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    I'm now into week five of my treatment with Differin. I just returned from a four-day camping trip and was unable to wash my face with PanOxyl or use moisturizer the entire time. I was still able to rinse my skin with water and apply Differin Gel every night though. I was very anxious about how my acne would react to this and was prepared for a big breakout, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice my face looked once I got home. My red marks have faded tremendously over the past week and I am experiencing much less drying. My skin will still flake off if I rub a T-shirt against it, but the dryness is not visible. I would also contribute a lot of improvement tot the fact that I didn't pick or pop any new pimples on the trip, a bad habit of mine. I also didn't wear a hat as much so that could have helped the bumps on my forehead. Weeks six to eight are still ahead of me so I'm hoping I'll be completely clear in about a month!

  2. Its been a week! S/o to me for keeping with my routine. Lol I was hoping to see major results by now but nah. Attached are the pictures of what my skin currently looks like. I don't think it looks any better. Maybe if you study it really closely it looks good, but idk. I am doing my weekly face mask as we speak. I will be on vacation the next 2 weeks at the beach so I can assume that the water, sweat, and sun won't do me much he;p. I am going to try my best to stick with the routine and keep you updated! Wish me luck!




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    Morning supplements: 2 magnesium, 2 spiru blue, krill oil, calcium, evening primrose, ashwagandha, tulsi holy basil, triphala, digestive enzyme and a liver kidney detox.

    Hey y'all...Oddly enough, I have not smoked weed in two days. Last time I smoked was Tuesday night. And for me, you have no idea..I have smoked every day for like a decade. I am planning to make my edibles tonight. I plan to pop on the oven, decarboxylate my weed...

    And then make some canna oil with coconut oil. And use it in warm water just like I use coconut oil in the morning... 

    What's weird is I have never decarboxylated my weed before I cooked with it. But what's also weird is I ALWAYS feel super loopy and sick when I eat edibles. So maybe that's because it hasn't been decarb'd. I'm not sure. We'll see though.

    My skin had a few new break outs this week. I was doing so good last week, what the hell!

    The skull face was my favorite photo for so long and then I thought I would share the photos of the pimp rides. Still love my 93 explorer though, Betty, she is my trusty old gal 

    today at work I drank my herbal tea like usual. Tonight I had my face mask on and put some ginger on as well after I mashed it up for tea










    Also. WTF RIGHT? Am I seriously disturbed??? Do I have green eyes??? I made a little collage of my eyes. They LOOK green. But my whole life I've been told they were hazel....?????? In your opinion, what color are my eyes?
















  4. Skin Condition

    • Per usual, my skin looks the least red in the morning
    • Lots of acne marks still on my cheeks, no surprise
    • The pimples on my lip continue to shrink and dry out
    • The three tiny whiteheads on my chin have reappeared despite popping them so I guess thats a sign not to do that again
    • I actually woke up with what i would describe as slightly OILY skin. Wow. Thats the first time that has happened since I started this treatment. It wasnt gross oily, but like, healthy oily.
    • The one pimple on my forehead is almost gone
    • The deep "underground" pimple still seems to be slowly dissapearing
    • This morning
      • I washed my face with my sulfacleanse (Im careful not to rub this in for too long because it can be drying. I dont use too much soap in the mornings)
        • I took a warm wet washcloth and GENTLY used circular motions to remove all the dry skin that needed to be shed, which wasnt much at all this morning
      • I applied a thick layer of moisturizer
      • After that dried I applied another layer of moisturizer in the areas that needed it
    • I took my doxycycline
    • I applied some makeup
      • (ive been getting into doing makeup on evenings before i go somewhere with friends)
      • I applied green primer to combat redness
      • BB cream on problem areas
      • concealer on stubborn pimples
      • light dust of translucent powder
    • Today has been my least dry day yet where the only flakes were on my upper lip.
    • The big underground pimple continues to show improvement

    • If you guys have questions or advice feel free to comment!

  5. If you are wondering how to get a glowing skin, you should read this article. No one likes to have a pimple on lip or on forehead. Every person would like to have a clear glowing skin. But, you should know that there are different skin types. People with oily skin usually have pimples and their skin has a greasy texture. People with dry skin need to be hydrated all the time if they want their skin to be glowing. There are also people with both dry skin and oily skin. Only a small number of people have normal skin which is not too dry or oily. Although it is normal skin, it needs regular cleansing and toning. You should know that all skin types have different skin problems.

