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Hello again old friends ^_^
I know it's been a very long time since my last review but i have been trying something new out and i wanted to tell you what i thought.
If you haven't been reading since my first blog on this website i suffered badly from acne when i was 17/18 years old, i went to the doctors for 3 months medication which slowly cleared up my skin (you can go back and read my full story on my first blog entry). I now like to blog about products that im currently using to help prevent my acne from returning and the annoying monthly break outs. For the past 2 weeks i have been trying out  dermalogica clear start system kit (Included a picture in the blog). There is parts of this system i really like and other products I don't. Lets start with the first item you would start with from this kit.

Step one: (Breakout clearing foaming wash cleanser) -
This product i quite liked as its nice and foamy and left my skin feeling clean and fresh, it has a strong tea tree oil smell which you can smell in most of the items from this kit. the only improve i think it needs would to be a little more foamy but that's only a small thing.

Step two: (Breakout clearing All Over Toner) -
I'm not a big fan of toners as they tend to make my skin dry but i did like this one, again this has the tea tree oil smell, you simply spray this all over your face and wait for it to absorb into the skin. 

(*) Step 3: (Breakout Matte Moisturizer) -
This was the only one item i didn't like from this system as this irritated my dry sensitive skin within minutes if not seconds after applying this to my skin it just become hot, itchy and gave me a burning sensation. So i washed this off my face straight away with cold water. The moisturiser came off in clumps like dry skin while i was washing this off, don't want to use the again after using it just the once so watch out.

Step 4: (Day & night treatment)
Now you have cleaned and gone over your face making sure it dirt free it's time for the finishing touch, depending on the time of day you either use the day or night treatments on your skin. What are the differences you may ask well let start with this day treatment, this includes niacinamide and other potent ingredients to fight breakouts during the day and purify pores. As for the night treatment this includes salicylic acid which prevents breakouts by naturally unclogging the follicles. This is also great when that uninspected spot appears just put a dab of this treatment over the spot and the size & redness is reduced simple overnight it's very good. 

Extra Bonus: (Cooling mask)
When i purchased this kit there was a small sample cooling mask included inside the box, i tried this out last night as my skin needed some extra loving, so after washing my face in the shower i applied the mask and left it on for about 10mins. As suggested it was a nice cooling mask that had a minty fresh smell that left my skin very soft and fresh which i loved.

Overall Review:
After finding out about this system from a cool youtuber called: Claire Marshell or (Heyclaire) as she known as i did a little research and bought the small kit.
I'm really glad i did as i like trying out new things as i don't like my skin getting used to products then not having the effect anymore. Items from this kit i would buy in full size would be Step 1 the face washing, the night treatment cream and the cooling mask. There is also other parts to this system such as an on spot treatment which is in red bottle that i wouldn't mind trying out.

Okay lovelies that's all for today, i hope you liked this review let me know what you think? would you try this system out? have you used it before?
Any other suggestions let me know by leaving a comment or message.
Speak again soon!

RedLadyBug x

2015-10-18 17.16.55.jpg

Hello again as promised im going to give a review of the Panoyl Aquagel

I've tried this product for 2 weeks and it has good and bad points, Starting with the good points this product is good as it reduces the redness and size of the pimple overnight. Although you need careful with this product as this really dries out your skin as the Benzoyl peroxide percentage is so high, so if you have sensitive skin go for a 4% product. Also it's important to moisturize your skin after using products like this, as your skin will become dry/itchy without. I would give this product a 7 out of 10 it is really good but for my type of skin i would get a small percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide next time, I will continue using this product as it has cleared my skin and reduced the size of the pimples, but moisturizing is important.

Hope you find this review useful and if you have any recommendations of anything else for me to review

let me know x


x x x

Hello ;)

How are you peeps?

