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    So iv'e struggled with cystic acne for 3 years now. I'm currently 15 and my acne is not very severe but I have about two- four cystic acne's on my face constantly. I haven't tried prescriptions or pills because I am too hesitant to ask my parents. I currently have a bunch of acne products but none of them work that well and I hate wearing makeup to cover my acne. Everywhere i've read tells me to go see a derm and get a cortisone shot but they are pretty pricey and again i'm too hesitant to ask my parents. I haven't consulted a derm for that reason too. Iv'e tried everything and it is so frustrating when nothing works. If anyone has any suggestions for regular cystic acne creams that ACTUALLY WORK please leave them bellow :)

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    Hey y'all. I haven't taken herbal supplements in a few days (this is my 3rd day). On my last blog I included my newest skin mask ingredients (no probiotics, no colloidal silver) just manuka honey, cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg on a damp face. That will be my day when I get home from work, along with doing dishes, making tea and meal prepping.

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    I have recently been drinking Dr Stuart's skin purify tea which is very cheap and can be bought from Holland and Barrett. I'm on day two and I think this is doing the trick from reaching deep inside the skin and purifying it, it's slowly turning all my closed comedones into red spots which means it's eventually going to go away And has cleared the root of the problem from under the skin. The baking soda was working however I realised that it wasn't fixing the root problem of the closed comedones so I'm going to see if this tea helps with the root cause of closed comedones from under the skin.

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    So it has been 5 days since my original post. I know it is still too early to really see a big difference, but I feel that my skin appears less oily throughout the day. I also think that my acne hasn't gotten any worse. I will say I had some new pimples come up, but they haven't been too painful or caused major swelling. Still frequently having to pee. 

  4. It's been a while. I don't really see any particular difference from the TCA cross that I've done two months ago aside from the treated skin looking...darker? I am excited to do microneedling during the winter though. I don't think I can do it in the summer just because it's too hot.

    Acne sucks and acne scarring sucks so much. As if acne itself was not enough of a suffering, acne scarring just makes everything so much worse than it already is. I hate being under direct light because that makes my scars so much more conspicuous. *sigh



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    It has been my 6th day using this pill. Well a few days back i had a couple of initial breakouts and today it got worst. I know it has only been 6 days but lts just stay posiitive alright. cheers !

  6. Continuing from the last post, after going to see the dermatologist, he immediately agreed that I should go on accutane. He gave me a prescription of 40mg of isotretinoin to take every other day. However, I just got my blood test done today and will be taking my first pill later this evening. The reason being that I was on a 2 week vacation and my parents thought taking the medicine on vacation might not be the smartest idea, since your skin is more sensitive to sunlight. So, from now on, I will be starting a weekly or monthly update on my skin, side effects, and the products I will be using. Keep in mind I am no where near an expert, and if anyone has any advice from me, I'd be more than happy to accept it. Stay tuned!

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    Okay, so, rough week, my face started to hurt and then just started peeling really bad. You can't wash your face or exfoliate at all or it will just keep peeling. I have dandruff now and I have never had dandruff in my life. I've had a good amount of break outs underneath my peeling also. Some very deep pimples, a lot of dried out white heads and black heads are falling out, but also a lot of plain old white heads popping up everywhere. It's not just my face that is peeling, it's my ears and everything. My lips are VERY chapped. Water is everything, you have to stay hydrated or it just really sucks. I use coconut oil on my face and scalp at night and during the day I either use purpose moisturizer or aveeno. I have coconut Chapstick from target, super hydrating. I'm posting two pictures, the first one is my first day on the meds and the second one is one week in. 



  8. For my current regimen -->

    Hi All!

