansing Diary***** I STOPPED IT. Most stupid decision ever..... I hate myself trying this out again..


Oily and acne prone on chin area and brows. 

I used to treat my acne with tretinoin  0.05% with success and stopped using it. My face has been dehydrated and flaky and foundation would look hideous ever since I was constantly using various acne treatments (too many to mention). My skin was acne free but with lot of blackhead. I kind of just lived with it until I came back from a 2-week trip and my skin started to break out again on my chin and eye brows/middle of my eye brows. I believe La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Cooling Water-Lotion Sunscreen and Avene green gel cleanser broke me out as these were the new products I changed back then.  I was wanting to go back to my faithful tretinoin but I looked really old with my dehydrated skin especially after foundation so I came across OCM again. I used OCM before and it was a total mess. This time I was using Avocado oil only for couple of days and miraculously it healed my dehydrated skin. But I feel my blackheads were worsen even though I did not break out with acne from it. Then I read Tamanu oil and tried it. I liked it for a couple of days then I started to break out with deep cyst acne on my chin and my skin become flaky again. Then I read on and research and learned about those linoleic and oleic acid stuffs, and here I am, using pumpkin seed oil since 1/27/16. No double cleanse with regular cleanser tho.* From all these trial and error and previous experiences I think even though my skin was oily but it gets dehydrated easily. 



Has bee using pumpkin seed oil for a week. I thank I hit the purging stage. My chin is war zone now. 3-4 active cyst acne and 3-4 dying cyst acne (swelling went down and no pain to touch).  Thankfully my mineral make up can decently cover them and make me presentable.. ( I had worse acne that no concealer can cover as it was flaky oily and swollen..)

One pimple formed on my right brow in the hair. Tender to touch. Not big nor visible. 

 I was using pumpkin seed oil to oil cleanse and a microfiber cloth to remove. I will add back my Bioderma gel cleanser to double cleanse as I feel too many times of cloth wiping down oil is too irritating to my chin area. I normally wipe down like 3-4 times with warm water. I stopped "steam" my face 2 days ago.

Why I believe it is purging because I went through similar thing when I was using tretinoin 0.05%. Under skin hard clogs that have been there I think either are popping out or might turn into a acne. I did not break out on places I don't get break out (cheeks, nose, forehead*) With tretinoin purging was even worse as my skin was super dehydrated, flaky and tight feeling. Being oily and flaky was the worst as no make up can cover well. With pumpkin seed oil, I feel its just pushing out the clogs to surface without damaging skin surface. 

 *My forehead now broke out a little bit due to previous using tamanu oil I believe.. Not major tho.

 Confession: I pick a lot... 



It turned out using Bioderma cleanser to double cleanse was even more irritating to my skin... I will skip this cleaner.. I think back when I was using tretinoin my skin was super flaky. Could it be commercial cleanser being too harsh for my skin? I am debating if I should start using my tretinoin.. 



I will try adding tretinoin to my routine tonite. I had success with tretinoin 0.05% cream base even though the purging stage was really bad and my skin has been dehydrated ever since. But I think my parched oily skin was caused by cleansers as even if I have topped using tretinoin, my skin still looked dry and oily at the same time. This time, the tretinoin is 0.025% and I decided to stop using regular cleanser. I will see what happen. Hope this time less strong tretinoin can help me purge out my nasty clogs with minimal dryness. Oil cleanse itself seemed to be slow on treating my acne problem.. I am impatient and desperate... Need some active ingredient.



I added tretinoin .025% but my skin got worse.. It's already bad as I believe pumpkin seed oil was purging my skin but I think I was wrong.. My deep cyst acne appears but stay painful for 2 or 3 days and never go down... And deep cyst acne keep appearing with no head and stay there for long time and never heal... My right cheek is getting 2 pimple...Now I confirm pumpkin seed oil is breaking me out. Before with Avocado oil my face was only breaking out with surface pimple and those go away fast. I remember the first few days when I started using avocado oil, there were two clog pore I can already felt close to my left ear, those turned to pimple and those healed within 2 or 3 days and those clogs fell out. Anyways, I have changed back to avocado oil and see how it goes.. If Avocado oil saved my face, I think those linoleic vs oleic thing was not working for me.. And I a bottle of Safflower oil (high linoleic one).. Have not received it yet.. Will see.. 



Oil cleansing is not working for me at all. Even though my pores on my nose got smaller and less blackhead. But my chin keeps poping up with new acne. Either deep big cyst ones or the ones look like mosquito bits with little white pus on top. My texture of my skin just got worse and worse.. very coarse and bumpy. I guess I should just use the oil as moisturizer. I will see.. 

I want to kick myself to death.. I should have followed whatevers working for me and not changing a thing.. i was trying out oil cleansing again with other oils, avocado, tamanu, pumpkin seed and now my face is ruined.. i was pretty clear for the longest time when i checked back my personal log on here and i already kinda forgotten here... now i am back to moan on my acne again... 

The reason I went to try oil cleansing again was because i want to fix my dehydrated skin.. again i made a huge mistake. Like baby oil disaster happened all over again.. for the very same reason... i hate myself..

I will switch back the regimen that worked and healed my acne.. dehydration is better than acne..

I think rubbing any oil simply don't do any good to my skin.. i should try using as moisturizer..