     In this article we will give you some great tips for clear glowing skin. These tips are completely natural and they will provide you a better skin and a healthy life. These tips are perfect for all skin types, so let’s start.

    1. Nutritious Diet. A nutritious and balanced diet is very important for your health. It is known that digestive problems may lead to skin impurities, so a healthy diet will improve your digestion. If you want to have a clear glowing skin, you need to take in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. It is recommended to eat natural protein foods such as fish, white meat, brown rice, buckwheat and other grains, nut, vegetables like tomato and broccoli, etc. All these foods have positive effects on your skin and on your overall health. It is also recommended to eat foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These acids reduce inflammation and they are found in salmon, soybeans and walnuts. You should avoid processed foods, foods that are high in sugar and fat, because they will cause pimples, spots and other problems on your skin.


    2. Drinking Water. As you probably know, water is considered the healthiest beverage on the planet. It keeps us hydrated and it improves our overall health. Experts recommend us to drink 8 glasses of water during the day. Water will eliminate toxins and waste from your body and it will purify all the impurities on your skin. It is known that water hydrates your body and removes dirt and excess oils. You should also know that 15% of your skin is made up of water. If you drink 2 liters water daily, you won’t have wrinkles and your skin will not be dry. You will have clear glowing skin and water will also boost your immune system.


    3. Avoid The Sun.One more important tip if you want to have clear glowing skin is to avoid the sun. Although sun is an excellent source of vitamin D, the UV rays can damage the texture of your skin. If you expose your skin to UV rays too much, it may result in skin cancer, so you have to be careful. It is recommended to avoid the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. Also, you should wear clothing that will cover most of your skin or you can carry an umbrella.


    These are some of the tips that may help you have clear glowing skin. Apart from these simple tips, it is also necessary to hydrate your skin regularly, to cleanse your face with cold water twice a day and to use a toner. Skin toner will provide your skin with antioxidants, glycerine and fatty acids, so your skin will look much fresher and younger.


  6. Not much to update this week - generally speaking my symptoms have not varied much:

    • Acne Update - Fewer spots this week (maybe one or two small whiteheads which clear quickly). My skin is looking much better  - I compared photos of my skin this week to my 2nd week on Accutane and the improvement is so amazing!
    • Dryness - :( No improvement here whatsoever! My hands are getting worse. The only cream that seems to help is E45 so am sticking to that for now and drinking lots of water.
    • Lips - Cracked corners have healed thankfully.  Have found a good combo which is working well for my lips. Aquaphor first then vaseline rosy lips over this - keeps my lips nice and hydrated and soft for longer periods without needing to top up. 
    • Toilet Problem - Not much to update since last week! Making slight improvements..

    Am fairly happy with my progress apart from random crying spells I have over silly things lol. Feel overly emotional and sensitive!

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    • Acne since age 11
    • currently 18
    • acne developed from a break out here and there around my period to cheeks covered with cysts and whiteheads
    • prescriptions tried: clindamycin phosphate topical, benzoyl peroxide, tretinoin, erythromycin (antibiotic)
    • currently taking Spironolactone (month 2) and just started taking mononessa bc pill (day 7)
    • skin care routine- wash face with adovia dead sea cleansing soap using my luna mini, apply adovia dead sea mud mask (recommended by derm) moisturize with vitamin e oil, apply rezamid lotion to spots
    • diet: slowly cutting off dairy, my water intake is HORRIBLE.. have to work on that, lots of fruits and veggies.. working on maintaining a healthy sustainable diet
    • state of acne: left cheek- minor break outs, 2 lingering cysts that are shrinking down now  right cheek- a kidney bean sized cyst (that I've had for about 3 weeks), a few tiny breakouts chin- right side has a cluster of small cystic pimples left side has hyper pigmentation left over from previous breakouts forehead-  3 very small pimples near eyebrows
    • getting frustrated... its been  7 years of hell and I'm offically  over it
  7. Hello all!

    Welcome to my week three check-in! This week was an interesting week in terms of how my skin was acting. I started off the week with my normal skin, more oily than dry, which seems typical since its about 100 degrees here. The dryness did subside and I was thrilled, hoping that would become the norm for the next four months that I'm on accutane. That all changed a few days ago, halfway through my third week. My skin went back to being extremely dry. The annoying thing is the dryness will happen overnight, it isn't gradual, all of a sudden I'll wake up and barely be able to move my face since its uncomfortably  dry. I have also noticed other parts of my body getting dryer, my forearms, inside my elbows, my neck, but this week the dryness is in full force! I'm even getting dry in my armpit and bicep area! So, my skin care routine this week is involving more sensitive skin facial moisturizer. 
    On the bright side, I have noticed my acne subsiding again like it did during week one, hopefully this time it will stay away and not come back. Although, I noticed a good amount of acne coming out around my chin area which is odd since I rarely used to get acne there before. 