Yes it's been a very long time, as in my last entry i was talking about my 21st birthday. Lots of things have changed first of all I'm now older, 22 years old. I have a new job that I'm currently enjoying so far, My skin has had good and bad days as everyone else does have but it has flared up more then normal which has made me worry a little that my acne may have returned a bit. No matter tho as spots come and go and im not going to let this affect my mind set. Oh i also must mention that I'm still in contact with my best friend Vampire knight i think her name was on here but we mostly talk on twitter these days ;)

Anyway the reason why i wanted to make a new blog was i wanted to share my thoughts of a product that i've just found that might help others and to let you know my thoughts of it. I bought it online from a online pharmacy which has good reviews and was raved about.


This is the item and site that i bought the item from, Panoxyl was a brand that i found out about from a youtuber, She mentioned the face wash in her january favourites. The one I brought is more of a tropical cream to treat spots and acne. Always ask your skin doctor if your unsure, the item come in different percentages e.g. 4% 5% 10% depending how sensitive your skin is. I've only just started using this item so i can't give you a complete review yet. All i can tell you is that you only use this once a day after washing your face, it gives off a tingling sensation and when applying only use a small amount ( a little goes a long way).

I'll let you know what I think after about a week of using it or even a month give the product time to work so i can give a fair and honest review.

See You Again Soon x


x x x x

Hello Peeps!

Again I know it's been a VERY long time since my last blog but I've just been busy sorting things out.

I don't really go on here as much as my skin has cleared up, yes i get the odd spot like everyone else tongue.png

but things are sooo much better now.

Quick shout to my friend on here with the username : Vampireninja09!eusa_dance.gif I'm not sure if she reads my blogs

or not but she has been a real friend to me since I was suffering with skin problems. We don't

know each other in person in real life but when i talk to her it's like we have been friends for years.

The support people get on this site is amazying because we are/went through the same thing and

we know how it feels.

On another bright note! this thursday (30th Aug) it's my 21st birthday! hifive.gif

From this day I want to carry on being a more bright happy person that ive become again

since my acne suffering as ended!

Love you all.


x x x


No More Acne!

Hello Friends! hifive.gif

I know it's been a REALLY! long time since my last post! but I've recovered from my Acne thanks to my doctors and will power of getting through my treatment at the doctors.

Im so happy now and for those who are still suffering with acne, don't worry there is light at the end! The one thing i would say is! Go to your doctors as soon as possible if you think you have developed acne.

The reason i got Acne was because I used soo many different facial products e.g. clean and clear on top of each other. My skin freaked out and i got Acne i went to my doctors in February 2010! then for 3 months i was on medication and continued doctors appointments. By February 2011! My Acne was gone! but it was all worth it in the end because now no my skin isn't perfect everyone get the odd spot that's normal but now i can control it and my skin is much better and clearer!

Good Luck to all!

From RedLadyBug x wub.png wub.png wub.png wub.png wub.png wub.png

Im so happy right now! Went to the Doctors today and she said No more tablets!! my acne has cleared up nicely and im in the best mood ever! She has given me some cream to clear up some marks from the acne but im SSSSSSSSOOO HAPPY! 4 months of sadness and joy has been well worth it!

Advice i would give would include! go to the doctors as soon as you have a skin problem! then that way it will be sorted out alot quicker! Keep being positive and dont let ppl bring you down!

Love You All!

WHOOPPP! might write again soon x



Hey peeps really quick update, ive completed college now got a pass grade for my 2 years of work. now looking for a job with pressure and stress from the parents ;(. I have my next doctors appointment soon which is going to be with another doctor as my normal skin doctor isnt going to be there which is ok cant wait for all of this to be OVER!

Sadly i throught that i had been taking this tablets for more then just this amount of time, today i felt happy because i throught i had done 2 months and i only had 2 more months to go! but no i was wrong :cool:. i have my 2nd blood test tomorrow which im not looking forward to as i have a fear of needles! i just want these 4 months to be over already! :wacko:

Hey peeps so i have reached over 1 month now of taking these annoying tablets, no im not enjoying it but i think im slowly becoming my cheeki happy self again! So happy so far but i can't wait until these next 3 months of treatment are OVER!

