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DKR Day 409

Today (day 409) I have about 2 pimples. I have been adding jojoba oil to my moisturizer in the morning, as well as using Dan's AHA+ every evening, but I am still having some trouble with flakes.

DKR Day 372

Today (day 372) I have about 3-4 pimples. I started using Dan's AHA+ every night, starting 4 nights ago. The AHA+ appears to be getting rid of some of my flakiness, but I will have to wait to see if it completely rids my face of flakes.

DKR Day 367

Today (day 367) my face is a little less dry since I started using the DKR cleanser, but it is still flaky. The pimples on my right temple are now gone, but there are still a few on my left temple. I also developed a pimple above my upper lip and a small pimple on my nose, making a total of 4-5 pimples.

Today, I am going to start using a product on my back and shoulders that I have heard great things about. The product I will be testing is Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo with pyrithione zinc. Currently I have a lot of acne on my shoulders and a small amount of acne between my shoulders and on my chest. I will be allowing the shampoo to stay on my skin for about 5-8 minutes before rinsing it off.

DKR Day 364

Today (day 364) I have about the same number of pimples around my temples that I had in my last entry. I am planning on using the AHA+ in a few days to see how well it works.

DKR Day 362

Today (day 362) I have about 6 pimples around my temples, but they seem to be slowly healing. I switched to Dan's cleanser about 2-3 days ago, so I will see if it is less drying than Equate Daily Face Wash.

By the way, for those of you who were wondering, I only missed one application during the 362 days I have been on the regime. The reason I missed an application is because I fell asleep before I had done the regime for the night.

DKR Day 357

Well, I have not updated my blog in 191 days :P , but I feel I need to post my progress with the Daniel Kern Regime. At about month 7 of the DKR my skin had cleared up, but it took a while for my red spots to begin to fade.

For the past month I have been having a few breakouts, so I am changing a few things. Today (day 357) I have about 6-7 pimples around my temples. I was using Equate Daily Face Wash up until today, but I ordered the DKR cleanser and I will be switching to that soon. I believe that it will not dry out my face as much as the Equate brand.

By the way, in my last entry I mentioned that I was going to try Paula's Choice 8% AHA, but I quit after about 12 days because I did not like the texture of the product or its effects. I just ordered Dan's AHA and I will probably be trying it soon.

DKR Day 166

Today (day 166) I have about 5-6 noticeable pimples and my skin is still flaky. I have been using Paula's 8% AHA gel every other night, but it seems to just make my skin flakier. Today I used a wet wash cloth and gently scrubbed some of the excessively flaky spots, so hopefully I will not break out from the irritation caused by it.

DKR Day 156

Today (day 156) I have about 3 noticeable pimples and my skin is still flaky with a lot of red spots. I started using Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel tonight, so I am hoping that it will get rid of my flakes without causing me to break out.

DKR Day 133

Today (day 133) I have about 3-4 noticeable pimples and some of my red spots are fading. I am still using 5/6th finger of BP twice, daily and still have a lot of red spots that are hardly, if at all, fading.

DKR Day 123

Today (day 123) I have about 5-6 noticeable pimples and a lot of red spots, although some of my red spots are becoming lighter. I am still using 5/6th finger of BP twice, daily.

DKR Day 97

Today (day 97) I have about 6-7 noticeable pimples and a lot of red spots. I am now using 5/6th finger of BP twice, daily. I have also started eating sugar again and have had no adverse effects, yet; although, I am still not drinking milk.

Today (day 90) I have about 6 or 7 noticeable pimples, but some of them look as if they will heal shortly. I still have a lot of red spots but they seem to be fading slightly. I am still using two-thirds finger of BP twice, daily. Also, beginning on March 8, 2008 I almost completely stopped eating processed sugars and I totally took milk out of my diet. It looks like the changes to my diet plus the DK Regime are really helping my skin to clear up, but I need more time to really be able to tell.

DKR Day 85

Today (day 85) my face still has about 6-7 noticeable pimples and I still have alot of red spots. Although, some of my red spots are beginning to fade slowly. I used two-thirds finger of BP for both applications today.

DKR Day 81

Today (day 81) I have developed a few more pimples and have a total of 7-8 noticeable pimples, plus lots of red spots. I have also increased the amount of BP I am using to two-thirds finger, twice a day.

Today (day 75) I have about 6 noticeable pimples and lots of red spots. I used one- half finger of BP this morning, but starting this evening I used two-thirds finger of BP. I will continue to use one-half finger of BP every morning and two-thirds finger of BP every night until my face adjusts to the increase.