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Retin-a .1% and monodox

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Ok so my dermatologist prescribed me Spiro 50 mg once a day and have been taking it since Oct. 22nd. Its day 5 and so far so good, I haven't had any side effects or any break outs but that could be due to also taking 100mg of Minocycline once a day too and Im also using Aczone twice a day and Retin-a at night, the combination of all of these has been working for me and I haven't had a break out in the past 2 months. I'll be back with an update on the Spiro in another week and see how things are then :)

Well actually I will be starting my 4th month on 50 mg of Spiro. As of now I only have one very small pimple that's not even noticeable. In November I had a pretty bad break out that I had to go see my dermatologist for some cortisone shots but other than that I have been fairly clear with the exception of some acne scars. I would really like to try and eat some chocolate but I'm so afraid that it will cause me to break out like crazy like it has done in the past! I've never had trouble with dairy which is good cause I cant live without my ice cream and I love cheese lol .......I will update again in another 2 months :)

Its been years since I had a microdermabrasion and i finally got one done yesterday, so far i dont see much difference but I know I will have to get at least 2 more done to see results . I do see my skin having a healthy glow and it looks alot smoother. I will be posting a before and after pics soon.

Hi Everyone! Its been forever since I last posted but I just wanted to update and say I went to see my derm today after a very bad break out. I had to get a small procedure done to burn some of the marks I have on my face and also had to get a few injections into the pimples I already had, both were VERY painful!! Right now my face is swollen and looks like I just got beat up lol but on the good side, in 5 days time i should have better looking skin. My derm upped my minocycline dose to 75 mgs twice a day , have to put something called Acrone Gel in the morning and still keep using my retin-a .01% at night. Next month I will start getting mild chemical peels done too, so im hoping all this will lead me to the road of clear, acne free skin :-)


Hi guys!!! Its been awhile since I posted anything in my blog but not really too much to update on. I had another visit to my derm about 2 weeks ago due to a very bad break out I was having around my chin area, this break out was pretty bad to the point where my acne was hurting to the touch :D Well my derm added minocycline 75mgs once a day and this is my 2nd week taking it, so far my skin is clearing up again and the acne has calmed down :) I have to go back to my doctor for a follow up in one month so hopefully this anibiotic will keep working and I can stay clear!!!

Derm Visit

Finally after a year I went back to my derm yesterday for a follow up...everything went well, my derm said my skin was looking great and added a face wash to my regimen :rolleyes: I did have a new break out on the left side of my cheek but cleared up after 4 days and left a few dark scars that should fade away within time with the new face wash he perscribed me*at least thats my the doctor said* so only time well tell. Over all Im very pleased with how far ive come along with the retin-a and clindymacin :(

Been fighting the flu the past week and havent been able to get to work :D Todays the first day in 5 days ive actually been out of the house and it was nice!!! What a beautiful day out :D As for my skin its been doing pretty good, ive noticed that since ive been sick my skin actually looks more clear lol isnt that weird but i was still able to keep up my daily regimen, im afraid if i skip a day my skin might start breaking out again and ive tried so hard to get it where im satisfied i dont want to jeopardize anything :D

Acne Update

Things have been great for me Im still clear and getting better each day that ive been using the Clindamycin and Retin-a :( Work has been a lil stressful for me, im working longer hours and havent been able to spend alot of time with my family and friends ;) so far it hasnt affected my skin so im happy for that. I guess this is it for now Ill update again when I get a chance, til then everyone take care :(

Still doing great!!!! No new outbreaks just the occasional pimple that will pop up around my period but goes away after a day or 2 :wall: The Clindamycin has been doing wonders for my skin its alot more smooth and the texture is so much better due to the retin-a 1% since my derm upped my dosage my skin hasnt been as oily either which is a good thing :wall: I also went ahead and rescheduled my derm appointment for February 8th.