    This week, I included pictures of the dryness I'm experiencing on my forearms, inner elbows and armpit area. 

    Pregnancy and liver test are tomorrow followed by my doctor appointment on Monday to start month number 2! 









  8. Update 5!

    Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to update on a daily basis or post daily pictures over the past few days. I’ve been super busy. That being said, I stayed consistent with my regimen, which is cool.

    I would say that my face has been looking just a little bit better. Today’s pictures will be labeled “Day 7” which means it’s been just about a week since this new regimen has become a regular thing for me. While I do think the active acne and the scars that were already on my face have begun to die down a little bit, the number of new, smaller pimples counteracts that and makes it look like my face is making little to no progress. I had a cystic pimple on my cheek, another on my forehead, one on my temple, and one on my chin, which was really rattling and shocking for me, since I almost never get that many at once. They never fully formed, though, which is good. They’re beginning to go away and they don’t hurt anymore. Along with these cystic pimples I’ve had smaller little bumps/ clogged pores popping up on the inner portions of my cheeks and a little bit on my forehead. The small clogged pores make me think that I’m just purging since I have an AHA and a BHA in my regimen and purging is common with those. However, the cystic pimples make me think I’m also breaking out. Either way, I’ve had no explosive breakouts and everything I’ve encountered thus far has been controllable and manageable. I was expecting breakouts and purging. That doesn’t make it any more enjoyable, though.

    My mother has told me she plans on making another dermatologist appointment soon. I have mixed feelings about that. One part of me thinks it’s not a bad idea to go back now that my acne is a little more under control and get a little professional help to finally nip my acne and scars in the ass. However, another part of me remembers the last time I went, and how the expensive medications they gave me only helped for a little while and never fully cleared me up. I also don’t want anything they give me to majorly break me out, as I’m just now beginning to see improvement and improvement takes a long time to occur. So, overall, not sure how I feel about another dermatologist visit, but hey, we’ll see how it goes. If I do visit and they put me on other medication, I’ll start a new picture album specifically for tracking the progress of that medication.

    More pictures coming your way later. Have a good one.


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    Last week, after series of begging my parents, I finally went to another (most likely to be the last) dermatologist, hoping that she wouldn't say the same old; "you just need to get enough sleep, stop picking on your face bla bla bla" because Ive been told the same thing again and again and I have been suffering from severe acne for more than 3 years now. Tried heaps of medications from different dermatologists (topical and pills) which never worked on my acne. My acne hurts and it seems really inflamed.

    My new dermatologist prescribed me Accutane* 20mg (2 x a day), Doxycycline (2 x a day) and Retin-A. She also did a 10% TCA Peel on me, that day.
    My gynaecologist mentioned that the root cause of my acne is Polycystic Ovaries (PCO). He prescribed me Diane 35 (anti-androgen).

    Im on my 6th day of Isotretinoin and I haven't noticed any improvement at all. In fact, I feel like its getting worse! Im breaking out more and my acnes are hurting! They're big, red and inflamed, too. It seems like they're buried deep within the skin. Im getting pretty worried. Is this supposed to happen???

    A few side effects I noticed in the past few days are extremely dry lips (painful, too) and dry eyes.

    *Yes, I am aware of the side effects and consequences of consuming Isotretinoin.


  9. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in my first year in college when my acne started clearing up and I saw how bad my scars are. I was 17 at the time.

    Going to college was something I was very excited about but I felt really conscious going in, which is why I decided to have my first dermaroller treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to show, as I didn’t document my scars before, and come on, my phone at the time, I think was a Motorola Razr, and with the phone’s camera quality at the time, my skin would have looked perfect, even up close!

    Anyway, so I had one treatment but didn’t push for a second because of the downtime. I was really red afterwards for about 3 to 4 days. So that was that.

    Fast forward to now, I am already in my late 20s, and I made myself a promise to get my scars treated. I went to a skin clinic last April 10 to consult with a dermatologist, and right then and there, I had my first dermapen treatment.

