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Scar Remodeling

Hello everyone. I wanted to blog about healing scars, inside and out.

First I'll talk about healing from the outside in terms of what i have been doing. First, I went to see a tattoo artist who performs a needling procedure where ever there are scars. It is supposed to work at breaking up the the fibers that are pulling down underneath your skin and producing the scars. You may go for more than one round depending on the type and severity of your scarring. It is a cumulative effect and as time goes on, and as your collagen continues to grow, the scars are supposed to fill in, little by little. I have gone once and I can honestly say there was improvement. He then gave me some links to check out on this site and I have discovered some other methods of dealing with scars and another place I would also like to check out for scar therapy. I also think I will definitely make another trip out to see Frank, the tattoo artist who performed the needling procedure on my face.

Frank owns a day spa called Transitions and it's located in Carmel, NY. The phone number is: (845) 225-0400

Also, I want to say that healing on the inside is just as important. It is important to not obsess about how bad your face looks, (although I know this can be hard), it's important that you avoid this. Instead, picture your face healing, and know inside your heart, that you will have it resolved. Know and feel that your face is looking better everyday. With this sort of positive attitude, things will start going your way. This will also make you feel better inside, less stress, and this will help your face look better anyways. I also have tried some supplements that are making me healthier and happier. If anyone need any information, don't hesitate to email me, I will answer your questions as soon as possible. Good luck, and my love to you all.



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