    So it has been 2 weeks since i started the topical skin care regimen that the dermatologist recommended, so far so good. I was still having some huge break out especially on my chin! But it calms down and comes to head after a day or 2. it was mostly because of lack of sleep and bad eating habits. Recently, i slip off of my usual non dairy diet. i got so stressed out because of acne and you know, i eat the stress out. haha. Also, before, I always consume lots of greens in the morning. now, i got kind of lazy. But i'm planning to come back to that as I know that it will help my skin. As of now, I can say that I'm 50% clearer than Day1. not so much of a leap from last week, but it was ok, the breakouts are not as crazy. as of now, i just have like 5 or so active ones. its mostly on my chin -.- 

    During my last derma session, she prescribed me a pill. She said it will help control my breakout (despite the bad eating habits and lack of sleep). It was a Glutathione pill (500mg). yes! the one that can make your skin whiter and fairer! (err, many girls/guys on my country loves to get whiter skin). I was kind of hesitant to get it at first, but i bought it, since their products are pretty good. Before swallowing the first pill, i did my research (googling :P ) As many of us know, its an anti oxidant. its actually considered as the "master anti-oxidant". i can't explain everything, u can check here instead --> Bottomline, it is good for acne prone skin. So i gave it a try.  Recommendation to me was to take it once a day. I did, and man! it made me so gassy! hahahha. but to be honest, I'm still not sure if its really helping to control my breakout. I do see improvements, i just cant conclude yet if its because of the gluta or just my skin regimen working, or maybe both. I will still continue with it, I actually read/watched some testimonies about glutathione helping with acne and plus, adding some dose of anti oxidant won't hurt!

    My face is pretty clear now in terms of active breakout, but its still reddish due to scarring. Also, underneath bumps are mostly gone now, I'm just having it along my jaw and chin (again). Biggest success as of now is my forehed! haha. its like 90% clear now, no scarring there as well :D  I will continue to update here for progress. thanks, and hope this helps! 

  9. I just wanted to post pics I took today on Day 19.

    I didn't takeep pics on day 1 because I just couldnt. 

    As you can see from these pics the outside of my face/jaw is purging and is the worst. My skin seems to be clearing from the inside out!

    Ps. Sorry for poor quality photos, I was trying to be discrete lolScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-53.pngScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-50.pngScreenshot_2016-08-21-14-06-57.png


  10. Ok, so I haven't posted in a while as nothing much has been going on. I have kind of lost track of the days and weeks but I am in month 5 now and would say up until now I had no real noticeable improvement. I woke up the other morning and it seemed overnight things have significantly got better. My forehead is amazing seriously. The red marks I have have faded slightly and my skin seems smoother in general. Still some stubborn bits on my jawline and I had a bigish spot on my cheek that is just healing as you can see in the pic. I have noticed my lips are more painful when they split and my skin on my face feels drier than it has done in places. I know this med is very unpredictable but hopefully this is the beginning of seeing results!


  11. Acne and pimples are one of the most annoying thing that not only embarrass you but also cause huge pain. Most of the girls have to go through with this pesky condition and few people have to constantly battle with this problem. Due to over usage of chemical based creams and lotions these pimples get worse as they treat pimples but also damage your skin badly. So what should you to for pimple treatment? Well, there are number sites have been developed and allows you to watch number of pimple popping videos for easy yet simple pimple popping treatments. By watching these videos you can simply learn how to deal with these pimples and get rid of them with bearing much pain. These portals come up with the best natural home remedies to treat the cause of pimples, acne, blackheads or whiteheads without causing any harm to your sensitive skin.

    Here are few best natural home remedies that allow you to treat your pimple with leaving any acne mark:-

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    ●Honey Pack:- Message you acne, pimple,and blackheads with honey as it has great acne fighting property that help you to erase all the germs from your skin. Take it orally or apply it as a pack for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of these pesky conditions. Being an effective natural antiseptic ingredient, honey can quickly treats acne.

    ●Baking Soda :- Mix baking soda and water in equal ration to create a fine paste and apply it on the acne. Baking soda is one of the fastest acne treatment ingredients that allows you to get rid of these painful red bumps with a less painful method.