    The dermapen has the same concept as the dermaroller except that the dermapen is automated and the needles go in and out of the skin (like the dermastamp), as opposed to the dermaroller, which is literally a roller, which has needles in it.

    So EMLA cream was applied on my face and left for an hour. After an hour, the dermatologist wiped down my face and proceeded with the treatment. The treatment only took about 20-30 minutes. She put serum on my right cheek, treated the area and then applied the serum again. She did the same on my left cheek, which was followed by my forehead, chin and nose.

    The procedure was bloody but wasn’t painful at all.

    These are my photos:

    Right cheek (Left photo before the procedure, right photo 5 days after the procedure)

    You can see that the procedure helped my pores a little bit, though it didn’t do much for the scars, which is expected given that this was only my first dermapen treatment.

    Left cheek (Left photo before the procedure, right photo 5 days after the procedure)
    First 1.jpg

    In the right photo, my left cheek shows a significant improvement, but I would be honest and say that it’s probably just because of the lighting. The scars are still there.

    As you can see, I have tons of ice pick and boxcar scars. I also have rolling scars near my jaw, though the photos don’t really show them. The first dermapen treatment did not do much, as expected. With these kinds of scars, I would have to go through several sessions and undergo various kinds of treatments.

    However, I can say that my skin, overall, did look good a few days after the treatment. My pores improved a bit, the breakouts were gone and because there’s micropeeling, my blemishes also lightened.


  10. Rebekah

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    This is an honest "blog" about trying Accutane/Isotretinoin and everything that comes with it (and I mean everything). Before taking this medication, I talked to so many people about it and what they thought and only one friend I talked to out of the few who have taken it, gave me the down and dirty details of her experience and THAT is what I wanted to know. Yes, the pregnancy shit is scary with how much they stress about it but I wanted to know the everyday experience of taking it because let's be honest, that laundry list of "common" side effects is NO joke. 

    I'm a female, 23, with some-what of a healthy diet (I love sweets too much) who has struggled with acne since I was 14. I have tried everything from all types of over the counter faces washes, non-hypoallergenic soaps, DIY Pintrest facial cleansers, several types of antibiotics and prescription face creams. I have ADHD and anxiety which I'm sure plays a huge role in how much I worry about my acne but it's gotten to the point where I only wash my hair flipped over (never letting shampoo touch my back), switching out my pillow cases 3 times a week, never wearing the same shirt twice without washing it and cleaning my make-up brushes 1-2 times a week and I STILL struggle with bad acne. My boyfriend has always been supportive and there for me but I would find myself crying at night or letting him run into the store while I waited in the car because I was so embarrassed.

    Hopefully, this is the longest post I will write (sorry for the ramble). I don't have anything more recent but here are some photos of what my Acne was like on June 26, 2016 (about a month ago). I don't think my acne has changed all that from what it is now.




  11. Face acne or a pimple are the common problems these days for all age people. This has become a major problem for many reasons that make you feel less confident during some important occasions. This is the truth that our face is our major personality and having acne marks can spoil the beauty of your face. These pimples and acne marks become a hindrance to eyes of the people seeing the face. But you don't worry with the help of this blog you can learn some of the quickest ways to get rid of these problems.

    To get rid of pimple scars quickly, you need to follow two-course natural remedial actions. Healing from inside is equally importing as healing it from outside. 

    Here are some tips that will provide your outside protection:-

    Dietary Remedies:-

    Human skin has magical healing ability but there are certain foods that can expedite the healing process and remove the skin scars more quickly. A balanced and nutritious diet is the key to removing scar from your skin. So learn what you should eat and what not for removing pimple scar.

    ●Soy products like soy milk and soy cheese contain genistein that blocks the enzymes that damage and age the skin.

    ●Serve healthy green leafy vegetables in your platter such as spinach, cabbage, and kale which are a good source of vitamin C and antioxidant. These green vegetable can help you to keep your skin healthy and glowy too.

    ●Beans are a rich source of hyaluronic acid which has anti-aging properties. Include broad or butter beans in your diet from removing and healing the pimple scar in short time.

    Topical Remedies:-

    There are plenty of topical remedies that can help naturally reduce the appearance of scars, lighten dark spots and also smooth out the texture of the skin. Some remedies might work for you while some not but be patient while trying these natural remedies as they will not instantly remove the scar. Furthermore, you can also watch out biggest pimple popping videos to learn how to apply these remedies. Apply them frequently for best results.