Things have been a lil crazy these past 2 weeks. I started a new job at a salon and the hours are not what Im used to working but Ill adjust and hopefully get used to them :wall: As for my acne theres nothing new to report im still clear for the most part i havent had any new break outs or any kind of acne problems so all is well in that department. I have another derm appointment next month but thinking of rescheduling since im clear and dont need to see him every 2 months :wall:

Ok so far things are still looking good, nothing new happening at the moment I havent had any new break outs THANK GOODNESS :wall: Im really liking the Clindamycin 1% solution I thought it would of over dried my skin by now but nothing so far, maybe because im using moisturizer every morning or because i exfoliate regularly. As for the Retin-A .1% its been good to me, its been 3 months now and loving it!! :wall:

Things are still looking good. The Clindamycin is doing its job as well as the Retin-A :D Ive noticed my brown spots on my left cheek are fading and my skin texture is alot more smooth as well as the tone is more even :D I still dont feel comfortable enough to walk outta my house without my makeup on but if my skin keeps looking this good i just might get the courage one day soon :)

Its been 2 months now that ive been on the .1% strength of retin-a and 2 weeks of using Clindamycin Solution .1% and the results have been more than I expected I havent had 1 pimple since adding Clindamycin to my regimen :D My skin actually looks alot smoother and the scars are now slowly fading :) Im sooooo happy with my progress!!!! Maybe one day soon I will be able to have enough confidence to walk out of my house with no make up on :D


Well its been 5 days now that Ive been applying it every morning and im actually very pleased :D Its made my skin alot more smooth as well as keep my acne undercontroll :D Im just hoping it keeps working so I can focus on my acne scars now :)

So today I went to see my dermatologist and he said my skin was doing great and that i didnt need to take the monodox anymore so instead of the monodox he prescribed me clindamycin topical solution to apply once a day in the morning and to keep using retin-a 1% at night :D i even had a stranger come up and compliment on how good my skin looked and how she wish she had skin like mine i was in shock :D lol Well i just hope my progress keeps getting better and now i can finally start working on some of the scarring i have from previous breakouts :D Wish me luck :)

Skin Update

So far no break outs after 2 weeks of no Monodox :D I hope my skin stays this way even when that time of the month shows up which is soon and im a lil nervous of whats going to happen, i usually flare up with a good 5 pimples all at once!!!!! :)

Yesterday I called my derm office to confirm my appt for Nov.3rd and they didnt even have me scheduled :D !!!!!! I was a little ticked off but they managed to fit me in on thursday the 5th so no biggie.

Bad News

Looks as if I may have to stop taking the Monodox all together :) Ive been having what I think might be a side of effect, the past week ive been experiencing what feels like a lump in my throat whenever I swallow food or water so I decided to take the monodox every other day to see if that may help but doesnt seem to be helping since i havent taking the pill in 2 days and still feeling weird. Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Well I have another derm appointment Nov 3rd so hopefully he can maybe give me something else :D


Just taked to my derms nurse who i had called earlier to see what i should do about the Monodox and she told me to stop taking it for 1 week then restart it to see if the same reaction happens if it does apparently it was the med.... im sooooo hoping its not because the antibiotic was working so well with my retin- a :D

So far no serious break outs just a very tiny pimple that pops up every so often but heals in a day or 2 :) Im still taking Monodox but decided to cut down to 1 every other day instead of every day and see how my skin reacts, hopefully i can wean myself off it soon :D

Stopped eating chocolate, been drinking tons of water and cut down on the sweets (which is extremely hard for me to do) and now i have no active acne :D Thank goodness cause I have a party to go to tomorrow, i didnt want to worry about my skin :)

Not Too Bad

Well today i noticed that i had 2 more very small pimples but this time on my left cheek im assuming its due to my hormones acting crazy this time of month but nothing too bad and they arent very noticeable. It could also be from me forgetting to take my Monodox yesterday :)


Today I woke up with 2 pimples, one on each side of my chin grrrrrrrr!!!! I KNEW I SHOULDNT OF ATE THAT CHOCOLATE CANDY BAR :) everytime i eat chocolate i get a few zits and its sooo depressing because IM IN LOVE WITH CHOCOLATE :D Well at least there not the cystic acne i usually get but they still hurt and now im mad :D

3 months on monodox 100 mg and retin-a .1%, so far i have even more smoother skin, scars fading a tad and pores are even looking smaller. Thinking about getting some microdermabrasion done again I had it done years ago and did a great job :)

Hi everyone! Let me start off by saying ive been battling acne since the age 14 and i am now 38. Ive tried every over the counter acne product there was and finally ended up on Accutane twice but for the past 10 years my derm has perscribed Retin-a and has decided to add monodox to my regimen the last 2 months. Im FINALLY happy with my skin, its not perfect but its soooo much better than it has ever been :turtle: i went from large red swollen cystic acne that kept me up at nite they were so painful to no acne at all !!!!! I do have some scars that I hope will go away in time but over all i definitley cant complain :cool:

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