    Aside using these natural ingredients you can watch popping cysts videos for popping big pimples more accurately. By watching these videos, you can learn a simple and easy pimple popping methods that will heal your pimple fast and minimize the risk of the scar.
  12. Nothing exciting to report, I honestly think my face looks the same. Had a few new breakouts (getting more on the left side of my face) and at this point I’ve accepted them, they don’t seem to stopping so that sucks. It is my first day of the upped dosage of the Spiro, that my last ditch effort before starting Accutane in a month. Looked in my bathroom mirror the other day with makeup on and it was bad. Acne is getting old and I am very frustrated these two medications are not helping me.

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    It's day 15 on my Clindamycin/ Adapalene regimine and the initial breakout has not been bad at all. Honestly, not much different than what my skin looked like before I started this treatment. I hope it's working. I stopped taking the doxycycline because I didn't feel like it was necessary. I just can't wait to start seeing results! Hoping the initial breakout stays this mild. 

  14. Day 29

    • When I woke up my skin looked better than the night before (I had a major whitehead breakout on my chin on day 28)
    • I still had a few whiteheads on my chin but resisted popping
    • My skin was super dry and flaky this day. Not sure why. I applied a little extra moisturizer today.

    Day 30
    • Ill take a photo of my skin tomorrow morning and eventually post to show my before and after (1 month progress)
    • My skin is showing steady improvement everywhere except my chin. idk whats going on there but theres just whiteheads there every night that i have to put hydrocolloid bandaids on. They are drained when i wake up in the morning, but by the evening there are always more,
    • i MIGHT have forgotten to take my doxycycline today. Right before i went to bed i honestly couldnt remember if I had taken it that day

    Day 31
    • Same as yesterday. 
    • forehead and cheeks improving
    • chin looks a mess. lots of whiteheads that im trying to manage.

    Day 32
    • Forhead is arguably completely clear (little to no acne marks!!)
    • Cheeks completely clear besides plenty of old marks
    • better than day 31 but still struggling. Lots of redness and a few whiteheads that wont stay away
    • Ended up taking a picture of my skin. I will post soon (next week?)

    Day 33
    • No new whiteheads today! Yay!
    • Tons of new hyper pigmentation on my chin from this breakout :(

    Day 34-35 coming soon
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    My skin is breaking out on my face while on accutane! Not a lot, but it is still breaking out and clearing up less. It is also less dry and more oily. I'm worried the accutane is not working anymore. I went through quite a stressful time so that could be why I am breaking out, but I am still very unimpressed with how it is looking. Really praying. 

  16. In this initial post, I want to share my origin story with acne. I think it's important for everyone to note the causes of their acne (when and why it started) in order for them to find the most effective treatment. I will then share my treatment philosophy following the origin story.

    In the next entry, I will post a break down of my goals as well as possible obstacles I might face. 


    Like a lot of people, I had clear skin in high school. My skin care routine was to wash my face twice a day with just water and a towel. I had break outs maybe once or twice a month. My diet included a healthy mix of vegetables, meat, grains, fruits. My parents strictly prohibited sugary drinks and we rarely ate processed food. I also drank a lot of green tea. I didn't have to think much about my skin. 

    When I was 17, I had a yearly check-up with my doctor. I just so happened to have a couple break outs on my face on that day. My doctor noticed it and prescribed me a strong benzoyl peroxide wash, clindamycin (a topical antibiotic), and topical Retin-A (speeds up regeneration of cells). I didn't question it. I didn't think there was any harm in using these medications so I applied them religiously as my doctor instructed. I used these three medications daily for the following year. The summer before college started, I was running out of the medications. I never had the time to get them refilled. Plus, my skin was looking amazing so I didn't care.

    College classes were starting and I decided to dabble more in make up. I started using more products on my face; face washes, make up removers, oils, strips, foundations, primers. This is when the break outs began. And I no longer had my medications, nor did my insurance cover these medications any longer. It started with one or two on my cheek. And over the course of the year, it spread from one cheek to the other. And now in my second year of college, it has spread to my forehead, chin, temples. It's everywhere. It's inflamed, red, scarred, pigmented. I can't leave the house without concealer. My confidence has plummeted. It's devastating. And for most of us on this website, I'm sure you understand how crushing it is to wake up, look in the mirror and want to be someone else. 