Current regimen

dermalogica intense moisture balance with 3 drops of pumpkin seed oil
Avene sunscreen i hate this but it dosen't sting my face
Makeup bare mineral original foundation

Bioderm gel cleanser
Dermalogica intense moisture balance with three drops of pumpkin seed oil
Tretinoin 0.025 cream
Spot treat dry scab from picking with Vaseline

Now i use .025 instead of .05 hoping it will work as fine as before with less side effect..

Baby oil as a pre cleanser or cleanser is breaking me out terribly. My chin area is particularly worse. It is totally my fault. I just wanted to fix my flakes and remove my sunscreen and it turned out a worse breakouts. However the breakouts are not very deep and big. Hopefully........

I am now using purity made simple cleanser and Vaseline creamy formula.

Sunscreen Notes

Biore blue shake bottle broke me out (used for about a week)

Facecotz really emphasizes my dry flakes (used for about a month)

Neutrogena pure and free baby seems to break me out (used for about 2 days)

Off IB? Knock on wood!

Current status

I think I have gone through the terrible IB. Now no active pimple but I have some non-inflamed whiteheads on my right cheek near my mouth area and my chin. (The kind that can only be seen when you stretch the skin) Still blackhead on nose. A lot of red mark left behind which can be covered with makeup easily.



Cetaphil Daily Cleanser (Sometimes I just wash with water if I am in shower)

Burnout Spf 32

Almay foundation

Mac studio select or Naturactor Concealer

Chanel or Bobbi Brown or MUFE or Ben Nye Powder (Sometimes I do not powder)



Wet Cotton pad to remove most greasy

Cetaphil daily cleanser

Vanicream moisturizer

Wait 30 mins or so

Tretinoin 0.05% (Pea size for whole face and neck)


Well as of today 9/3/11 past 12am

I bought new foundation Almay clear complexion with sal acid one. It is pretty watery compare to my Nars but for me this is a good thing since I there is no pump comes with either bottle so I am able to pour it our quicker.

The color matches my skin tone very well. Buff

So far so good bout this foundation. I like it better then nars since it helps the shininess of my sunscreen better.

I also start a log on personal regime log under the tretinoin one. I posted some of my IB pictures to document the progress of the effect of tretinoin for reference.

As for the review for the Vanicream spf 60

I really like it. It is like the moisturizer, it truly hydrates my skin. It might feel thick at beginning but once it is rubbed in, my skin feels very comfortable.

But the biggest drawback of this is that it is pretty shiny until it is fully absorbed which will take some time. I can never be able to wait since I always get up late, so I simply blot with a tissue and put on powder.

8/30/11 IB Badly

As the title. Mainly around my mouth and chin. Basically lower part of my face. Especially worse on chin. I know chin will be my worst part of IB since my chin is very prone to cyst nodules. Anyways, please give me the strength to survive thru.

BTW, I am not going to spot treat with BP anymore but simply use tretinoin.

And to mention I am still in love with Vanicream and the spf 60. I combat the shines by mixing with Almay foundation the one with Sal acid which I am liking at the moment.

I have not found any cleanser I really like at the moment.

I am going to seek some comfort on messageboard. ;(

Current regime


Cetaphil daily cleanser

Vanicream spf 60 mix with foundation I am like almay right now.

concealer So important to give me more confident.


Neutrogena foaming


wait 30mins

Tretinoin (every day now since the flaky is not that bad. It is the degree I can still manage to moisturize so it is not very obvious)

I always try to pop my zits because I want to release some pressure of the pimple. I also feel that every time when I get to pop something out the pimples actually heal faster. I always do such thing even if I try not to squeeze hard, but I certainly did not do it gentle.

Sigh.....I just want to get over faster.............

I can not even talk to my BF bout my issue cuz I feel embarrassed....

I know tretinoin is certainly helping my complexion because my nose is a lot smoother.(knock on wood)


I have been using Vanicream for several days and still very satisfied with how it help me skin. And I have been using Vanicream spf 60 for 3 days or so and it feels very wonderful on my face. It feels very moisturizing and not oily at all, my skin can still breath. But the very flaw of this product to me is that it takes very long to be absorbed fully. It looks like I sweat a lot all over my face. So after apply this, I will use tissue to blot, and this helped a bit. All in all, I like this spf as well. It serves my skin's needs (relief dryness and flaky and doesn't make me break out) but doesn't serve as good base for under makeup. I will keep on sort things out to satisfy all the needs of my face.

Since I am in the purging phase, now I do not bother to count my zits on my face for now, it's too frustrating and discouraging. As long as my skin feels comfortable, not dry and looks overly flaky or looks old and oily, I think I can live with it. I know I have quit a lot of under-skin bumps, the purging is going to be tough. I will have to stick the regime and expecting the beautiful skin of mine.

I bought a tube of Queen Helene mint clay mask. Used it once, it stings bad at the beginning and goes away. Help to calm my zits somehow.

BTW I will not use jojoba on my face anymore.



Cleanser(cetaphil gentle, cetaphil daily)

Vanicream spf 60



Cleanser (Neutrogena foaming)



Kett foundation is a very light and sheer foundation. Ok foundation to even out skin but doesn't cover up pimples. I bought sample size, which turned out to be darker than my skin tone. If I am going to buy full size, I will need to buy the fairest one.