    Lemon Juice

    You can use lemon juice for removing and lightening the acne scars. Lemon juice has a natural bleaching agent and astringent. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in reproduce the collagen in your skin that can improve and control the overall elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars. Apply this frequently for fading out dark spots.

    ● Egg White

    Eggs whites are a great source of protein that also help in rebuilding the collagen and accelerate the healing of your acne scars.

  12. I'm thinking about giving my skin a rest from Tazorac for a few weeks. I've been back on it for I'm guessing about 3 months now. Although my forehead has gotten relatively clear, the cysts and spots around my jawline and neck haven't lessened at all. The reason I want to stop is because I'm so tired of the skin around my mouth and nose peeling all the time!! I can only get about 1 hour of makeup wear, and then the foundation starts to flake off. And even when I don't wear makeup, by midday I'll notice the skin around my mouth and tip of my nose flaking off. UGH!
    I recall having this experience during my first round of Tazorac over a year ago, but I could swear it only lasted about 2 weeks. This has been going on for over a month and I'm so tired of it. Before totally abandoning it though I'm going to avoid application onto those areas for a few days and see if that helps.
    I made an appt. with my derm, but unfortunately it's not going to be until Sept. 1st. Hopefully my skin doesn't start getting too bad; I just got my order of the Botanics Facial Oil. I've read a ton of great reviews about it balancing oily skin while also providing hydration, so hopefully I have that luck without breaking out too much.

  13. I was suffering from a bad acne ,I tried many things face wash ,moisturizer ,creams,but nothing really worked .
    Then one day i took best decision of my life and that is to REMOVE DAIRY FROM YOUR DIET COMPLETELY !!!! 
    yes COMPLETELY!!!! You will see a  great improvement in your skin after 2 weeks .
    One more thing you need to clear your system ,you need to purify your blood so 
    every morning after waking up go to your kitchen cut half lemon mix it in 1 glass of luke warm water and drink it regularly
     and do not eat of drink anything for 20 min after drinking lemon water.
    Just try this Friends and i hope you will see a great difference.

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    I received the kit in the mail and started the regimen today. The only outside product I added in was some organic jojoba oil (not from the store) that I mixed a couple drops of into the moisturizer. I tried to follow the instructions exactly. One thing that may affect my results is that I do wear makeup any time I leave my house (mainly BB cream); it seemed like the cleanser managed to remove it, though, which I'm happy about as that hopefully means I won't have to use any makeup-removing product outside of the regimen.

    I'll be attaching some pictures I took of my skin this morning that will serve as my official "before" photos. I plan to check in once a week with updated photos and anything of note. Of course, I don't expect to see major improvements for at least a few weeks (if not longer).

    The only thing I did notice was that, when I applied the treatment for the first time earlier (just a bit, as suggested) my eyes stung and watered a bit, though I did make sure to keep the products away from the eye area; my actual skin felt fine, however. It may be because I have been using Epiduo (which has 2.5% bp) so my skin is already somewhat accustomed to benzoyl peroxide. Speaking of that, I thought I would briefly talk about my acne and what treatments I've used in the past.

    I had pretty clear skin all my life until maybe early 2012. My main problems were a cluster of closed comedones on the left side of my forehead (not sure why it was mainly that side), cystic acne on my jaw and chin, and a smattering of whiteheads (there would always be a few on random parts of my face). My skin was also just red and inflamed in general (it was so bad, the first time my grandmother saw me without makeup she thought I was having an allergic reaction). Much worse than what you see in the photos here. I tried a bunch of products and listened to the advice of others, but nothing seemed to work.
    Finally in the spring of 2013, I went to a dermatologist and she immediately prescribed an oral antibiotic (doxycycline) and a topical gel (Epiduo). After a month, my skin had improved drastically and I was really happy. Over time, the dosage of the antibiotic changed and the frequency of the topical application increased as recommended by my derm.

    Eventually, I was weaned off of the antibiotic but continued to use the topical twice daily. My skin was fine for the first few months after this, but then my skin slowly returned to its former state. I blame a combination of going off the antibiotic (mainly as far as the inflammation and cystic acne, which I think is an internal issue) and not using the topical as often as I should have (mostly because I went through it so quickly and it cost me like $70 copay for a 45 g tube).