    Over the course of these two years, only two things have provided a significant improvement in my skin; 
    1. Severe diet restriction (this is when I had money issues and couldn't afford much food. Mostly peanut butter sandwiches, brown rice, tomatoes, eggs, fruit, very small meals)
    And daily exercise
    2. No make-up, No products  (just a dime-sized amount of cerave wash twice a day and organic cold-pressed sunflower oil for moisturizer)

    At its current state, my skin is the worst it's ever been. It saw improvement last year but I fell back into my old ways and it got much worse. After a lot of reflecting about my skin history, I can safely attribute my skin's sensitivity with the prolonged use of prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics and Retin-A followed by immense stress from school, the exposure of hundreds of different chemicals through skin products, and finally, a major change in sleep, diet, overall lifestyle due to my leaving the care of my parents. 

    The Treatment Philosophy: 

    I spend a lot of my free time researching acne treatments. I've done oil cleansing, watching ph, acv, lotion p50, glycolic acid, clay masks. Nothing worked. I realized I was looking for a quick fix, a magic potion. But nothing was going to magically cure my skin.

    Because of my specific skin history, I decided the best treatment for me will be topical probiotics and holistic health. I decided on this approach after learning more about microbiomes from Chris Kresser, a famous advocate for the paleo lifestyle and holistic healing. Here is an article from his website about skin microbiota. His approach to skin (and overall health) is to treat it as an ecosystem, populated by several bacterial strains; some bad and some good. In the article, he promotes a company called Mother Dirt (I'm not sponsored). Mother Dirt backs up their products with real undeniable evidence. Why is acne a virtually non-existent health issue in hunter-gatherer societies that still thrive today? They don't use products and their skin contains good bacteria. The argument they make is that the micro-organisms that make up a healthy skin ecosystem are wiped out by modern day "skin care" products. It just makes sense. The science behind microbiomes is growing and I encourage everyone to research and educate themselves. I have done the homework and I recently purchased Mother Dirt's AO Mist, a LIVE probiotic spray. I have only begun using it for a few days but the results are unbelievable. I am not promoting this product as the fix-all, magic potion. It may not work for you. Please evaluate carefully your skin history and overall health. But for my purposes, the AO Mist is indispensable. My skin is far from cured but it is making progress. 

    The second angle to my treatment is to consider my holistic health; in other words, my health as a whole. Every aspect of my life must be considered; diet, sleep, environment, mental health, exercise. In order to be the most effective, I have adopted a lifestyle change that I support and have done extensive research on; the paleo diet. There are some personal modifications I've made to better fit my personal needs but in summary my diet will include foods that existed pre-agricultural revolution; organic, non-gmo, whole, nutrient dense foods. I will reincorporate as much exercise as I can, consisting of interval cardio and strength building. As for mental health (which could honestly be a blog on it's own), I will reincorporate therapy, meditation, journaling, positive thinking and I will work to build healthy, supportive networks. I will dedicate time to create aesthetically pleasing, clean, organized and safe spaces within my apartment. I will prioritize sleep and health as the school year begins. 

    Finally, I want to acknowledge the readers of my blog. Please feel free to follow, share, comment. Success will not be possible without a supportive network. This blog is very methodological but I also want this space to be uplifting and positive! Please spread the love! Thank you  - C.

  17. I went to the dermo today. Here is my updated skin care routine:

    Morning- Wash with Water
    After Running/Afternoon- Wash sometimes with water/or clindamicin (is that how you spell it)
    Night- Sulfur Wash in the shower, lotion after (CeraVe), and then Epiduo, I also take one 200mg pill of Doryyx (which is doxycycline)

    My face stings a lot, so I think I am going to have to go slow with the epiduo and use a lot of moisturizer. The pills are GIANT and I have a tough time with pills anyway. But I am willing to fight through it if it means clear skin.