Write Soon, Sorry it's a short one!


x o x o x o

Hey peeps im still taking my tablets like a gd girl lol, im hating it but its going to be worth it in the end! Sadly i have another blood test on the 25 may! i hate needles!! and my next appointment is the 1st june!

if anyone is finding it hard atm with any medication that they have been given by thier doctor stick with it. it's all really worth it in the end!

Mwah x


x o x o

Hey to whoever actually reads my blog lol :wall: , i've been taking my 2 Roaccutane tablets for 15 days and my parents have seen saying my skin is looking alot better! :D even though it's only been 15 days but my skin has been very dry. Im not sure if that's because of the Roaccutane or as i've been enjoying the Sun :think: and as i have fair skin, i might have burn a little which has dryed my skin out. I've tried moisturiser but it's been burnting my skin which isn't good lol so any help or tips from anyone will be a great help! Im getting thier s-l-o-w-l-y! Feeling positive but i have to return to college tomorrow so that could all change!! ;)

Write Soon Mwah x

RedLadyBug91 x o x o

It's only been 3 days and im sick of it already :( , i keep thinking to myself you need to do this to make your skin better but that doesn't always work. The only good thing at the moment is being off on easter break from college but i still have assignments to do, i keep meaning to continue with them but then i see the jobs that need doing about the house while my mums at work.

if and when things do get better i want to read these blogs back and say all this work was well worth it in the end :doubt: , but i would still want to give others support that might be going through the same thing. I can't wait to be my old self again and move forward! As annoying as my parents and sister are they have been suportive :dance: . Im really going to have to push myself to get through these 4 months for hell well really it's been 1 year & 2 months of hell. One thing i would say to someone is go to your doctors as soon as! they can really help! :(

Write Soon, hopefully i'll be a better mood! :(

RedLadyBug91 x o x o x

Hey, im sorry i havn't been writing but a lot has happend. Long story short i have been going in & out of my doctors with lots of appointments which have included a blood test, having my weight noted down and being asked questions. After all this madness the result is that my skin doctor wants to put me on Roaccutane for 4 months! (120 days) this means taking 2 tablets every day one that's 10mg and one that's 20mg. Tonight was Day 1 now just another 119 to go lol :( i really hope this helps my skin and gives me the results that i want x I should be writing more often and let you know how im getting on with these tables, sending you all much love x

Next appointment in May!

RedLadyBug91 x o x o

Hello :),

hows you peeps its half term so im in a gd mood. I had a haircut on the 11th feb which also cheered me up. I've been bad with taking my tablets as they are so hard to take as you should know if you have read my other blogs. Your probs going to laugh im a big Josie & John james fan from BB11 so i sent them both a fan letter as i got signed pictures back with a note from josie which made my day, im just hoping im going to get a note back from John james as i havn't had anything from him but its busy lol.

On the 9th march i have a appointment with the Dermatologist that im hoping is going to clear my skin completely, i can't wait to feel confidence again and go out without worrying about what people are thinking. Some of my friends has been really nice about the change that happend to my skin others have been rude so i don't think we are real friends.

Write soon


x x x

I had a doctor's check up appointment about my acne on the 18th Jan and my doctor is putting me back on the old tablets and giving me some more of the lotion. The big news is that he's going to send me a appointment with the Dermatologist who im hoping to going to give me something to get rid of this acne and have clear skin again. I just want to have my confidence back because im sick of feeling down about myself all the time.

Because of my acne i stay at home at the weekends, i havn't seen friends for ages because i dont want them to see me as it's so bad and i miss them. I want them to remember the happy person i was before this all started, i even remember that the month it all started (Feb).

Wishing you all love


x x x

13th November 2010

:pray: Hey peeps, so i have an update for you i went to the doctor's yesterday and he's given me (Minocycline capsules) & Zineryt Lotion). I have to take the tablet 1's a day and apply the lotion twice a day, then i will be returning to my doctor's in 2 months (8 weeks). I hope im going to see some results. :wub:

From RedLadyBug x o x

1st November! 2010!