    Regardless, I tried to find another more realistic long-term solution, as I knew I could not continue to take antibiotics for the rest of my life and the topical was too expensive to be used as much as needed to be effective. I heard about how dairy can cause inflammation and acne and decided to adopt a plant-based diet in June of 2015. Of course, there isn't a lot of hard evidence that diet is linked to acne, but I figured it couldn't hurt. And I actually saw improvement; my skin wasn't as clear as it had been in at its peak, but my inflammation and cystic acne subsided. I used different products, but I didn't think any of them were that great. I have continued to use Epiduo infrequently.

    Recently, however, my skin has started to worsen again. I did go off of my plant-based diet in June of this year (because my urge to eat bad food trumped my reason, honestly), but I noticed a change even before then. I decided to try to nip this in the bud before it got too bad again. I did more research and discovered the regimen (or re-discovered, as I had found it before but ultimately didn't try it at the time). I figured the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment was the next best thing to Epiduo (which is 2.5% bp + 0.1% adapalene) and much more affordable, so I bought the kit. I decided to use my remaining Epiduo gel over the past week as I waited for my products, both to use it up and to try to preemptively get my skin accustomed to benzoyl peroxide. My skin started flaking as I expected, and my acne actually looks a bit better than it did a week ago. So that's something to keep in mind as you see the photos of my skin today.

    Which brings me to now. I've obviously just started the regimen and am also working on returning to my plant-based diet (both for my skin and overall health). I hope to see good results, and will post again next week.




  14. About my 5 month mark on Thursday, and Just had some very bad sunburn for the past 4 days, with blisters and everything !!! I love the sun but don't plan on messsing with he sun anymore until I'm off this medicine. I'm currently on 40 mg a day and have only been on that for 1 month. Next month will be my second month of 40 mg and will be on the medicine at least 8 months maybe longer. Since I had some problems with white blood cell counts in the beginning. But still never thought I'd come this far! If I didn't pick my skin as much I'm sure it would be looking a lot better at this time! Can't wait till the day when I will have absolutely nothing to pick at. 

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    Two rounds of acutane and eight years later I still have terrible acne. I've had it for as long as I can remember. When I was 13 I took my first round acutane and it worked wonders I had clear skin for maybe 2 years after that. I then began making my rounds through every drugstore and high end acne product out there to start the battle again, seeing dermatologists and always being prescribed retina which for me just makes my skin hurt. Finally I endured another round of acutane at 18, this time my face didn't clear up as well but it was manageable and I could go a couple weeks without a breakout which was great! Now 3 years later within about an eight week time span I'm back where I started, huge pustules cover my cheeks and jaw line, and the rest of my face has closed comodones. I went to the doctor and was prescribed doxycycline, she says to come back in a month to check on my progress. I feel like I need acutane again but I'm terrified of the dry scale like skin. I'm an adult now with a good job and I can't help but feel like everyone looking at me is assuming I'm a dirty teenager with my terrible skin. I take such good care of skin, all non comedegenic products, never sleep in makeup, 90% of my skin care is natural and yet the acne keeps coming. I can't leave the house without makeup, I haven't made eye contact with my roommate in weeks. I feel like I'm struggling to feel and look human lately. Not only does my face hurt but I'm emotionally hurting from acne. Every time I look in the mirror I see new bumps. My boyfriend tells me it's ok I'm still pretty. And then family members are always pointing it out. Everyone wants to recommend me products I've tried as if I don't try to treat it. I avoid going out its so bad and makeup doesn't do anything but make my skin crawl. It's taking a much bigger toll on my emotions as an adult than it ever did as a teen. And I'm just not sure how to cope as of late. :(

  15. So I wanted to do an entry with a more complete list of my skincare regiment.



    Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser (LOVE this product)

    Cetaphil moisturizing cream (only use a little as it is very thick- a little goes a long way!)


    Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 (I only wear this if I know I am going to be spending a lot of time outside)

    ***since the Epiduo is very drying I want to properly moisturize my skin to keep it from peeling so if I know I am going outside I will apply a VERY little amount of the Cetaphil lotion let it sit for 10 minutes and then apply the Mario Bradesco moisturizer with sunscreen---usually a more generous amount so I don’t have to reapply. And let that sit for another 10 minutes and then I apply primer and my foundation***



    Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser (ONLY if I sweated)


    Post Shower:

    Freeman’s Sweet Tea & Lemon Peel-Away Clay Mask (once a week)

    Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Mud Mask (once a week)