    My birthday is January 17. My goal is for my skin to be clear.

  18. 15 weeks on Accutane. Wowsers. Still remember the drama/fear of taking my first pill (and so does my poor fiance lol!)

    • Acne Update - CLEAR. Since last week, no new breakouts and am clear. Don't want to jinx it but hoping it'll stay! Sking is very red though and dry around the chin area where I had a breakout last week.
    • Dryness - Sudacrem was not a good idea! Didn't help at all. Sticking to normal hand creams and praying for the best.
    • Lips - Cracked corners and peely lips galore. Not drinking enough water anymore need to get back on it!
    • Toilet Problem - After being fine for almost a month - problem is BACK :@ BOO!!!!!!
    • Aches and Pains - No complaints.
    • Tiredness - Immense exhaustion. No amount of sleep is enough. No energy to proactively do things. Struggle to get out of bed in mornings. (Could also be that time of the month though ;))

    Been trying to eat healthy for my cholestrol as need to go for my bloods next week. Have cut back on dairy, fried foods and other high saturated fatty foods - Basically all the good stuff. Having fruits and nuts in between meals. Hopefully it helps! 

    In summary - happy with my skin but soooooooo sick of the nasty side effects that come with Accutane. I can firmly say it definitely does what it is supposed to, but it comes with other issues. I personally have struggled with those issues - because I didn't quite expect them to this extent. Being on these pills for so long really can make you feel down and many may argue it is 'self-inflicted' but at the end of the day like I said in my very first post was that it boils down the individual. Only acne sufferers will know the pain that comes struggling with acne day in day day out. It really does come down to a case of you as an individual weighing out for yourself the pro's and cons of accutane against the current struggle you have with Acne.

    At the 15 week mark - I personally am glad I tried Accutane as I know I exhausted all other possible options before I took the plunge. My skin had reached an unbearable peak of Acne which for me made me feel just as bad as I do taking Accutane - except that Accutane is improving my skin so it is worth it. Just hoping it remains a long term solution!!

    P.S will try uploading some pics next week to show progress.
  19. This is a really long entry documenting my experience/journey with subcision. Subcision part is in bold. *



    I've had acne since i was about 13 years old. I'm currently 25 years old and throughout the years I've learned how to minimize my acne to the best of my ability. My father had really bad acne growing up as did I. Experts say that acne has nothing to do with diet, however I tend to disagree. I've lived with it for more than ten years now and it wasn't until recently that I've learned so much about it. 
    Carbohydrates, alcohol, dairy, gluten, stress and lack of sleep are all contributors to my acne. My diet is pretty clean so the breakouts are not like they used to be however I still have acne scars. 

    Anyways, on to the  acne scars.. 
    I believe it was in 2014 when I started looking into working on my scars. Initially i tried chemical peels such as TCA peels (in different strengths) and they helped with my appearance as they helped with shedding of the older skin and revealing newer skin so i had less breakouts. I didn't know that the chemical peels were not helping the scars very much. 

    Then I discovered that the scars would need to be addressed subdermal and bought a ninety dollar Micro needling pen on eBay (MyM I believe). The idea behind the micro needling is to use the needles to break up the collagen fibers underneath the scar so they can remodel and fill in. 
    So I continued to use the micro needling pen as i saw some (not much improvement) and figured that I would need a stronger Micro needling device because maybe the needles weren’t penetrating the skin the way they should be so then in 2015 I purchased the “Derminator” from vaughter wellness (owndoc) and noticed the difference in the design of the system. Again, I saw some minor improvements in my skin with the use of one needle “2.25mm” setting. After about a year’s worth of use, I eventually realized that a lot of the “improvements” may have been some temporary swelling so I was a bit disappointed.