Hello people sadly i don't bring good news as i still have bad skin! i've stopped taking the tablets and now i still have spots and gained some huge ones because of eating chocolate. I know what your thinking chocolate isnt the reason but i think it really is for me, i can't take it anymore i spoke to my mum today and hopefully she's going to book me another appointment to the doctors which is going to be embarrassing!!

i wouldn't like to be put back on the tablets i want something more affective and thats not going to take bloody 3 months for see any kind of change, its nearly been 10 months counting this month that i have had really bad skin. I have hardly seen my friends because i don't want them to see me like this and ones that have seen had made upsetting comments and others just act normal towards me but i do feel sorry to people that have to see my face.

i just want to put a hoodie on with a zip up hood so that i can see where im going but noone can see my face :wub: starting from this month im going to give up chocolate 100% i know its going to be hard and im not really a chocolate lover but things HAVE TO CHANGE !!! :pray:

Been Tablet Free!

Hey Peeps :( , i havn't been taking my tablets for about a month-ish now and im glad im off them atm but i do need to return to the doctors to seek extra advice x my skin has been alot better although because eating chocolate gives me spots i have one or two spots lol :) . Im going to try and drink alot more water as i do drink alot at home but more water can be helpfull.

The products range that i have been using is called Simple, im really liking it as i have really dry skin so i would recommend x :(

RedLadyBug x o x o ;)

Hello peeps, i have finished college for the year so now im off untill september. im still taking these stupid tablets, it's getting harder each day as i never want to take it although it has helped my skin. Products that i have been using that im really liking is The Simple range, its really good the spots of my neck are still there =/ been trying creams to bring them down which is working slowly lol.

good luck peeps blog soon


Hello :pray:

The reason im unsure about how long it has been would be because i ran out of my tablets and i had 1 week break from them, so 7 days without taking it. Im still at college doing coursework trying to get signed off for the year which is taking forever! because the tutors arn't marking the work :surprised:.

im currently glued to watching Big Brother 11, im in love with John James <3 and i like Josie they made a nice couple. As for my skins its clearing up a little, i still have a few spots on my neck im still trying to get rid of by using cream :cry:.

Let me know what are your summer plans ?


RedLadyBug x

Howdy :|

Nothings changed from the last blog, apart from having coursework to do and the weather being really nice :). Any recommendations for spot treatments that you have used before?

my cousins are visiting today and tomorrow which is fun :)

Write Soon x

RedLadyBug x

I have lots to tell you :) last week i went to london to see the lion king musical!!! it was amazying.

i brought the soundtrack and stage book as well as the bag :|, im finishing college for the year in 3 weeks but i have sssoooo much coursework to do and redos of assignments.

Been feeling negative :) need something to cheer me up, still taking my tablets. they have helped over these 3 months and the time has gone quickly.Lastly i went swimming with my friend miles who i havn't seen for so long which was good but when i came home my legs hurt so bad lol.

Write soon

RedLadyBug x

Hello, Its Sunday here in the uk :|

and since my last entry not much has happend, been going to college still of a large pile of coursework to do :). I guess the only thing that has happend would have to be that i have a rash of spots on my neck which sucks but i have been putting cream on it so im hoping thats going to go within a few days.

The only good thing thats happend would be on the 13th May a handsome stranger gave an uplifting smile :) which put me in a good mood. As everything has been bad lately, sometimes i think im being punished with all this bad luck. :dance:

Write Soon x

RedLadyBug ; /

Sorry Sorry Sorry i have not done a blog, i normally do theses every 10 days!

My week and weekend have been busy :) , i've been doing coursework, met up with my friend eli :( and my uncle came down from bournemouth. I still have lots of coursework to do as i should be finishing college for the year at the end on may! :dance:

Atm i still have low self esteem as my face hasn't made any changes as in clearing up, im a little stressed as im trying to get everything done :) . I really need to try harder to find myself a part-time job but thats easier said than done because of the current credit crunch. I can't wait for the end of college as i have lots of plans such as going to thorpe park, going to a waterpark(Aqua Splash maybe), meeting up with friends and chilling out. :(

:| My next Blog im hoping will be on time!!!

See You Soon


x x x