    ***Both above can be purchased at Ulta and are very inexpensive!***

    Mario Badescu Whitening Mask (for old acne scars-3 times a week)

    ***I also really love this product as it immediately calms redness, can be a little drying though so I can’t do it more than 3 times a week---also available at Ulta!)***

    Olay regenerating cream cleanser (exfoliate-3 times a week)

    Cetaphil moisturizing cream



    Spironolactone (orally-100mg)

    Makeup remover-

    Simple micellar cleansing water (a great makeup remover for acne prone skin)

    Simple micellar makeup remover wipes 

    Cetaphil gentle facial cleanser

    Epiduo Gel (topically)

    Cetaphil moisturizing cream (I apply a more generous amount so my skin can soak it in all night long)


    Cleaning makeup brushes:

    Well Beginnings Baby Shampoo (paraben free and hypoallergenic)


    If anyone out there uses any of these products, has any questions or recommendations of stuff that you use please comment!!!!!

  16. I can't believe it has almost been four months! Thank you for the comments and direct messages I have received, by the way!! 

    So I am still on 100mg of Spiro. Now, I am taking it right before bed with my birth control and I am finding that none of the side affects are bothering me anymore. I was taking it right with dinner and sometimes I would get a little light-headed by the time I drove home from work (around 11pm-midnight). My skin has still remained fairly clear. I did get a really random pimple on my cheek around 4th of July that really annoyed me but it was gone in a few days. I still have some redness/pinkness that I see slowly going away but as we have probably all heard, takes some time. The term told me that if I don't see it gone in a year I can start thinking about laser treatments if that's what I want to do. Overall my confidence has gone up A LOT. Buying makeup is actually a really fun experience and I have been more willing to try bolder colored blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows which has really been fun. I don't mind going out with out make up so I am back in the gym and feeling really great. The LUSH routine I mentioned before is still my go to and it's been pretty sweet..

    Morning: splash water on my face, use either Breath of Fresh Air toner water or Eau Roma toner water, then imperialis moisturizer. 
    Night: ultrabland cleanser, one of the toner waters with a cotton pad to remove excess makeup, imperialis moisturizer and an eye cream. Once or twice a week I'll use the sea salt scrub from LUSH which makes my skin super soft. 

    Hope everyone's journey is going just as well as mine :) 
  17. Latest Entry

    I said that tretionin 0.05% only cleared me up about 60% and that I was looking for about 80% or more. I did end up finding something that works amazing. 
    Yes, this actually works.

    Saje Natural Wellness has a kit called the "Zap" kit. Let me tell you, it really does "zap" away unwanted zits. The kit comes with everything you need for a strong morning routine. An antibacterial cleanser, a toner, spot treatment and moisturizer. The spot treatment I use at night instead, and I use benzoyl peroxide (.5%) in the morning before the moisturizer. The moisturizer keeps my oily skin at bay really well. I've spent thousands of dollars and tried so many products for my oily skin to only be disappointed. BUT NOT THIS TIME! I LOVE Saje. I'll always be using their skin care line.

    At night, I use a the probiotic cleanser by Eminence. It takes off all my make up and built up crap during the day. Then I use a toner to help catch any areas that I missed when washing my face. I use the Zap spot treatment by Saje if I need to, and that thing works amazing. One day and the pimple will be burnt to a crisp. It's so great. For a moisturizer, I use one that is also dear to my heart. Its called Tea Tree and Vitamin E by Holista. I found it at Shoppers drug mart while i was going through my purge period with tretionin. It is the most perfect night cream you could ever find. 

    I only use my tretionin once to twice a week on my jawline and forehead. It helps with that stubborn hormonal cysctic acne on my jaw line  and the light skin colored bumps on my forehead that i get. 

    Saje Zap Kit = $50 (sounds expensive, but you get everything you need and it lasts you. it's also 100% natural!)
    Benzoyl peroxide .5% = $13
    Eminence Cleanser = $25
    Holista Tea tree & Vit. E = $16

    Things I plan on trying out in the future:   *i will write reviews about them when i do*
    Eminence 7 greens mask - $40
    Holista peppermint and tea tree spray- $16
    Saje balancing elixir = $20
    Saje konjac kare with charcoale sponge = $10

  18. So..

    I had my second dermatologist visit yesterday and it was with the head dermatology nurse. Basically long story short she believes Isotretinoin is what I should go on since I've had acne farrr too long and tried pretty much everything. 