    It wasn’t until about May 2016 or so that I realized that I would need help. Help from a professional as my acne scars were a bit deeper than the average and would need to be medically treated. I’ve looked into treatments such as fillers, laser,TCA Cross, micro needling and subcision and found that subcision would be my best option for the type of scars that I had. After watching so many different acne scar videos, reading different reviews on, I finally built up the courage in July 2016 to set up a consultation with Dr. John Burns in Dallas (plastic surgeon) as he was one of the few doctors who performed subcision for acne scars. We set up an appointment to have subcision for my acne scars on August 8th, 2016.


    Weeks prior to the subcision treatment, my skin was relatively clear (aside from the scars) that I didn’t mind what I ate too much as I was a bit too comfortable in my own skin that I had a few breakouts because of the trail mix I ate (m&m’s, peanuts, etc). So I had a week or so to really clean up my diet, get some good sleep to heal the skin prior to the treatment.

    So on Monday, August 8th, 2016, I drove to Dallas (approx. 45 min) for my treatment. Nurse prepped me by numbing the skin through the five injections. Then Dr. Burns went to work on my skin. It felt a little strange as I’ve never been this numb on my face before. Dr. Burns would ask if I felt anything and I told him surprisingly I couldn’t really feel anything. The subcision treatment looks pretty intense but fortunately the nurse did a good job with numbing my face that it was painless. I did hear the noise from what sounded like the breaking  of the collagen fibers under the skin. The whole process was approximately an hour from start to finish and I paid $500.00. I was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone (steroid). My face was red and swollen and it was difficult to blink my eyes as I was pretty numb, but the blinking wasn’t a big deal, it was the driving part that was difficult because of my vision (I drive a stick shift car and needed both hands).

    Later  approximately three to four hours after the procedure the numb was starting to wear off and I began to feel a lot of pain. The pain was in my cheeks and in my head (headache). It hurt pretty bad but after I had some food, my prescription and took an antibiotic and some ibuprofen I felt much better and really no pain since this treatment day.


    Tuesday, Day 1 I looked like a chipmunk as my cheeks were completely swollen and my face resembled that of Quagmire from family guy’s.  On Thursday, day 3, I still had some swelling and the bruising started to settle as I developed a “black eye” from the bruising. Perhaps if I really needed to go back to work I could have but I took the next three days as “sick days” to heal more comfortably. By Saturday, day 5, I was back at work and really the main side effect I had was a black eye and some minor swelling on my left and a lump on my right cheek. You can still see the scabs from where the needles were inserted (two points) on both sides of my face but it’s not a big deal.


    Today is Wednesday, day 9 and the swelling on my left cheek is nearly gone, the “black eye” is not as bad and the lump on my right cheek is still there but not as large. I’m thinking the lump will eventually go away with by a few more weeks. The lump on my right side is a bit hard to the touch but as of right now I’m not too worried about it. I just had an intense treatment last week and my body is doing what it needs to do to repair itself. I was expecting some side effects and I’m just glad that the majority of the swelling is gone so I can deal with a minor bruise under my eye, a yellow-ish tint to skin and a small lump for a bit.


    I’ve read other user’s blogs and posts and was inspired to also document my journey so that I may help others that could use the help and that could learn from my experience and mistakes. I know that acne and acne scars are very tough to deal with as its emotionally taxing and I want to help others out because I too looked for reviews and blogs and anything and everything that I could learn from to help treat myself.


    I wanted to be thorough so that I may help answer people’s questions because I’m sure eventually you may have the specific questions and you can always look back and hopefully see what my experience in that situation was like. I’m expecting about a two month healing process before I may evaluate and consider what my next move is. I plan on having another subcision treatment done and I have a follow up on Monday, September 12th, approximately a month after. My plan is to have a few subcision treatments done to address the scarring and then get on a low dose of isotretinoin (accutane) to treat my acne and help minimize sebum production. I’m not doing both because isotretinoin has many side effects including slower wound healing which would not be a great idea if I have a subcision treatment while on isotretinoin.


    Anywho, I wish I had not broken my phone so that I may have taken higher quality photos of my skin during the healing days of subcision but these are from an iPad 2 so quality isn’t as great.


    I’ll probably write again either in a week or month, depending on when I feel it will be necessary.


  20. Screenshot_221.png

    Wearing synthetic fibers and keeping the skin clean can help prevent many cases of back acne. But, what do you do if those pimples still sneak up on you from behind? Lots of spot treatments are available, including topical gels or lotions.





    Many acne medications found at your local drugstore contain benzoyl peroxide. While it’s very effective for fighting acne, the ingredient may stain your clothing if you dress too soon after application. Be sure to allow the medication to fully absorb and dry before putting on your clothes. Other acne treatments on your chin are formulated with salicylic acid, which won’t stain your clothes. Be sure to read the product label so you know what you’re dealing with.





    What can make back acne more difficult to treat than pimples that appear on your face is obvious. Your face is exposed to sunlight, which in moderation can actually help clear up the skin. Your back, however, is covered up with clothes all day fabrics that can hold in sweat, dead skin cells and other debris.



    Use the topical medication only where you actually have breakouts. Otherwise, if treatment is ongoing or if it takes a long time, you’ll end up drying out your entire back. There are other things you can do as well many are common sense.



    Do you have long hair? Think about it your hair is touching the skin on your neck and between your shoulder blades. It can create a small sweaty spot when it’s against your cotton shirt. Either way, the contact may well be aggravating the pores on your back. So, if you find that back acne strikes too frequently, you might consider cutting your hair back to the collar line or figure out a way to prevent your hair from lying across your back.



    Removing back hair by waxing can also lead to very bothersome breakouts. Of course, we need to deal with the issue of wearing sunscreen a topic that’s on everyone’s mind these days. It makes sense that a man who has endured ugly back acne all winter will notice that sun exposure may temporarily clear up the problem. However, he needs to beware this double edged sword. Lots of sun exposure may clear up your back, but it can also scar your sensitive skin. Everything in moderation. Tanning may camouflage your breakouts during the summer months, but you may find that your back acne will be even worse when the leaves begin to fall. Use sunscreen when exposing your back  or any other part of our skin to the sun. An oil free sunscreen will protect your skin from sun, scarring and back acne.

    source :

  21.  Hey guys! My name is Elouise, I am 22 years old from London and I am officially starting my isotretinoin journey (also known as accutane and roaccutane)! 

    Just some quick info which you probably all know: Isotretinoin is an oral retinoid deriving from vitamin A which is used to treat persistent cystic acne which has not responded to previous treatments. Isotretinoin works by reducing the production of sebum in your sebaceous glands whilst shrinking the oil glands. This ultimately diminishes the acne bacteria in the skin whilst reducing inflammation. A course typically lasts 6-9 months and is found to extremely successful in curing acne.

    My acne started when I was roughly 15 and has always been moderate to severe. What started off as blackheads and whiteheads has more recently become increasingly cystic with cysts lasting up to 10 weeks and even preventing me from lying on my side or smiling without it hurting!! Over the last seven years I have used several face washes, topical creams and antibiotics from my GP, contraceptive pills, changed my diet to incorporate healthy fats and greens, cut out dairy drank 3 litres of water a day. You name it.. I have tried it! Anyone with acne will understand how disheartening it feels when every product and medication fails to cure your acne. The damage to your self-esteem and confidence is indescribable and the constant eruption of spots makes the dream of clear skin seem further and further away.

    After exhausting each and every option , my GP suggested seeing a dermatologist to be prescribed something stronger…isotretinoin. After lots of research and hours of blog reading and vlog watching I have decided to take the plunge! The side effects of this drug can be moderate to severe ranging from dry skin and lips which is the norm, bone ache, nose bleeds, dry scalp, headaches to depression and suicidal thoughts – this is VERY rare, don’t let this scare you off but do keep an eye on your moods. Monthly blood tests are compulsory to check lipids, triglycerides and liver functioning and you CANNOT get pregnant whatever you do as children can be born with birth defects (another scary fact!). Gosh this is sounding negative?!