    So plans are:

    Next Wed I start birth control after I visit my doc and then the following week I meet the nurse again to take a pregnancy test and pick up my Accutane prescription. (Also yes I was confused too because I thought i had to be on birth control for one FULL month before starting BUT the nurse told me she doesn't want to delay my process with this and trusts that im not going to be silly and get pregnant) 

    Next update will be when I'm taking Day 1.

    Wish me luck guys.

  19. This whole week  has been interesting n i f-ing knew it was going to work. my face is around 85% clear I don't know where to start, but i had a feeling this was going to work. I have no knew acne what so ever my old comedones are starting to come to a head n dried out, my face is smooth  as fuck its scary , its been to dame long to have this feeling again a whole year almost since last November. Everyday my face is healing i only have like 6 small dried out pimples on my face my marks are starting to fade, my back acne is clearing up good n chest. the small pimples on my shoulder/arm are starting to come to a head man it crazy. Man i''m getting my life back, its really hard to believe man fuck, even my mom notice . every day as my body heal my confidence grows but since my last post all ive been doing was following my blood type diet list. MY diet consist of 60% fruits and vegetables 20% fish 10% grains(rice n oats) also nuts n seeds. oats with fruits in the morning maybe smoothie or fish/veg. lunch n diner stir fry cook in olive oil. i only been washing in the mornings with carbolic , oatmeal, creamy clay soap from the soap works. some of you guys might want proof, i can't give that 2 you since i did not take a before and after pic but it all makes since about this diet. But ask yourself n think whats is the cause of acne n what is acne. Our skin/eyes are a window into the body, if something goes wrong it shows up on are skin. You put wrong in and you get negative results, its not rocket science. people that don't have acne don't have that gene saying your skin is going to be come a window into your body. just like hormonal acne, a result of the body going through its cycles or pcos. I'M no professional whats so ever, im just some guy that loves science and doing research n getting peoples mind thinking plus helping out. My mom and dad both have acne so did my mothers parents, there was no way n hell i was going to live with this forever but it is all common sense. But like lord gains said "do whatever the fuck you want do". ill still be on this site to help out others  

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    I am going to make this as short as possible. I am a 22 year old male white with oily skin. I rarely get anything on my face besides blackheads. My back is loaded with cystic red bumps and blackheads. It is in giant patches on the upper back and the lower back has very few. I also get it on my thighs. I have had back acne for 7 years now. I have tried everything from eating healthy, to getting food allergy test, changing/washing sheets, taking cold showers, washing back, taking shower everyday for less than 5 minutes, drinking plenty of water, getting 6-8 hours of sleep, I have very little stress, use scent free dermatologist detergent, wearing loose shirts, exercise and take shower directly after, I am in good shape 150 pounds and many other things. I have been to multiple dermatologists trying creams, back washes, antibiotics, salt baths, Epsom baths, benzoyl peroxide, taking vitamins, zinc, detoxes and many other things. I am running out of ideas and losing hope. I have nothing else to test to find the cure. This is the biggest thing holding me back in life. The only 2 things  I can think of is I masturbate every day/ sex every week might be a problem. Or its because  I go to the bathroom every other day due to constipation. I am going to make this as short as possible. I am a 22 year old male white with oily skin. I rarely get anything on my face besides blackheads. My back is loaded with cystic red bumps and blackheads. It is in giant patches on the upper back and the lower back has very few. I also get it on my thighs. I have had back acne for 7 years now. I have tried everything from eating healthy, to getting food allergy test, changing/washing sheets, taking cold showers, washing back, taking shower everyday for less than 5 minutes, drinking plenty of water, getting 6-8 hours of sleep, I have very little stress, use scent free dermatologist detergent, wearing loose shirts, exercise and take shower directly after, I am in good shape 150 pounds and many other things. I have been to multiple dermatologists trying creams, back washes, antibiotics, salt baths, Epsom baths, benzoyl peroxide, taking vitamins, zinc, detoxes and many other things. I am running out of ideas and losing hope. I have nothing else to test to find the cure. This is the biggest thing holding me back in life. The only 2 things  I can think of is I masturbate every day/ sex every week might be a problem. Or its because  I go to the bathroom every other day due to constipation. I have tested and taken stuff to go to bathroom and saw no difference. Basically I'm hopeless running out of ideas.
  20. The camera on my laptop isn't great but improvement can be seen. A lot on the second pictures are the red marks I am left with, which will fade I am told. Make up totally covers these marks easily.