    During my first meeting with the dermatologist he examined my skin, asked me all the routes I had previously taken and after becoming very teary and emotional from feeling hopeless in my own skin, he was 100% sure Isotretinoin will be the answer. Due to the initial breakout that is commonly caused in the first few weeks of the course, my dermatologist has started me on erythromycin – an antibiotic with great anti inflammatory agents. The aim of this is to suppress the initial breakout so hopefully I will avoid this! I have since had my first lot of blood tests and I CANNOT WAIT for the 30th of August when I pick up my first prescription of what will hopefully change my life!

    I am not expecting this to be an easy road. I have already stocked up on products to make the journey a lot easier (uber prepared!). I have also warned my boyfriend my lips will probably be too crusty to kiss LOL, but everyone is behind me as they know how much acne has trodden me down over the years.
    Despite the negatives, I am looking forward to my isotretinoin journey and I will be doing frequent updates to keep you all in the loop!

    If anybody has any questions please just ask.
    Lots of love,

    Elouise xx

  22. Wow I can't believe it's been a week and a day since I've started accutane! Today my face peeling dead skin and just overall dry. Lips dry too, but not the nose....... Yet.  Although, I did get a big pimple underneath my skin on the nose and it hurts!!!!!!!! I also got a kind of an initial breakout. I've got lots more pimples than I did. Some of them hurt too. I've also noticed that I've got joint pain. I feel like an old grandma hobbling around because her back hurts. When I stand up or sit down or move the wrong way my back HURTS!! Not very many headaches though, they're only when I don't wear sunglasses outside. 

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    Bless Cetaphil! I am so glad i decided to switch moisturizers! I can finally feel my skin now. Cetaphil definitely wins over cerave in my case as cetaphil was the only one that reduced my flakes to zero. My face is soo soft..! It is definitely oilier than the and cerave moisturizer but it does the job so I don't really mind. After a while you don't even need too much anyway. If you're facing a similar flaking problem, you should try cetaphil out. I saw results in less than a week.

    Regimen update: No new acne in the past few days, and the ones that are already there are on their way out :)

    Anybody has any suggestions for the scars/hyperpigmentation? Please let me know! thanks!

  23. Latest Entry

    The past few days have been really great days.

    I think my skin is finally calming down. I’ve learned to notice the signs of an oncoming breakout so I can stop use of whatever caused it. I’ve also learned to distinguish the difference between breakouts and purging. I’ve learned about my skin’s needs, how to pick the right products for my skin, and overall I’ve learned how to make my skin happy.

    This week has been the first that my skin hasn’t had any new pimples pop up. I of course still have a lot of scarring and hyperpigmentation, but no new pimples have come to add to my problem. My pores are noticeably shrinking. My forehead is practically clear. I’m quite happy with my progress. I’m wondering if it’s because of the fact I’ve cut dairy for almost 2 weeks now (it probably is). I’ve also begun to use more natural and gentle products that I know my face will not react poorly to and I’ve improved my day-to-day lifestyle to cater to my skin.

    I’ve been looking to switch out my moisturizer, as my current one has a lot of chemicals and a strong fragrance that I don’t want on my face. I ordered some raw unrefined shea butter in hopes that I could make my own face lotion, one that moisturizes but doesn’t irritate. However I learned that for an optimal face lotion I should also have a base oil to whip it with. I wanted argan oil, as I’d heard pretty great things about it. However I didn’t have the means to order some from online, which is what I would’ve had to do if I wanted some mediocre argan oil. So, that made me sad. But upon taking a trip into my local meijer today, I discovered that they carry it! It isn’t the best brand of course but I’ve done every test I could think of to make sure it was actually argan oil. It’s light yellow (almost clear) in color, and has a very earthy, nutty smell, which I’ve learned is what you want. It was at a reasonable price for argan oil, not dirt cheap (which I didn’t expect) but not hundreds of dollars. My shea butter comes in on Monday. I’m looking forward to making my own face lotion!

    I’ll keep you guys updated, but I’m hoping this uphill climb continues to move uphill.